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Andy the German, et al, and the bomb plot that saved Clinton


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America lost 42,000 factories since 2001

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Oklahoma City Bombing , Clinton, and Obama

I will attempt to revisit the Oklahoma City Bombing case, to try to shed new light on this event. Bear with me while I put my thoughts down here, a better organization should emerge later.

April 19, 1995, 9:02 am- the Alfred P. Murrah Federal building in downtown Oklahoma city, Oklahoma, is blown up, killing 168 (or 169) people. The official line is that ex-soldier Tim McVeigh, with the help of Terry Nichols, made a diesel ammonia fuel bomb, put it in a Ryder moving truck, which was then detonated while parked across the street from the Federal building, destroying most of its target. The motive is said to be McVeigh's hatred for the central US government, for its role in the Ruby Ridge and Waco incidents.

The truck bomb did more damage to support columns that were farther away from the blast than to columns that were closer- an impossibility.

Some notable anomalies associated with the event: initial news broadcasts kept escalating the size of the bomb used, apparently to try to cover for the fact that ANY sized home made bomb used in a Ryder truck would not be able cause the destruction we saw on April 19.

Maybe 11 ATF agents- the entire field office- were apparently warned to stay away from the Murrah building that morning. No credible explanation has ever been offered for this absence; the most logical conclusion is that someone in the ATF had solid knowledge that the building would be unsafe that morning. No other office within the building received any such warning.

Multiple witnesses say they heard and felt two separate explosions that morning, about 6-8 seconds apart. Local seismographs recorded two explosions.

The brother of the then Oklahoma governor wrote a 'fictional' work a few years before the Oklahoma this book, very close parallels to what actually happened were detailed. Coincidence or not?

People who saw McVeigh that morning and just prior, say another man was accompanying McVeigh. Some witnesses report a third man with McVeigh. These reports turned into the "John Doe #2" manhunt- which the authorities later whitewashed and explained away. The Feds have ruled out Terry Nickols as being this second suspect...and the witnesses still maintain to this day that McVeigh had other companions in Oklahoma City.

The coroner involved in the case had one leg left over that could not be matched to any victim. Was this one of the perpetrators?

A filmmaker caught on tape Tim McVeigh inside a tank on a military base during a time when the governments time-line has McVeigh completely out of the military by at least one year. This film footage blows to smithereens the governments case.

Rescue workers that morning were told to evacuate the crime scene several times that morning, due to the discovery of (undetonated?) bombs.

At least two 'witnesses' that morning died under strange circumstances...

One thing must be cleared up right off of the bat- the theories and books that try to show that Terry Nichols and McVeigh were somehow linked to Arab or Muslim Jihadists almost certainly is a canard.

There are three primary possibilities- 1. the official version is the correct one. Tim McVeigh, with some help from Terry Nichols, blew up the Murrah building on April 19, 1995. The motive? Mcveigh was upset with the government for Waco and Ruby Ridge, etc. While on death row, McVeigh held extensive interviews with two journalists- Lou Michel and Dan Herb, who later wrote a book about their subject- these talks and their book form the basis for the continuing influence of the official version. McVeigh seems to have dissembled quite a bit, to garner a place in history as the 'mastermind,' and not the dupe.

2. This was a sting operation that went awry.

3. McVeigh was a government agent, surrounded by other agents, and they blew up the building on purpose. The motive? To boost the sagging presidency of Bill Clinton, to get more money for the ATF, to restrict gun ownership, impose more police state laws, demonize the militia movement, etc. The bombing did do all these things, perfectly. There are variations of the above three conjectures, only 2& 3 have real merit.

In 1983, a Mr. Richard Snell attempted to blow up the Alfred P. Murrah building...Later, he went to prison on a murder charge. The Feds set his execution date-April 19, 1995. That morning, he requested the prison TV be turned on so he could catch up on the news. The Ryder truck bomb went off, and he watched the news of the unfolding tragedy. Prison notes detail how he smiled, laughed and chuckled...

