Monday, September 28, 2009

In the beginning...the One created a polar opposite. This was pure ego. Later it shattered into infinite pieces, called individual souls.

We travel along a path of pain, called evolution. We suffer. We will suffer until the futility of our path is made clear...we can break away from ego, or DNA, or evolution and pain, by reaching toward the One. Up until this point we are not free. Our egos cannot be satisfied here, we have to merge with the One.

Most people pray when the 'chips are down,' asking the Creator to intervene to stop the pain. This is as if Gods Will is variable. In reality, God is not changeable, so what is happening to us is part of Gods will, and it is good. We should pray to have our hearts moved enough to be able to percieve the goodness all around, which we cannot see, because we are walking the path of DNA and pain. Ask for your heart to change and then you will be free.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The senate healthcare bill will (so far) make the individual purchase health insurance for $1,900 a year. If you dont buy into this plan, you face one year in jail and/or a $25,000 fine.

So the bill forces one to cough up bucks to participate in an insurance firm bailout- or else. ..Borrowed money... to force people to enrich the insurance companies. Astounding. We should vote every single senator and rep. out of office.

Change we can believe in !

Obama is an idiot. He had 60 Democratic votes in the senate....and maybe four Republican votes. He should have just offered the Right some tort reform, and in exchange, he should have asked for a change in the pre-existing condition clauses with insurance firms....then we would have had real reform.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dont talk to strangers...

Little green men...Bug eyed monsters....the Greys...what if ...?

Intelligence could develop out of the matrix of sound and space?

What if these beings could alter themselves, moving from certain sound frequencies, occassionally becoming 'solid' ?

What if these sound waves reach deep into our minds ? Do undetected 'others' inhabit our consciousness? Do they utilize our language to penetrate us? Are they embedded within our language, and thus our thoughts? Do they feast off of our fear conditioning? Is this why speech must be guarded and positivity must be cultivated? What role does television have in all of this? Do we become negative and pessimistic due to these unwelcome alien influences? Are there demons masquerading as space beings...and have they always been with us?

We are possessed.
Geronimo always regretted not dying in battle.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mycoplasmas are odd organisms, somewhere between bacteria and viruses...they are thought to wreck havoc on humans by causing cancers and immune system disruption.

6% of all vaccines inject live mycoplasmas into the human host. Vaccines are not normally screened for mycoplasmas.
(source: Dr. Sherri Tinpenny )
I'm not happy with my recent posts. I want a vacation. I want to get out into the country and breath some fresh air.

I ate some pigs feet today. They add flavor to rice and whatnot, but I prefer pork neck bone cuts for that.

Nathans (Famous) hotdogs are world renowned... they got started in Coney Island around 1916, undercutting the competition by selling them for 5 cents.
Old timers say hotdogs from way back were superior to todays dogs- the mustard was better, the bread was better, etc.

If you put kethcup on a hotdog in the New York area, people will look at you like you just commited a crime. Youre suppose to load it up with mustard and saurkraut, and devour it while holding it with one hand.
On the other hand, If I pay for something, Im gonna eat or drink it however way I want.

I haven't eaten a hotdog in 25 years...maybe its vacation time...
America operated under the Articles of Confederation until the Constitution was ratified 1788(?).
After the Revolution, Captain Daniel Shays found himself in debt and threatened with debtors prison. He led a revolt against tax collectors in western Massachuesetts, but this was quickly put down, although it created quite a scare for the new nations wealthy elites...the whole incident showed up the weakness of the Articles of Confederation. The end result was the Constitution and a stronger central government.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

"If a law is unconstitutional , it is null and void."

- Marbury v. Madison
Dumbo Republicans wholeheartedly supported the Patriot Act and creation of the Homeland Security department....little did they realize that the real target for these edicts would be law abiding gun owners...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

H.R. 424 (or so)....the main source for the "Death panel" rumor. Its a few pages where the discussion leads to end -of -life planning. A tangible death panel is never spelled out and any discussion that sounds like an endorsement of eugenics seems to be absent.

But when this part is combined with others-according to the bill, once a public option decision for care has been denied, there can be no appeal... during a time when cost cutting is the priority, and rationing might become the norm... The philosophy and writings of the people surrounding Obama -Ezekiel Rahm, Tom Daschle, science czar Jon Holdren- these people offer us the idea of forced abortions, putting sterilants in the water, no eye or brain surgery for people over age 60, etc......Obama himself as a Illinios legislator voted to pass a bill that would allow the killing of a late term abortion 'survivor.' If the partial birth abortion failed, the doctor could then kill the baby as it was being born. When I first heard about this Ididn't believe it, but its true. All of this, combining with a myriad nexus of cash strapped government bureaucracies...maybe the whole bill is a "death panel?"

