Monday, June 29, 2009

A favorite southern dish, the hushpuppy, is made from cornmeal, salt, milk, egg, flour, baking soda, and (sometimes) whole corn kernels, onions, and peppers. The ingredients are mixed into a batter, and then fried in hot oil. The end result is a tasty filling ball or oblong treat that is usually eaten with butter and served with Bar-B-Q or fried fish.

The origin of the name 'hush puppy' is varied. One legend has it that runaway slaves tossed the culinary creation to pursuing dogs, urging them to "hush, puppy."

Saturday, June 27, 2009

"If I retreat, kill me. If I die, avenge me. If I advance, follow me."

(Oath taken by cadets of the Ossewabrandwag, a South African fascist/Nazi organization, formed in 1939).
If you want to find out whats wrong with America, look in a mirror.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

When you are very young, you are pushed around in a baby carriage; when you are very old, you are pushed around in a wheelchair, and in between, you are just pushed around.
Most people settle.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Obama is trying to quash a lawsuit initiated by the descendants of the great Indian leader Geronimo- they want his remains brought back to his ancestral homeland. Obama himself is a defendant in the case, along with Yale University - George Bush Jr.'s grandfather allegedly stole Geronimo's head in 1919 and put it in the 'Skull and Bones' cultic chamber located on Yale campus (the windowless "Vault").

This story has many twists and turns, I will write more about it later...(go to June 22 BBC, 2009, for a partial exposition)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Before industrial capitalism became ultra-savage, say, before the 1870's or so, the rhythm of the workplace was very different....before, the seasons or the alteration between night and day set the pace. After, everything became regimented, dirty, and noisy. Before, in cigar rolling shops or factories, one worker would be hired to read to the other workers as they rolled cigars most of the day..Plato or Shakespeare or a history book of the day was read aloud to the common workers, because the bosses (then) wanted the workers to experience some cultural improvement. This ended in the late 19th century.

Before the entry of full scale vulture capitalism, something called "blue Monday" was a widespread practice: the worker was allowed to come to work very late, and was not expected to do much labor that day...bosses recognized that the worker needed an extension of the weekend. This too ended in the late 19th century.

As capitalism became increasingly brutal, reactions set in- socialism in Russia, and the New Deal in America are two examples. Labor demanded, and got, a 40 hour workweek.

We are retrograde: these days, 40 hours usually cannot support a 'family of four.' Most families I know have to have two separate paychecks to make it.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Years ago, Obama wanted a single-payer health system. He said that if the Dems captured the White House, the Senate, and the House, then we would get a single payer system.

He just gave a speech before various assembled physicians and media- and announced that instead of a comprehensive single -payer plan, he would devise a broad yet piecemeal solution, a 'solution' that will certainly fail.

Why the turnaround? The Insurance industry has a hammerlock on the legislature.

Obama fooled his supporters over and over again; McCain was merely O-lite, a foil for the chosen one, the fix was in. New World Order Bilderberg or other approved candidates will always win the nomination for both parties; the bankers will always win no matter what. ( Some A-hole like Newt Ginrich will likely become prez nextime)...If you were more normal, your righteous indignation would cause you to riot in the streets....but you can't rebel: you have to take your prozac and play video games and ignore high culture and scoff at the wisdom of the ages... and you have to watch porn and eat junk food and roll over and submit to the soul-less have to worship vain material status and greenish- denominated pieces of paper . Wake up you retards... I hate you all.

Sweeping new regulations for the market have been unveiled- these are nothing more than transparent foxes watching dilapidated hen houses. The bankers own Obama, and they are enriching themselves and looting the nation and the people. The Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department are terrorist crime syndicates that have stolen the future away from your children.

A solution is to create a sound currency, one issued by the government, and not the private banks; a currency backed up by a metal (preferably silver or a silver alloy. If denominated in gold, the price of gold would become too high- about $40,000 (?) an ounce- nobody wants that).

A sound currency would prevent a too -high public debt from occurring, since we could then issue silver backed funds to pay debts off direct, without having to beg the Federal Reserve to print up money out of thin air, and then be charged interest for the use of it).