August 18, 1995, a former bank robber and parole violator,Kenneth Trentadue, tried to cross the US border from Mexico and was picked up for not seeing his PO....On August 21, he was found murdered in his jail cell. Authorities claimed he had committed suicide, but when his brother, a prominent Utah attorney, saw the body, he saw massive head wounds and bruises all over his dead brother. We will learn later how Kenneth Trentadue was mistaken for a suspect in the Oklahoma case- Richard Guthrie.

In southeast Oklahoma there is a compound called 'Elohim City'....religious fundamentalists, neo- Nazi's , various anti government misfits, all find a home here. We know McVeigh made a phone call to Elohim City just before the event, we know he got a traffic ticket near the compound six months before the event....we also know that McVeigh knew a man often referred to as 'Andy the German'...Andreas Strassmeyer, who lived at the compound. The father of Strassmeyer was the secretary of state for the newly united Germany. We know the Southern Poverty Law center (SPLC) had spies inside Elohim City.

At this point, the reader might ask, why does this stuff matter? Its been 16 years, Nichols has been convicted and McVeigh has been executed. It matters because 169 people died that day. Their relatives want justice, and it seems the SPLC and the FBI and ATF, among others, were involved to a certain degree. Clinton, Reno, Obama, and Attorney General Holder seem to be involved in the cover up. It is becoming more and more obvious that many many people knew about the bomb plot, and remained silent. They criminally let it happen.

Just after the explosion, police officer Terry Yeakey was on the scene, helping the survivors. He later told his wife that he saw something under the rubble that greatly disturbed him, he left and tried to come back to the scene with a camera to photograph what he saw, but he was denied access to the crime scene ( Several times that day rescuers were forced to abandon their efforts, due to fresh bomb alerts)....Yeakey began his own investigation, and soon he became the subject of harassment from unknown individuals. He was on the case, driving his own car in a rural part of the state when he called a friend to report that he was being followed by "Feds." The next day, his bloody body was discovered in a field about half a mile away from his car. The inside of the car was drenched in blood, both wrists were slit, his neck was stabbed, he was covered with blood and mud as though he had been dragged....a bullet wound to the head indicated that the angle of the shot had come from above, pointed down, towards the head. The official coroners report said he committed suicide.
Today, Yeakeys wife Tonya lives in terror, being forced to move seven times in five years.

We know the FBI had a 'relationship' with the Southern Poverty Law Center, and we know the SPLC had undercover agents inside Elohim City. We also know that Andreas Strassmeyer was an active Lt. in the German army while he seemingly lived the life of vagrant rustic in the woods of Oklahoma, associating with many Klansmen and neo-Nazis. Strassmeyer did not have a job, yet someone paid his credit card bills. It turns out that he was receiving military pay during his stint in America. He claims he only met Mcveigh once or twice, at gun shows, but we know this isnt true. They knew each other very well, as reported by multiple witnesses. After the bombing, Strassmeyer left the United States for Mexico, then he entered France and eventually went home , in Germany. He was never formally interviewed by US law enforcement about the Oklahoma case ( There may have one phone call from our cops to Germany to speak to Strassmeyer- I have to confirm this later. Even if this is so, you can see that the authorities still have very little interest in Strassmeyer, who is probably a material witness or even an accomplice of McVeigh).

Brig. General Ben Partin has been in the military for over 30 years, his specialty is demolitions. He took one look at the the crime scene and declared that there is no way a truck bomb of ANFO could have caused the damage we see with the Murrah building. The Ryder truck was parked about 40 meters away from the building- when it blew, the energy of this explosion would have moved outward in every direction, dissipating as it traveled toward the Murrah building. We would thus expect that the damage to the building would decrease the further inside the building you go, but the reverse is true. Support columns near the exterior of the building are barely touched, while columns deep inside the building are ruined. 14 survivors had time to take cover under their desks before the second, bigger explosion...If there was only one bomb, the Ryder truck bomb, they would not have had time to do this. For about six hours after the event, media reported the discovery of at least two other undetonated, sophisticated, bombs. By nightfall, the media had altered the story to fit with there being just one truck bomb. Multiple survivors report first feeling a loud rumble, like an earthquake, then 8-10 seconds later the second blast. This is consistent with the two seismograph reports.
Most of the Waco documents were stored in the Murrah building, as were all of the Whitewater evidence papers.

