Wednesday, March 31, 2010

As I decend into the maelstrom and Stygian depths... its easy to imagine that the ferryman has abandoned me...
The health care plan passed...most of it won't kick in until 2014, but some of the taxes begin now.
The bill never made any sense to me- it was written by insurance company reps out of Waxman's office...the Individual Mandate demands that everyone has to buy a plan from a private business, which is clearly unconstitutional. If the courts upholds the IM, it will only be because the judges are corrupt.

This bill ponies up 30-35 million new customers for the insurance firms, vastly enriching a few CEO's....(note, their stocks went up the day after the bills passage) while vastly increasing the authority of the IRS and other gov't agencies...(The IRS purchased a large shipment of firearms did the Department of Education- they bought about 30 pump shotguns. Just what is the DoE gonna do with 30 pump shotguns? Ive read the invoices for these purchases).

A few black Congressmen have complained that the N word was used against them by some Tea tape exists for this alleged event.
Lets get our priorities straight: these same black Congressmen strongly support the killing of about 52% of all black babies conceived in the US...the majority of black babies created in America are killed, this is a legal genocide, but if someone allegedly yells "nigger," then all hell breaks out in the corporate media. Where is the outrage over the fact that most black people are aborted, just as (white and a black) liberals want?

When the country is at least $15 trillion in the hole, and rad-libs admit the health care plan is a "start," the real goal being to get most people onto the public health- dole, eventually....then how can this NOT result in severe healthcare rationing? Where are the doctors to pick up these new customers? They dont exist- many are going to quit soon- we have about 800,000 docs in this country, and 300,000 are about to stop practicing- just as the govt mandates these remaining docs start treating an extra 35 million patients....The coming amnesty for the 30 million (its not 12 million, as usually stated) America hating parasitic illegal aliens here...will certainly collapse whats left of the country.

Imagine 60-70 million new customers for the insurance companies and our swamped doctors???

The administration seems intent on totally transforming the nation, to fold it into the emerging New World Order. The NWO is being openly announced by Blair, Brown, Sarkozy, et al...What they have to do is... neutralize the rising nativist sentiment. Violence could erupt at any moment- the mainstream media is talking about this, albeit from a false perspective.

If you object to the nationalizations, Federal over-reach, the debts, the loss of our rights and decent jobs....then the central government and midstream media labels you an "extremist" a "militia member" a "domestic terrorist" or a "racist." Objecting to the treason all around you makes you a potential terrorist and a threat.

The only way Obama can prevent huge losses for his team in the November elections- he has to stage a false flag incident. Something like what Clintonites did in Oklahoma, or what Cheney's apparatus did on 9-11. I think the attack is imminent, before the summer starts. Maybe before May 1st.
The attack will be blamed on right wing militia types, with a possible cross link to foreign Muslims.
This is all meant to demonize the opposition, to bring in emergency police powers and martial law, make people shut up and obey, and implement their globalist agenda.

I paint a dire picture, but don't think a Republican resurgence will fix things. The leadership of the Republican party is 100% corrupt and part of the NWO agenda. Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, Romney, Palin, Perry, McCain....are horid ghouls loyal only to mammon and the UN, IMF World Bank cartel.

About two weeks ago, McCain attempted to introduce legislation that would have severely curtailed the publics access to medicinal herbs....within three days, his office got over 300,00 angry phone calls, faxes, letters, emails etc....McCain quietly scrapped his plan.

A week later, he and Lieberman introduced a bill (just 12 pages long-wow!) that basically is a blue print for a military dictatorship here; the bill is the "Belligerent Act." This proposed law would allow American citizens to be abducted by police forces and held without trail...just on the suspicion that you might be a 'domestic terrorist' all this is already going on, and is part of other laws, so this bill is just a restatement.

