Thursday, September 27, 2007


A while back, I wrote about how a drought in Amazonia might trigger a run-away greenhouse effect. It seems the trees are more resilient than thought- in response to three years of drought, they have sunk their roots down deeper and have accelerated their photosynthesis, thus averting a crash in the forest.

It might be possible to cure our planets warming-illness using direct action- Co2 uptake by the oceans could be dramatically increased by inserting 500 foot long, 10 foot wide vertical tubes in the oceans at strategic points. These tubes would fill with water during wave troughs and then a valve would later release the water and uptake some more at the other end- the rising of this colder water to the surface and the reverse cycle might actually solve the problem, but could harm oceanic life in ways we don't know. Technological fixes could also lull us into believing that we can continue with our fossil fuel burning, which has to end soon no matter what.

Ive read some articles that construct decent arguments that claim global warming is a hoax; and the weatherman cannot tell you what the weather will be like ten days from now with certainty...But it is a fact that the ocean fish stocks worldwide are being depleted, topsoil erosion is occurring at a rate of 20% every 25 years, arable land is dwindling and we have to use fertilizer to produce our food- meaning most of us are eating petroleum to survive! Mangrove swamps and coral reefs are vanishing or bleaching out- these are the incubators of the waters. Less oxygen is in the air; our blood is polluted with industrial chemicals; and species everywhere are about to go extinct forever, due to our actions. We could terminate ourselves in less than 100 years because of our ignorant myopia and greed. When the Iroquios confederacy considered an action, they asked themselves "How will this decision affect the seventh generation from now?"We need the same mentality.

Permaculture, solar power, redefining corporations and the business ethic, trasparency in government and banking; all these things are needed and can help salvage the situation- if only people would assume their proper responsibilty in the world and become active.
"I have seen the enemy and we is it"- Pogo

I have heard people say "I'm not worried about my blood being one part per one millions contaminated with something- thats just a tiny speck or amount" This is a very ignorant attitude. These people also think we can set aside a section of the earth for preservation while we wreck the other parts- this is a very dangerous thought. Everything is connected.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Why and How

The Kabbalists are a Judaic gnostic and neoplatonic mystical tradition that seeks to repair the rip in the universe....there is God, the En Sof, or the unknowable infinite...but then there is a knowable God the study of the ten serifoths or aspects/powers/emanations/angels of God we are able to reunite the two halves of God...God need us as much as we need him. Creation is a fallen speck of light. If we perform the right ritual, we can obtain a powerful prayer that will mend the universe, heal God, and ourselves. Immortality, invisibility, almighty power and knowledge- these would be just side-effects of the result of the prayer and ritual. Man moves and influences the cosmos as much as the world has its way with man.

The Tree of Life has ten powers, and the causeways create 22 paths, corresponding to the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. Ten numbers-1-10 are combined with words and syllables, to help repair creation and reunite the lost sparks ( our souls, mainly) with En Sof.
In meditation, the soul travels astrally among the ten powers, gaining knowledge of the correct 'spells' to cast in order to end the seperation of the sparks from God, to move 'creation' back into the realm of infinite light- Man alters God, it was Man who threw God out of the Garden of Eden....

The 22 cards of Tarot deck are thought to represent the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet- here we can see the action of the quantum fluctuations of the universe, trying to tell us something.
The main book of Kabbalah- the Zohar- was written by Moses de Leon about 1278 AD- Tarot, although rumored to exsit as far back as ancient Egypt, has really been in existence only since about 1300, about the same time as the Zohar.

Today, in Girona Spain, a secretive group guards a powerful secret...

As one ascends the tree, angelic guardians are encountered. You must know their secret names, and you must repeat them a certain number of times....

God created the world through the use of sound...if we can re-create those same sounds, then we too will become God-like, knowing the thoughts and mind of God, we will be able to create also...

Ben Franklin composed magic squares when he was bored during the constitutional convention...

Saturday, September 22, 2007

ism schism

When arch conservative Margaret Thatcher first assumed office, she addressed parliament and waved a copy of one of Friedrich Hayek's books around- declaring-"This is what we believe."
Hayek claims to be a neo-liberal, which is what all the left-wing rebels in Latin America are fighting.

Gorbachev was desrcibed in the western press as being 'left' and fighting 'right-wing' communist hardliners.

In the Us, both extreme left and extreme right hate the world bank and the international monetary fund.

Liberalism in the 19th century is now appropiated by most current 'conservatives,' while many liberals today dislike rapid technological change...

True 'conservatives' were the first casualties of the Bush administration.

I think its about time the terms left-wing vs./and/or rightwing be retired- when orthodox Marxists are called right-wingers, it is time to come up with a different phraseology.