Rapid atrocity

Pakistan originally was West and East Pakistan...In December 1971, the east broke free in the Bangladesh Liberation war. The war lasted two weeks, and triggered the second Indo-Pakistan war, during the same time frame. The wars were caused by ethnic and religious tensions...they lasted just two weeks, and Bangladesh was born. The Pakistani surrender was the largest POW surrender since World War Two- over 100,000 Pakistani soldiers laid down their arms. During the two week long conflict, the Pakistanis murdered up to 3 million Bengali's living in what would become Bangladesh, and 200,000 women were raped.
The moment it got rocky for Obama, out came the Osama bin Laden audio tape. Then the faux bust of three Afghani men in Denver Colorado.

Remember those HS red alerts just before the election in 2004? Tom Ridge admits they were false alarms.

Osama bin Laden is dead. He has been dead for years. Most terrorists are creations of the financial oligarchs. Fight the real enemy-
Arabs and Muslims have only garnered eight Nobel prizes. Jews have earned 164.

Arabs and Muslims are about one fourth of the worlds population, over a billion.

Jews are about .5% of the worlds poulation, numbering about 15-18 million.

(I know Arabs and Muslims are not interchangeable terms. Arabs only constitute about 20% of all Muslims.
Jews are divided into two main groups- Sephardic and Ashknazic. The former live in the Mediterraenean basin, and the latter live in Europe, mainly, or historically. High Jewish intellectual achievement rests mainly with the Ashkanazic...most of the Jewish Nobel laureates are light skinned and many have blue eyes. Jews never acomplished much until they made it the Germanic region).

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Letting go of the missile defense shield on the anniversary of the Soviet invasion of Poland... was the right thing to do (although it was bad timing). But the focus for a shield seems to have merely shifted south and east, to Turkey, the Balkans, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Israel.

Was there a quid pro quo? Will Russia veto a new round of UN sanctions against Iran, or not?

Iran is an exaggerated threat, period. They have no nukes and no ICBM's. Israel was over 200. If Iran attacked us, Iran would face immediate obliteration. Iran is not a serious threat. Neither is Russia.

Obama gave us a record defense appropriations bill a few months back. He doesn't blink when he contemplates funding the Pentagon, yet he tries to offer a healthcare bill with minimal costs. Defense contractors fund senators re-election campaigns, as do insurance firms. The health care bill ponies up over 30 million new customers for the insurance companies- the bill is a insurance company bailout, plain and simple.
Forcing poor people to buy health insurance- several thousands of dollars worth a year....and then fining them about four grand if they dont but into the absurd. And- what good is a tax credit for the unemployed to buy into the plan, if you can't redeem the credit? The senate "compromise" bill is as bad as the house plan. They are sick jokes.

In a dozen states doctors already have an average of about 1,300 patients each(?). Adding 30-40 million new patients will overwhelm the system. The doctor shortage alone is enough to make one want to scrap the bills. We need a single-payer not -for -profit national health system, one that pays doctors well, plus a concierge option for the wealthy...

Obama lied again- in an interview with Stephanopolis on Sunday morning, he said the plan involved no new tax. But on page 29 of the senate bill, it clearly states that customers would be subject to an "excise tax ( user fee)"
Obama didn't write these bills, I don't think he read them either. He must have been busy signing new illegal wiretap laws for the cops. (He just re-upped the Patriot Act).

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Obama does not radiate evil the way Bush-Cheney did...Obama himself might not be a rotten guy, but the people around him, the people who pull his strings...they are evil or borderline evil.

Obama's style is a welcome relief from Bushs blatant buffoonery.

Obama has done some good things- stem cell research is back on track. Permits for mountaintop coal mining removal have been suspended. If the news I'm getting about the FCC about Net Neutrality is true, then that is really good news.
At least initially, the world saw that we can shift gears in an attempt to correct an out of control administration (Bush's). The legacy of slavery and Jim crow can be negated, for the most part.

But the new administration is faltering. By not cutting a centrist course, Obama has alienated millions of voters who selected him for the job. By not keeping his campaign promises and stacking the administrative deck with corporate lobbyists, he has alienated many on the Left. He has proved Nader correct.

