Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sympathy for the Devil

During the second European civil war, Karl Otto Koch was Commandant of Buchenwald concentration camp, and Hermann Florstedt was Commandant of Madjanek concentration camp.  Both were executed by the Nazi's. What were the charges? Mistreating inmates, stealing from inmates, and murdering inmates, plus a few other corruption indictments.

If these men were supposedly throwing inmates into gas chambers by day, as allegedly ordered by Himmler or Hitler, and by night they were otherwise mistreating inmates and got executed for this, can you imagine the trial?

The whole idea of the "Holocaust" is suspect.

Once you tread into holocaust revisionism territory, you have entered a very dangerous place. Only the most intrepid dare enter  this realm.  You cannot know what is going on in the world until you learn the truth- you have arrived in the big leagues.  Everything going on in the world today was set by the events of the 1940's- everything. This cannot be over-stated.  If you believe the official story, you have been deceived.

Our task is to rectify history and redeem the European, the Ice men and women, the race of Jefferson, Shakespeare, Da Vinci, Aristotle and Alexander the Great, Edison and Armstrong, Beethoven and Bismarck. We are now just 7% of the worlds population, the hour is late.

For more information listen to these Youtube videos:  anything by Ernst Zundel, esp. 'The Holocaust dismantled' any video by/with David Cole, esp. his interview with Dr. Piper..."One third of the holocaust" by Denierbud......the videos of Brother Nathaniel, David Duke, and Dr William Luther Pierce..Video by Robert Faurisson, "The problem of the gas chambers"... Arthur Butz's book 'The myth of the 20th century'... and two websites: Carolyn Yeager's site and by Paul  Friedrich Berg.

Because of the defeat of Germany in 1945, a people became demonized in the eyes of  the entire world. This demonization extended outward to include all white people- they are guilty and they must disappear from the world. This is the message.

The allies emerged from the ruins  in a weakened condition, they lost their colonies. The Reds had their empire of pain.  Israel was born, and now we are on the edge of a greater war, to protect that insignificant sliver of soil over there.

Eisenhower, DeGaulle, and Churchill eventually wrote their war memoirs- a combined total of over 7,000 pages. These contain not one word mentioning the persecution of the Jews during the war. Not once in these books will you read anything about Nazi atrocities against civilian Jews.

After the Nuremberg trials, these proceedings  led to the creation of Israel- the US supported this new state to such an extent that part of the reason why the two towers in NY were destroyed was due to this lopsided support for the Israelis, and thus we broke the bank and here we are- poised upon the precipice of thermonuclear war over Palestine and Iran ( and Russia-Putin is a friend of the Aryans and thus an enemy of the international Jews who direct US foreign policy).

A vain dispute over 40 acres of land near the temple mount in Jerusalem might unleash radioactive death from above- atomic Armageddon and a new dark age, silencing the planet for a millennium?

It is all written in 1945, everything we see taste touch hear and feel.

The white nationalist movement is not about hate.  It is about self preservation and the desire for safety. What they want is freedom to live in peace, to have their own culture, their own state and civilization.  We support ethnopluralism, the right of all groups to be free from debt, usury, foreign or alien interference. Jews, Kenyans or Africans,  Europeans, Asians,  all have a right self determination. The new racial realists are not supremacists- they do not desire to lord over any other peoples. They just want to live.

White people are now just 7% of the worlds population, there is a real justification for the rising tide of resistance you see around you. With such low numbers, there can be no illusions about any possible future hegemony that 'Germany' might want over the world. That aspect is long past.

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Towards a new understanding

The First International gave way to the second, after 1872- the Marxists won and excluded the anarchists, syndicalists, utopians, trade unionists, etc.

Fascism arose, in part, as a reaction against the modern world, or "modernity." (1922, roughly..)...Fascism is often characterized more by what it is against, rather than what it is for- anti Communist, anti Liberal, anti democratic,anti bourgeois, and anti-Capitalist etc..

But this is not where our analysis should end- one could argue that the rise of the fascists was actually a reconquest of the International. The so called extreme rightists had a decidedly "left wing" economic platform- agrarian reform, old age pensions, minimum wage, nationalizations of the banks, profit -sharing, national health service, etc. The appeal was populist- large industry had work toward the good of the nation, and in Nazi Germany's case, the good of the 'race.'

Jose Antonio Prima de Rivera founded the Falange (Phalanx)  in Spain in 1933- the goal was national unity and salvation, the economy was to based upon national-syndicalism.

Here we see a similarity with Mussolini's 'corporate state,'  where parliaments based upon geography are replaced by a parliament of trade unionists. There was to be one vertical trade labor union.

In Germany, the concept of folk or the Volkisch movement acted as a way to dissolve class struggle- when combined with the corporatist Congresses, the Marxist argument disappears, class struggle is subsumed by the efforts to raise up the race, or the people,expressed by the state. This is why individualism is downplayed, since biologic laws function more according to groups rather than single persons.

North central European peoples- Germans, Americans, etc... are laid back, easy going, naive, long suffering...this is why the Juden excel with their designs to destroy the West. They are ultra crafty, wily, conniving, and ethno-network to the nth degree.This is why Hitler had to emerge. Germany was caught in a pincer - the capitalist bankers had seized the country from the top, and communists were seizing the nation from the bottom. This is why the government had to be use emergency powers and became authoritarian. Germany's neighbors were led by military dictatorships-Poland, the Balkans, Russia, Italy, Spain- all these countries were authoritarian too, so Hitler was just expressing the spirit of the age.