Our public or national debt is over $14 trillion...

If 3-4 million angry citizens converge on DC, they will be a force "too big to fail."

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Level 6

The recent pig flu scare: H1N1 is the first flu to erupt out of Latin America. H1N1 contains five (?) flu strains- two pig, two human, and one avain flu. This is strong evidence for genetic splicing- this flu is man-made (so says Australian virologist Adrian Gibbs)... the outbreak seems to be a 'trial run' for the big flu epidemic soon to come. You may not have noticed since its not front page news anymore, but H1N1 has steadily progressed ever since it broke out of Margaritaville in is not subsiding at all.

So far the pig flu is just hype, its not overly deadly. But it could join with other flu bugs and mutate into a real demon. The vaccines the government will force everyone to take are loaded with poisons, called "adjuncts." One such adjunct is thimerasol, a vaccine preservative first used in the 1930's, which contains mercury. Autism was unknown before the 1930' 1988, one child in 2,200 in the US had autism. The number of vaccines required for children then rose from about ten to about twenty; afterwards, the autism rate spiked to where we now have 1 child in 150 suffering from the disorder. The defenders of vaccines argue their case using junk science, of the same type that the tobacco industry uses... The Federal government has admitted in at least nine separate lawsuits that thimerosal caused a child to deveolop autism.

There are other vaccine adjuncts- aluminum is one. There are other reactions to these vaccines- ADD, diabetes, MS,
The administration refuses to turn over Secret Service records of who enters and exits the White House...they are adopting a strategy of Cheney-Bush.

Senator Byrd (D-W.VA) has declared that Obama's multiple "Czars" are unconstitutional power grabs by the new boss. They are.

"Socialism" is about taking care of the people. What Obama is doing is not socialism- wealth is being transferred and concentrated, toward the big bankers- the essence of the illegal bailouts...the people are having their pockets picked. As the government seems to nationalize industry, privatizations are in full swing, only in these cases its hard to tell who is doing what to who...its almost as if nationalization and privatization have become the same thing.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

symbolic actor

On June 11,2009, 88 year old James von Brunn shot up the D.C. Holocaust memorial, killing a guard before he was shot in the head.
On December 7, 1981, James von Brunn attempted to citizen-arrest members of the Federal Reserve Board, using unloaded guns. He accused the FED of being a private joint stock company that traded with the (then) enemy-the Soviets, and earlier, the Vietnamese. These allegations are largely correct. For his quixotic effort, von Brunn served six and a half years in prison.

Here we have a rare type- artist, writer, war hero- a man of action, and an extreme bigot. I read a few chapters of von brunn's book "Kill the best Gentiles" (the title is a direct quote from the Talmud). James von Brunn's writings are not subtle musings.

Most of us can distinguish between the minority of Jews who are part of the pernicious financial elite, and the rest of the pseudo-Hebrew tribe. But von Brunn couldn't or would not make this distinction.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

To solve the homeless crisis, I propose that we give $1,000 dollar vouchers to every homeless person, so they can buy a cemetery plot. Then, at night, these homeless people can wander into the cemetery, and lay down on top of their private plot and sleep or rest for the evening.

In the movie "Soylent Green" (circa 1972), the wealthy bought homes that came with "furniture." We could use "furniture" like that now for our home purchases.

Edward G. Robinson acted in about 100 films- "Soylent Green"was his last performance. He played Sol, an intellectual who remembered the good old days when Earth had forests and you could eat fresh vegetables and strawberry jam. Sol eventually decides to be euthanized- Robinson knew that he was dying from cancer at the time, so his death scene, in retrospect, is surreal- Sol dies, and in real life Robinson died about ten days later. Charlton Heston knew Robinson was dying in reality, so Heston's emotions during the death scene of Sol are authentic.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


David Carradine- the actor who in the 1970's famously portrayed a mystic fugitive Shaolin monk wandering the American wild west...has died in a Bangkok hotel room under mysterious circumstances.