The August town hall meeting uprisings were generally spontaneous and about 99% non-racial. The Democrats and the midstream media are playing a very dangerous game- labelling opposition to Obama's policies as racism is not only wrong or incorrect, it could destroy the nation. If, God forbid, anything were to happen to Obama and a white redneck cracker is blamed, the cities will explode. Retaliatory murders will number in the dozens or more. Martial law probably will be declared, yet political violence will simmer and occassionally boil over for years to come. The violence could spiral out of control, and usher in a second civil war-a Helter Skelter that we might never be able recover from. The Democrats are using race as a strategy to shut-up the opposition; yet this false claim could be the countries undoing. The media needs to be responsible and back away from this idea before its too late.

Lets not forget- race was a motive FOR voting for Obama among many white liberals and blacks. If Obama were mostly white, his current die-hard supporters would not be so totally supportive of him.

Finally, he's not black. His mother was white, his father was black; and his father may even have been part Arab. If true, then Obama could be 25% black or even less. Obama never even met that many blacks until he became a late teenager. His racial make-up is not important. Its his political philosophy and acumen that counts.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

God will not forgive us if we fail

The war is now folks...the war is happening right now...a tiny minority of global elites are waging war for total domination of the planet. Its time for you out there to grow a spine and get mad. You have to get angry. You have to fight. Resist the mandatory tainted vaccines. Resist the futile banker bailouts. End the unholy wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan's Swat valley...Resist the increase of government - corporate power.
The globalists will spike the markets upward to about 12,00o, enticing investors back in... then the globalists will knock the market down again, stealing your hard earned income. The currency will collapse. Its collapsing already- it hit record lows this week. Have you ever wondered why none of the economic talking heads ever encourage investors to buy gold, silver, or land? The globalists want it all for themselves.

9-11 was an inside job- a cursory look at the evidence can convince you in minutes...yet the establishment aggressively knocks the idea. One of the 9-11 commissioners is actually writing a book exposing the work of the 9-11 Commission. Never heard about this? Do you watch a lot of TV? I thought so. Six of the ten 9-11 investigative Commissioners have already denounced their own work. The government wouldn't let them do their job. Documents were withheld. Witnesses lied. You don't know about this? TV is a lot of fun, isn't it? (9-11 Commissioner Senator Max Cleland resigned in disgust, and called the final version a "national scandal")

The war is now. Your children are not safe. The globalists want them-dead. They want you dead too. 9-11 allowed the elites to erect most of the architecture needed for the creation of a fascist world government. You've heard of the EU? What about the AU (African Union)? Whole regions are moving toward single currencies...but only the nation-state can provide the necessary fuel that's needed for creative greatness. Cultures are organic, they take time to develop. Internationalism saps creative energy. A totalitarian global state... a welded- together planetary culture, forced into a shotgun marriage... filled with electronic noise... cannot succeed. Enslaved men don't excel.
Resist globalism, corporatism, bureaucracy, centralization... ignorant and venal tyranny.

The poisons are in the air... pesticides are cooking in your oven, they are on your dinner plate. Is that apple in your hand safe to eat? Do you ever wonder why the First Family refuses to eat anything from a supermarket? You didn't know that, did you?- all of our Presidential First Families refuse to touch food that is normally available to us mortal peasants. They know its detrimental to health. Throw that poisoned apple at your local banker or politician...

Congress wants to outlaw garage sales and backyard gardens...they have already outlawed a large measure of our First Amendment free speech rights with the passage of the Hate Crimes Law ...After January 1, 2010, most vitamins and herbs will be restricted or banned. You never heard of Codex Alimintaris? I didn't think so...You did nothing when the (un)Patriot Act was passed, you played dead when the Commissions law was signed...You are under constant camera attack...the American gulag is being constructed right now in front of your you choke upon the poison gas of modernity... Bankers clutch you by the ankles and hold you upside down, catching your cash as it pours out of your pockets...all the while you grin and giggle like an awkward girl... Once the elites have enough control, they will murder most of us...the financial oligarchs want a final revolution to purge the planet of the "useless eaters"...the cancer and hiv injectors are coming straight towards you, you are being put up against the wall, rifles are being lifted to your assassins shoulders...the Air Force drones are being loaded with nerve gas, you are being herded into the cities control grids, soon there will be nowhere left for you to hide...
The dirty war is now, but the resistance is growing. We are on the march- the empire is on the run! Lies cannot stand forever. Its time for you to choose- - - be on the right side of history.

Folks, we could lose this struggle. If we lose, it will be because you sat around with your head up your ass, watching TV, video games, porn, or sitcoms, eating junk; listening to all the lies and vegging out. Stop sucking your thumbs and get a clue. There has been no real change of power in DC in decades...'Resisting with truth' is the spiritual psychological act that redeems. To save your soul you have to get mad. You have to get angry. You sit there like a toad on a lily pad, but you are about to boil in hot water and dont know it...If you cant find your courage, you dont have any honor or self respect. To preserve your humanity you have to resist the evil thats all around you...
If we lose this war, it will be because YOU let it happen.