You may scoff at the notion of a mysterious NWO cabal and their global government, with surveillance cameras on every block, citizen spies, no rights and bread crumbs for the masses, but this structure has already arrived. The Fusion centers are here, Infraguard exists, babies DNA is taken at birth without parental consent, etc....Its just a matter of raising the wall, making our prison a bit more secure.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

I was in the library one evening and had to leave my desk for a few minutes. When I returned, immediately to my left, a few feet away, I saw a playing card. It made an audible sound as I flipped it over- it was a Tarot card, the Fool. I turned to scan the room...It wasnt there before I got my coffee- who put it there? No one was around...

I looked at the card- it was from the Marseilles deck, a Tarot card set designed about 250 years ago....only, this card had modifications. The familiar countryside was still depicted- sun, sky...his staff, though, more resembled the staff of the wise man card. His face wasn't so light hearted either, he almost looked stern and sad at once. Hmm. I put it away and resumed my studies.

I was walking down my stairs in the dark...a strange man was outside on the stoop, intently gazing up toward my upper window. he must have seen me, for he took off like a lightning bolt, as I then hurried to get onto my porch. I opened the door, got on the porch.. looked around, and could not see where he had gone. He must have ran away, around the corner (covering 80 feet while I went 15 feet, all in about four seconds)...Hmm.

I turned back toward my darkened stairway....there was a glow coming out from between the cracks of the steps.

The Fool card in Tarot has myriad possible meanings....its number is usually zero, which can mean void, the abyss, the nothingness from which everything comes. The iconography has changed over the centuries, but the core remains: he is poised upon a precipice, yet seems unconcerned. Does he represent childlike innocence berift of reason? or just a free spirit, one who has seen the folly of familial and career obligations and has hit the open road in rebellion, looking for adventure?

The glow or light under the stairwell should not be there- it could not be, but there it was. The lower level room was unoccupied. I was in there a few weeks ago, and even inside the bottom of the stairwell area, which is a large closet for the lower rooms.
I'm apprehensive.... I move slowly toward the door of the lower chamber rooms. I see light rays as they shoot out the stair cracks; they are bright and narrow, casting small beams here and there, off to the side. Like truth trying to escape the lies of time.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

"When we take over this country, you gringoes are dead!"

It looks hopeless. People are waking up, but too few, too late. We have had some victories- we stopped the forced vaccinations last year, and Copenhagen was a stalemate, the pig empire didn't get what it wanted. But now we have a new law to ban all fishing in all bodies of water in the US, a 2012 UN treaty probably will result in a gun confiscation here, Senator Graham of South Carolina wants all US citizens to ask for government permission before they can seek a job...the new biometric DNA ID goes on and on and on...while we eat GMO poisoned food, the Feds import heroin into the country, and surveillance cameras sprout up like mushrooms...a beast control grid will ensnare all of us in the end.

I am fighting for my life- its far worse than anything that Ive ever written here in this blog...I'm aware of things going on that I cannot mention here....this blog just exposed a tip of the iceberg, there is only so much I can do. I don't have the time or energy for extensive exposes...Look around- most of the people you see on the street will be dead ten years from now, and they have no clue. The system wants you to be afraid, like a deer in the headlights...they want you to be blase and self absorbed. If you are a cynic, then you simply swallowed the bull that was shoved down your pathetic throat. The controllers want you to think that youre not good enough, that there is nothing that can be done, that things have always been bad- thats the plan.

We have a 'managed debt' economy...America will implode beneath the weight of $15 trillion in debt...The Tea Party was a misfired bullet- they could have won if they had made jobs and the 1st and 4th amendments an issue...instead, they stuck to a more narrow opposition to deficits, in the form of healthcare reform...Now, they are just an arm of the Republican party.