What do we have? A story about auto-erotic asphyxiation gone embittered ex-wife telling the media that he was "strange"....a manager who claims David was trying to expose "secret societies," and may have been silenced...a Wikipedia editor who authoritatively edited David's Wikipedia page to note that David had certainly died from a self inflicted accident....but this unknown editor posted this info just four hours after the body was discovered....there has been a 'rush to judgment' from the establishment to claimthat David died in a bizarre accident....We have a forensic photo released onto the web that purports to be David's death scene, yet the pic clearly shows a man with both hands securely tied over his head, with both feet easily touching the floor. Hmm.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

no time

Modern cosmology has recently struggled with a profound contradiction- for over 60 years, the two main theories that we use to explain the physical universe don't agree-these two theories contradict each other. Einsteins General Relativity explains large objects and long distances and time, while Quantum Mechanics explains extremely small subatomic particles. Both ideas work well independently of each other in their own sphere, but ultimately, both cannot be correct as presently understood. It is necessary to unify these two because both are needed to explain the physics of Black Holes, and both need to be united so we can understand what the universe was like in the minutes just after the alleged Big Bang. For these two issues, our current multiple understanding breaks down.
String theory has been posited as a solution to this impasse- the final building block of the universe is thought to be loopy strings of energy, but since the theory cannot give us testable predictions and results... it cant give us a lab observation. String theory is little more than a philosophy, and is not a genuine scientific hypothesis, yet. It may be nothing more than a grand mathematical construct which describes...nothing.

I never fully accepted Einsteins theories. To his followers, gravity is nothing more than objects following the curvature of space. When I drop my pencil, is it just following the curve of space and the path of least resistance, or is gravity a "force" that pulls on objects? I believe its a force, and the elusive "graviton" particle will be found ( String theory posits gravitons too, but has eleven dimensions, which I believe to be somewhat cumbersome....Einstein will ultimately be revised or tossed out altogether- already, we now know that the cosmological constant is wrong. The speed of light can be surpassed.
Several of the tests performed over the years to verify Einstein possessed flaws that have been swept under the rug (Michelson-Morley,et al)...
I often hear explanations of Einsteinian theory that refer to a certain aspect (the nature of the moment of the big bang, mainly) in such a way as to only increase my doubt. To get to the Moon, we only needed Newton...I think space is a vacuum.

Eventually, String theory will likewise be revised or tossed. The electric universe theory as applied to a reformulated Quantum Newtonian-Maxwellian theory might be the way to go...time- which doesn't exist- will tell.

(Sourced from the PBS Nova show "The Elegant Universe" and my general knowledge)


The motion picture camera....revolutionized consciousness. The motion camera can more closely capture thoughts and emotions than any other device, except for other people's minds. Films speed up the reality process, causing films to become instruments for enlightenment. Don't go to church; watch a movie instead.
When we view a superior film, afterwards we have become a better person, because we are now more familiar with life's nuances. We have become wiser, and at the same time, we have stepped back and away from the bulk of humanity.
If you watch all the great movies, you are like the proverbial guru on top of the snowy mountain.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The Fed has printed more money in the last six months than during the previous 65 years or more... setting the stage for a hyper inflationary spiral...(Congress approved about $2 trillion in bailouts, yet the Fed went ahead and printed up and put into circulation about $9 trillion....a lot of this money was simply wired directly into Hedge fund accounts, and will never be seen again).

One egg cost one cent in egg cost about one or two cents in one egg costs about 23 cents...soon it could cost a dollar.

For a doctor to deliver a baby, the charge was $25 bucks in 1934. In 2009, it can easily cost more than $10,000.

A monthly wage for a schoolteacher: $60 in 1936, a lot less than before 1929 and the market crash.
1970: one paycheck of about $7 an hour could support a family of four in a modest house with two cars, annual vacations, full insurance, and putting the kids through college.... (minimum wage then was about $2.50 an hour- I'm not sure, I need to look it up). Can double+ the minimum wage do that now?