We must note- when the Soviets took power in 1917 in Russia, all hell broke out. In particular, Stalin in 1932 holocaust-ed  about 6 million Ukrainians  during a famine- the Holodomor disaster. The National Socialists in Germany were always mindful of this- that the Reds were quite often savages, and the Red leaders were Jews.  

Do not think for a second that the Nazi's were merely 'brown Bolsheviks' or 'Red fascists'.. National Socialism recognized race, while the Marxists deny races exist. This is a huge difference.

White Europeans are too 'nice,' they are too eager to assist someone whom they think is in a helpless situation...this is why the enemies of the West portray themselves as victims....The Jews are not necessarily smarter than the Nordics, its just that there are differing characteristics or traits at work...

Churchill offered the real reason for the war- Germany had become too strong, they had become  a serious rival to England. The Brits did not care one bit about what happened to the Poles. Evidence for this  is seen in several ways- Britain recognized Italy's annexation of Ethiopia, that was OK... when the Russians invaded Poland  two weeks after Hitler did, the Brits never declared war on Russia, did they?  And we see  how Poland was tossed to the tender mercies of the Soviets once the war was over.

Adolph Hitler was never self consciously evil.  He was a capable artist, a brave soldier (earning the Iron Cross first and second class)...Everyone who knew him as a youth and a young man reports that he was always polite. Hitler  communed with nature,  wrote sonnets, plays, he appreciated high art  or music, culture and history was important to him......Off -color jokes were not allowed in his presence.  He was not a demagogue- he never promised the Germans anything. He was not an opportunist- he was a patriot.

Now... we find ourselves caught between two opposing forces, humanity locked in a fight to the death- the nation -state versus the international cartels. This is how politics must be re aligned- we can fight to preserve our folk or we can be ruled by faceless bureaucrats from overseas. It is the people against the mega banks and their corporations. The false left-right paradigm must fall before our new understanding.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

You may say I'm a fool a believer, there are many wonders yet to be seen.

You may say I'm  a tool and a deceiver, put your foot on the ground, it is green.

I will  conceive and conjure, I am unleashed in the east...I will do such deeds, they will be the terror of the Earth...let the world tremble.

The spirit is true, the magic is strong.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

I'm in a dark place. There is a peculiar need, and so I have set my sights on a peculiar method of attaining what is save the nation. We are in a dark place, the hour is high, soon the great Noontide of our calamity will strike us down, there is not time to waste.

I conceive of a plan, born of an extreme desperation but nurtured by this safe cocoon that I now dwell in side of.....Do I dare?

Somewhere near, somewhere far...over my shoulder a goblin peaks. The allure, a fatal drive toward destiny.

Can it be done? If you knew my plan you would marvel or mock. I will break all your chains, and more...

Monday, June 11, 2012

The problem: we have a dubious character in the White House, one Barry Soetero AKA  Barack Obama,  the black or half black or black and white  man born in Hawaii or Kenya- as witnessed by his grandmother in Mombassa and confirmed by the Kenyan ambassador and Kenyan police?

 Obama and his mom have always been CIA and banker controlled agents, posing as leftists.

Government is mostly neutral, then we have public opinion, and then the  money power. I will come back to this later in a discussion on why the Austrian economists are in error. due mainly to their adherence to interest rates.The money power can 'buy' public opinion and the government- this is the dilemma

Romney is a tool or puppet of the very same people who own  Obama.

Obama's recent actions- he has virtually begun a new war against Pakistan, he has signed martial law edicts here at home, the NDAA ,  Obama has a 'kill list' that he allegedly drools over every Tuesday, he says he has ultimate power over who lives and dies, soon 30,000 domestic predator drones will monitor our every move.... the rest of the time he spends in the White House alone watching ESPN sports. Valerie Jarret is said to be the real president, even Michelle Obama is scared of her.
Obama has alienated the Catholic church with the birth control in the healthcare law issue, his endorsement of gay marriage may cost him one or two states in the fall....( Very few gay people actually want to get married...they simply want this as a trophy )...

Mittens Romney represents more wars, more surveillance, austerity,and poverty, more corporate power, Obama represents the same thing, only done in a slightly more subtle manner.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Hitlers  best friend, chauffeur, bodyguard, and SS member #2 - Emil Maurice- was Jewish. Hitler was aware of this fact.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I have already established that there is a higher and a lower... moral or cultural relativism is a fraud. In certain areas, though, one sometimes enjoys what the bourgeoisie immaturely terms "guilty pleasures."  I dont have any. My tastes mirror the higher, mostly; not due to any conceit or pretense, but because I early on saw the distinction-and willed myself to follow the right and true path, abetted by my nature.

The 20th century was characterized by two main trends

1. acceleration

2. fragmentation

The greatest intellect of the last 100 years was Carl G. Jung (1876-1961).....the greatest writer of the last century was Jorge Luis Borges (1899-1986)....the greatest film ever made was 'Sunrise,' made in 1927 by F. W. Murnau.(1888-1931).

Do you understand my purpose?