Carol Howe was a rich kid, a debutante, who befriended neo Nazi Denis Mahon, both frequented Elohim City. Eventually Miss Howe was recruited by the ATF to spy on these anti government radicals. She swore that she warned the government about the bomb plot, but these warnings were ignored. Howe later was forced into silence with the threat of serious charges...When she tried to become part of McVeighs defense, the Judge in the case refused, saying her testimony would "confuse the jury."

Local cops in Oklahoma City were put on alert a week before the attack, and the local bomb squad was already set up near the Murrah building about two hours before the explosion. After the blast, ATF agents with fake wounds tried to get paramedics to treat these 'wounds." naturally, this angered the first responders ( The motive for this behavior- ATF knew it would look suspicious if no one from the ATF office got hurt or died, while everyone else walked into the building to their doom)...

Cutting to the chase: Michael William Brescia was John Doe #2....Steve Colbern made the truck bomb....neither have ever been charged with these crimes. The FBI and the SPLC had so many informants on the inside, that it almost looks like the plot was 90% informant led, i.e. the bombing was an inside job, it went forward with the tacit approval of authorities. Current Attorney General Holder continues to block a proper investigation, hes covering up government involvement, liability.

To recap a bit: The most obvious (initial) signs that we are dealing with a larger conspiracy and cover-up is the fact that there is clear evidence that more than one bomb went off, that there were bomb(s) inside the building.
Also- the ATF workers were AWOL, and gave conflicting accounts as to why- they said they were working late on a case the night before, then they said they were golfing. The AFT also tried to claim they had a man in the building when they didn't (the infamous five- story- leap out- of the elevator that could not have been true), weve already gone over how the ATF absurdly tried to trick paramedics into thinking they were injured when they were not.

The FBI agent in charge on the ground at the bomb site never believed the official story- he knows there were others involved, multiple bombs, etc ( Danny Coulson)...Needless to say, he was soon replaced with a more obedient crime scene director.
Due to a spate of odd comments, I was forced to copy them and turn them over to the authorities.

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Obama's Bay of Pigs?

Ive seen some dumb moves in my day, but Obama's intervention in Libya takes the cake. In January, Gadhafi booted out the Western oil companies-Exxon, Shell, BP et al....He let the Russians and Chinese in, and allowed the Italians to stay. The West responded by putting CIA and SAS "boots on the ground" in February...

Saif Gadhafi foolishly amnestied 110 imprisoned Al Qaeda members, and the next day the rebellion was on....( A 2007 West Point study shows that no other place on earth gave as much to help, per capita, to the Iraq insurgency as the rebel strongholds did...

Just six weeks ago Gadhafi was our ally-he was giving us very good intelligence on suspected terrorists. Then we stabbed him in the back...

The rebels are Al Qaeda (Libyan Islamic Fighting Group), monarchists who are nostalgic for king Ibdlis ( his tribe was from the rebel zone), bandits, Jihadists, and a few pro democracy individuals.

The President has made a grave error, egged on by UN ambassador Susan Rice and the Arab (little) League, a body made up of tyrannies hated by their own people, these Arab states are our puppets. If we cant knock Gadhafi out, then the US will be shown to the world to be a very weak country. A brooding Gadhafi will seek revenge....If the rebels win, they will certainly slaughter the west Libyans- will we then intervene to prevent this, hmm? A rebel victory in the east will establish a sharia law emirate, heavily influenced by Al Qaeda, flush with oil revenue. Wont they then use this money to wage a global terror- storm across the planet?