So soon we won't be able to fish in our own ponds, we aren't allowed to have burglar bars on our homes, its illegal to write a girls phone number on a dollar bill, cops now have the keys to some peoples homes....internet cafes are being recruited by the police to spy on its customers....and now if you refuse to buy a healthcare plan you will become an enemy of the state...We are being (mis)led into bondage...the amnesty in the works for the foreign invaders here will legalize 30 million invaders, plus they get to bring their relatives here afterwards....imagine an sudden influx into your community of 100,000 illiterate, angry, Latinos?....The country is in a free fall- were in trouble. Less than ten years from now, America will cease to exist.

You love the comfort of everyday routine, the security of tranquility and repetition...those who do not want us to speak out use this......while truncheons will always be used in lieu of conversation, words will always retain their those who will listen to the enunciation of truth....a means toward meaning, a conversion to truth....but the truth is, there is something terribly wrong with this country, isnt there? ...cruelty, injustice, ignorance and intolerance reign...when once we had the freedom to object, to freely speak our think what we want...we now have censors and a system of surveillance....(creating) a sea of conformity and submission.

How did this happen, who is to blame? There are those more responsible than others- they will be held accountable...but truth be told, you only need look in a mirror. I know why you did it- you were afraid. War, terror, disease...caused you to seek a thug police state 'solution'...fear got the best of you and corrupted your reason and common sense, you turned into a lazy pawn. You were promised peace and in return you must be silent. But I am here to smash this silence, to shatter it into unsalvageable shards- freedom isn't just a word, its a perspective and condition.

- SWAT teams are raiding unarmed Amish farms in Pennsylvania, just to stop 'dangerous' organic milk production...a young schoolgirl is handcuffed and taken out of school, for the heinous crime of doodling on her desk...naked body scanners are being installed across the nations airports, which detail you, your wife, and your childrens bodies in minute pornographic detail...where these images will end up is anyones guess...cops draw blood at random checkpoints... we might soon get taxed by the mile, backyard gardens are about to be outlawed...

The secret government assassinated President Kennedy... Clintonites blew up the Murrah building in Oklahoma (CONFIRMED).....Bush and Cheney allowed 9-11 to happen at the least, and they stole the 2000 and 2004 elections (people have been killed over this)...The Patriot Act, Commissions law, and John Warner Defense Act...eviserates habeaus corpus and trashes the Bill of Rights...Obama wants to shut down the internet....everyone of our emails and phone calls has to go through the government...while the wars and deficits roar on, and the dollar crashes down around our feet....What are YOU going to do about this?

We are trapped in a scientifically designed kill zone- once the transition from globalization to world government is completed, the oligarchs wont be satisfied with the soft kill. They will go for open slaughter, you and me, everyone you know- if you dont obey and submit, they will kill you- this is from their own documents, they boast about how they will murder 80% of the human race. If the oligarchs happily murdered over a million Iraqi civilians just for laughs, they wont hesitate to kill your pathetic butt here in the states...We have to stop them now. Ive read their genocide documents, they are real.

De industrialization here in the US was mapped out in the early 1970's...GATT turned into NAFTA, then WTO, now the engineered collapse or freezing of the credit, which facilitated the Obama deception or bait and switch, the false and corny "hope and change."

A few days ago, 386 bunker busting bombs were shipped out of California to go to Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean. The only reason for this is to use these bombs to murder Iranians on a mass scale. We are moving beyond the 'bluffing' stage on this issue...the oligarchs are going hog wild buying remote farms,here and in other countries....the oligarchs are going crazy buying every bar of gold they can, every machine gun they get their slimy hands on....three million antique volumes are being spirited away down into salt mines in England...while 50,000 varieties of plant seeds are being stored in a cooler near the Arctic ocean on Spitzbergen island.....thousands of miles from any city or town, yet this facility has armed guards...the globalists are gearing up for their long prophesied 'final revolution.' whereby they will organize the world along their own schemes, a neo feudal depopulated dumbed down global plantation. When a billionaire looks at a middle class family, that billionaire has to restrain himself from vomiting. They despise our familial domestic pleasantry....They want us dead- act accordingly.