Get in your Governors and Senators face. Shout at the Devil...Harangue your editor and local radio personalities...March on DC and surround the White House and DONT go home until you get the justice that you came for.

We probably wont be able to arrest the criminals who lead us until several things occur: We have to change the election laws- convert over to paper ballots counted by citizens and results announced in local newspapers before the ballots are sent to campaign finance reform, end the status of corporations as being legal "persons," shorten the length of time a campaign takes to eight months for president. Make lobbying illegal for former officials. Weaken the structure and control of the two main parties; independents ought to make up about a third of all legislative chambers. Then we issue arrest warrants for Bush, Cheney, Rice, Greenspan, et al.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

How nations rank, innovative-wise, according to patents:

Depending on how the list is compiled, Japan and the USA come in either number one or two in creative inventiveness. China and South Korea compete for third place , with about 245,000 patents filed for each last year.

Germany is usually ranked 5th. The usual suspects round out the top 15 list- UK, Italy, Russia, Australia, Netherlands, France, etc. ( my memory fails me just now)...

India filed only 35,000 patents last year, while Pakistanis filed 1 (?).

I made this list by trying to blend the criteria- overall number of patents filed, per capita rate, etc.

Moths to the flame

One must be very careful when one seeks to act out ones fantasies. Most of us never do- be warned- if you play with fire you will burn your fingers.
Well, well..the big O has changed his tune. He has slapped tariffs on China and their defective tires, he was severed the illegal link between the WH and the census. Good.

Friday, September 11, 2009

"Ability has nothing to do with opportunity."

Unemployment continues to increase....while the stock market rises...and the dollar tanks. You are still losing in the market- a low dollar erodes any potential gain.
"If I don't see it on TV it isn't true." This is the sad reality of our times...
Vivid 9-11 dream this morning...I was with two other men in the jungles of south America...the scene shfted, I was in the forests near Chechnya....then near Moscow. I woman bent close over me, but she had raided my computer. This was serious. Back in the forest, the other two men told me- "We buried a nuclear bomb about 25 miles from the capitol." Which capitol? Another woman was there in the room with the computer... deception was all around. The outdoors scenes were murky, dark, and forboding. A decison was made to use the bomb.?..I have been there before.

60% of the 9-11 Commissioners-6 out of 10- believe their own report on the events of September 11 2001 a fraud. The government agreed to not tell them the truth they might have sought.
Rep Joe Wilson (R) listened to Obama utter one lie or distortion after the other- an endless stream of vile filth flowed out of the Presidents mouth during the address to the nation the other night...suddenly, Wilson couldn't take it any longer, Wilson erupted... "You lie!"... a heartfelt outburst heard 'round the world...

He was right- Obama was lying through his teeth, like he always does. He can't help himself- thats the job of the president- they have to lie most of the time. They really dont have much else to do.

Even if the healthcare -bill crafters close the loophole that would allow illegals to help themselves to our hospitals- Obama fully intends to legalize these illegal invaders with an full amnesty, thus making 25 million American- hating parasites citizens, citizens who would be legally entitled to use our healthcare. Wilson got it right.

However- Wilson is a hypocrite. He voted to extend prescription rights to illegals. The whole address to the nation was just theatre- we select our presidents because they do know how to lie- it's a job requirement. Wilsons real crime was breaking the hypnotic cadence of Obama's delivery. Wilson broke the spell.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Natanyahoo made a secret trip to the Kremlin. This can only mean that he sought a green light to attack Iran.
Obama gave his pivotal healthcare speech last night. The public option remains...How did a trillion dollar plan turn into a zero cost plan? Will the plan pay for abortions? Or pay for illegal immigrants? I think so, despite what the O said.

Obama ignored what happened in August...I think Obama should have offered a piece- meal plan instead of this big bloated bill. Too late...

A plan that 1. largely ended denial of service if pre-existing conditions prevailed 2. mollified concerns malpractice 3. somehow expanded enrollment into existing insurance structures , i.e. medicare medicaid, Va Vets administration,etc...4. if 70% of healthcare costs are lifestyle related, then we can change that. Obama's speech to the kids should have been an exhortation to eat right and exercise...

....the above ought to have been offered instead of HR 3200.
13 US Senators are Jewish (out of 100). Jews are about .5 % of the US population.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Attack of the Tesseract

coming soon to a blog near you...

