Sunday, June 07, 2009

no time

Modern cosmology has recently struggled with a profound contradiction- for over 60 years, the two main theories that we use to explain the physical universe don't agree-these two theories contradict each other. Einsteins General Relativity explains large objects and long distances and time, while Quantum Mechanics explains extremely small subatomic particles. Both ideas work well independently of each other in their own sphere, but ultimately, both cannot be correct as presently understood. It is necessary to unify these two because both are needed to explain the physics of Black Holes, and both need to be united so we can understand what the universe was like in the minutes just after the alleged Big Bang. For these two issues, our current multiple understanding breaks down.
String theory has been posited as a solution to this impasse- the final building block of the universe is thought to be loopy strings of energy, but since the theory cannot give us testable predictions and results... it cant give us a lab observation. String theory is little more than a philosophy, and is not a genuine scientific hypothesis, yet. It may be nothing more than a grand mathematical construct which describes...nothing.

I never fully accepted Einsteins theories. To his followers, gravity is nothing more than objects following the curvature of space. When I drop my pencil, is it just following the curve of space and the path of least resistance, or is gravity a "force" that pulls on objects? I believe its a force, and the elusive "graviton" particle will be found ( String theory posits gravitons too, but has eleven dimensions, which I believe to be somewhat cumbersome....Einstein will ultimately be revised or tossed out altogether- already, we now know that the cosmological constant is wrong. The speed of light can be surpassed.
Several of the tests performed over the years to verify Einstein possessed flaws that have been swept under the rug (Michelson-Morley,et al)...
I often hear explanations of Einsteinian theory that refer to a certain aspect (the nature of the moment of the big bang, mainly) in such a way as to only increase my doubt. To get to the Moon, we only needed Newton...I think space is a vacuum.

Eventually, String theory will likewise be revised or tossed. The electric universe theory as applied to a reformulated Quantum Newtonian-Maxwellian theory might be the way to go...time- which doesn't exist- will tell.

(Sourced from the PBS Nova show "The Elegant Universe" and my general knowledge)


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