Monday, February 27, 2012

Follow me

In the beginning was the word, a sound. A light that never moves, matter congealed by the blood which is life infused with spirit. Blood is the life, blood is light congealed. Sonic booms organize matter into worlds...Satan stalks the doomed.

In the beginning there was silence. This silence existed within 'depth.' Depth became lonely, and created The One. From this the All arose. The Aeons cried , they sought 'experience'....the original unity was shattered. The Archons rebelled, but it was all just an emanation. The world belongs to the devil, and God rules the spirit of Man. God IS the thoughts we have, they are external.

After the beginning, there was a rupture. A holy war, the crusade to cleanse the universe. We fell. God fell.

Jesus Christ lived and died. He rose into the rarefied air and spoke secrets to Paul. Secrets. There are three types of men, some of us are phantoms or ghosts, mirages. The true people are the only real beings, we are the ones who know.

I am looking for God and I know I will find him, because I know he must also be looking for me.

As death approaches, those who deny God cringe before the grave. The believers remain robust. They stand upon the edge of the abyss and make it ring with defiant laughter. Death is the goal.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Some notes to myself on future energy sources:

Industrial hemp
Solar to hydrogen via new ceramics (Australia)
Algae to oil
Plastic, trash to oil
fallacy of "clean oil"
waste manure to oil via bio gasification
tank circuit
cassava to oil
ethanol from biomass
Thorium nuke reactors
new aluminum paper battery
Genepax water hydrogen car
weather rangers cloud busters
stubblefield earth battery
Tom Ogle gas vaporization