Monday, September 07, 2009

Skeptics fail- they fail because they refuse to consider facts that dont fit their theory. Skeptics try to force an explanation upon us.

Debunkers of UFO's and Bigfoot discard the inconvenient piece of evidence...then offer an explanation that is inadequate. I've never read a skeptical essay on the UFO or Bigfoot phenomenon that took into consideration all the undisputed facts.

A furor just erupted over a certain officials alleged position on 9-11. The establishment media went nuts and labeled the idea that 9-11 might be an inside job as being beyond absurd. I bet they never examined the evidence. Let me tell you something- the majority of Americans question the official line on 9-11. Its not an extremist fringe kook idea. To demonize 9-11 "truthers" is to demonize the majority of citizens. The majority of 9-11 Commissioners question what really happened too...I dont have time here to go over the evidence- I've done that before...suffice it for me to say now that I agree with the former USA FBI director Freeh- we need a new investigation of 9-11.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Il Duce

Obama wants to address the nations youth...a first. With plunging poll numbers, this is a transparent attempt top drive a wedge between parents and children. Obama wants to bolster his position by reaching out to a fledgling Maoist-esque youth brigade. In the campaign he said he wanted to form a private army, loyal only to him...the Americorp bill is designed to turn youthful volunteers into machine gun toting this his bid?
(On the Dept. of Education website last week, it read that after the televised speech, students would write letters to themselves explaining how they could help the President. This message has since been scrubbed off the DoE website).

Obama tried to set up a special hot line to the White House, to allow citizens to snitch on other citizens who opposed the health-care bill. Obama has said that his opponents need to "get out of the way."

Obama is a bad man and a he's a creep.

The health-care plan isn't 'European socialist.' If only that were true- that would be a thousand times better than what has been proposed- the Congressional plan is merely a bailout for insurance firms. (Britain's National Health Service really isn't that bad. Its a question of funding).

We are shutting hospitals every week, we are experiencing a severe doctor shortage. How can we then pull into the system an extra 40-50 million people ? House Bill H.R. 3200 is absurd and can never work, and will raise taxes, increase deficits, and weaken the currency.

Obama is wasting a great deal of political capital, all for this fake plan...if his advisor's were more intelligent, the proposed plan(s) would have been piecemeal reform oriented (the Dems have the votes for any moderate or center-left bill...easily).

27 Czars? Obama has created extra-legal posts. This is nothing less than an attempt to subvert proper legal channels for "change."

Obama seeks to seize total control of the Internet. The Cybersecurity bill is danger in its most extreme form- I bet you young liberal people out there who love Obama and see him as the harbinger of a new dawn in America- i bet if you knew the danger we are all in, you would hate Obama. You are fools. Obama is the embodiment of theft and lies. Break out of the left-right paradigm before its too late. Wake up.

Obama, resign...and turn yourself in to the DC chief of police.
McCain, resign from the Senate and turn yourself in to the police for abandoning POW's in Vietnam and then covering it up. Both voted for the bailouts. Prosecute both and stick them both in the same cell, for life, on one bowl of gruel a day.

The school speech originally wanted kids to write essays on how each kid could help their leader, Obama. These letters would be collected by the teachers; they would eventually find there way into a DC office vault. When the going gets too tough for Obama, a few years hence, the most supportive of these letters would be dusted off...This ploy to pry kids away from their parents could break the camels back and usher in the demise of this administration.

As the super recession worsens (yes, its getting worse), the administration makes its moves toward total control- free speech ended with the Hate crimes bill, the gun grabbing is underway, yard sales will be regulated, the cap and trade bill will completely de-industrialize the country, backyard gardens are about to be outlawed, martial law plans are being openly touted by our leaders...
Obama is the anti-Lincoln. Lincoln freed the slaves- Obama wants to enslave us all. Lincoln kept the country together- Obama is splitting it apart. He will spend all the money and default the currency... the people will rise up and the 400,000 foreign troops already here will attack the people.

Obama now has opponents on his Left- Pat Cadell ( Democratic party strategist, pollster) and Camille Paglia ( anti-feminist feminist scholar and essayist) both have made grim observations about the administration. Paglia has called for Nancy Pelosi to resign as House Speaker...Cadell has warend that the Dems have become dangerous radicals.

Obama wants to federalize the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts to enlist them into his budding 'civilian security force' are being taught to snitch on their it any wonder some parents objected to Obama speaking to the students, telling them that he has a relationship with them?

Obama is an effete snob surrounded by arrogant, intolerant America -hating bigots.."Obama will plunge America into civil war and revolution."