I'm aware of a few things that I can never write here. What I omit is so much more terrifying than what I let on wouldn't be able to comprehend whats in store... I can hint, though- it involves the absolute control of 'variables,' and more.......believe me or not, I dont won't matter in the end.

"You cant fight city hall...death and taxes...dont talk to your neighbor about religion or politics"...all this is the same as enemy propaganda directed against soldiers across the wire and the trench, do keep us dumb and divided, to demoralize us, to make us lay down and submit. I say NO! We will resist dehumanization, we will stand up and realize that we are good and we dont deserve to live in a rat maze...I'm concerned about the future, about the structure, the systems of control...each one of us ought to be interested in freedom, and resist the modes of control....we ought to embrace our destiny as a free people...this new century ought to be the century of liberty and purity, and not the century of slavery...Liberal or conservative, Democrat and Republican...what a bunch of crap. They are just two sides of the same coin, two management teams bidding to be CEO of SLAVERY INCORPORATED !!

Do you understand? We are being run by a gang of psychopathic scientific bureaucrats, a pack of killers, who frequently kidnap our children, who spike our water, who chemtrail our skies, who loot the treasury and send us off the war.....our government has gone bad and we need to take it back. The truth is right in front of you...(but) the control grid is laying down a buffet of lies, and I for one, am not going to take a bite from it..I'm sick of all the lies; resistence is not futile, humans are too good, we are not going to submit, we are going to rise up and smash the systems of cops out there who have been given control over the slaves by the bankers, you love the power you have, but when this war goes hot, if just 1% of the gun owners resist, you pigs are toast --there are almost 100 million gun owners and 400 million guns in the US....and don't call me a weirdo because i'm concerned about these things and I'm not concerned about the latest football scores or the lastest sitcom..

...I know the bankers are putting poisons in our food and water, I know they are building FEMA camps, I know they want our guns, I know the bankers use the middle class for a credit card and have stolen at least $12 trillion dollars...I know they stage terror attacks; You know whats it like to gut up to this? Do you know what its like knowing that my city and country are run by a bunch of psychopathic killers? Do you know whats it like knowing that they have ruined my life and that one day the bastards will probably blow my head off ? Do you know what its like going to bed this way every night, DO YOU KNOW WHAT ITS LIKE?


- The only thing the globalists have on their side is hollow evil. Their evil cannot defeat the goodness that's in our hearts.....the American people will rise up and smash the systems of control, the republic will win... I stand up as a free man against the strongmen, the tyrants, the bullies...we're on the march-the empire is on the run !...the controllers are cursed and condemned to hell: not only will they be utterly defeated, one day they will be forgotten.


Sunday, March 07, 2010

I wrote earlier about how our magnetic shields are down- these keep excess solar particles from smashing into the earth and its atmosphere.....Our grid is at risk during the next solar peak, due in 2012.
In 1921 we had a major episode which, if it had happened during our current satellite age, widespread power outages would have resulted in a temporary collapse of civilization.

Two main questions:

1. will the magnetic shields reform in time to protect us?

2. will the solar storms in 2012 be larger than average?

Some of the 2012 hype refers to a possible once -every -3,600- year return to our inner solar system of 'Nibiru,' or 'Wormword,' the alleged death star/object that brings widespread terrestial chaos in its wake...Some people speculate that 2012 will be when the galaxy will enter a once -every 26,000 year grand alingment of celestial bodies, which will 'pull' the earth into a different axial spin, or something like that. There are others who say 2012 cosmic forces will activate our spare DNA, turning us into a new species; or we will ascend into another dimension....and all of these things supposedly were foretold by the Mayan calender?

I cannot entertain any of these notions, because they are too speculative and unprovable, for now. But the 11 year solar cycles are real. The loss of our magnetic shields is real. Our over -reliance upon satellites is real. The chance that we could experience a solar storm in 2012 big enough to knock out the grid... is real.