Friday, September 21, 2007

"In the beginning it ( infinity) created God"
The 1986 Chernobyl disaster in Russia has killed at least 500,000 people, and the deaths are still mounting.
The Dubai Emir, a friend of Osama Bin Laden, is about to purchase a large chunk of our Nasdaq stock exchange. Bush is facilitating this deal.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Toxic dust from 9-11 ground zero has killed hundreds of first -responders, and up to 100,000 others are seriously ill and might die in the next few years. EPA chairman Christine Whitman and NY mayor Guiliani ignored evidence that the zone was unsafe and ordered everyone back into the area...Guiliani, blinded by greed and ignorance, has murdered untold thousands.
Only about 3% of Britishers go to church every week (in the US, its about 50%)
BY 1700, the New England colonies had achieved a near 100% literacy rate- probably the most literate society the world had created to date- the purpose of which was so individuals could read and study the bible and help create the Utopian Christian commonwealth the Plymouth founders envisioned.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

'Accepting' eliminates the concept of 'problem.' If you accept something about yourself, then the problem you had vanishes.
TA Sciences announced "TA-65" -a molecule that is said to repair chromosomal damage associated with aging, and this molecule is said to actually make humans younger. It is just a synthetic (hence patentable) version of astralagus root.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

This week, radio frequency waves are being touted as a possible cancer cure- but this was invented in the 1930's by Royal Rife and suppressed.
Israel launched a mysterious raid into Syria this week- maybe they struck a nuclear facility...

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

thinking too much is potentially harmful to your health

The Medieval scholastics called it 'God,' the ancient Greeks called it 'infinity.' Cantor in the late 19th century devised a mathematical deity/infinity proof, partly with his set theory and related axioms, and the strain caused him to declare himself Gods messenger and then he killed himself.
Kurt Godel proposed an incompleteness theorem which shows us the ultimate limitation of human knowledge- which means that ultimate truth must be received through intuition- then he starved himself to death, because he thought everyone was trying to poison him.

Lucretius, about 100 BC, came up with evolutionary and atomic theory, and in a manic-depressive fit killed himself.
Aristotle, sick and old and implicated in a plot to kill his former pupil, Alexander, hanged himself in 322 BC.
Sigmund Freud killed himself with an overdose of morphine.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

If nobody crashed, Nascar would die.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

The best antidote for sadness: Learning.
A major accomplishment of Federalism: ending workplace discrimination.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Bleed for the Dancer

Most Americans are just like children, oblivious to basic world facts, trapped by their petty pursuits while the planet burns. A day before an election, you can sit in a cafe surrounded by people, hours go by, and not one word about the voting that will occur the next day.

Our country is a vicious empire-this is demonstrably so. We are an empire with the mentality of a vice-ridden toddler, and we will soon pass into history; unless people begin the wake up from their electronic sleepwalk.

Taxpayer money facilitates the looting of the undeveloped world- we, through the World bank and International Monetary Fund, make loans to countries that they simply cannot pay- very little of the money goes to the people anyway. When it is time for the country to pay, they cannot, so we say to them: turn over the resources of your nation to us. Eliminate your social safety net. This indirect imperialism murders about 10 million people a year- you are complicit in this holocaust, because you do not protest-you are worse than the Nazis. At least Nazis were involved with high culture, while 300 million American punks consume trash. The real enemy rests at the top of the ladder in an easy, decadent comfort- the people with enough money to manufacture our society- the owners of the means of propaganda and production. Find them, drag them down from their stolen citadels, these unseen insiders.

Eventually, all functions will be privatized, and there will only be one corporation/party. The planet will be barren, the few survivors surrounded by cameras-sterility and poverty of thought will be the norm; as authority is transferred away from a ruling clique and given to a quantum computer that 'thinks.' This will be all your fault, and I hate you all.

On second thought, the world has too many people and they need to go. Good riddance.

People are what they are, they cannot be blamed too much
Last year, a Zogby poll was released stating that most Americans did not believe the official version of the events of 9-11. The very next day, a Al Qaeda tape emerged.

This week, Zogby released a poll stating that most Americans want a new investigation of 9-11. The very next day, A Bin Laden tape begins to circulate.

These tapes are obvious fakes, designed to fool 12 year olds or most Americans.
Political liberalism collapsed in the US in 1980, with the election of Reagan and the defeat of 12 liberal senators. Right-wing radio falsely imagines that Liberalism rules, when it is right-wing corporatism that is firmly in control (Clintonism is just another version of Bushism).

This week, part of the patriot act was deemed unconstitutional by a federal judge-it was. Right wing radio has declared the Judge involved to be a "red diaper doper baby, a Marxist." Certain individuals on the radio are nothing but overstating distortionists who want an expansion of police powers. (Clinton, who once worked for the Tyson Chicken corporation, and later, Wall Street and the military-industrial complex in general, has somehow been transformed into a Red fellow-traveler by right-wing radio).

The idea that the police and the FBI are somehow handcuffed and cannot adequately pursue criminal suspects-Jihadists, dope peddlers, illegal immigrants or whatnot, unless the Bill of Rights is scrapped, is laughable. Police have the authority they need to track suspicious activity and make arrests. Laws that have existed for decades work fine, if properly used; and police forces have always unofficially gone beyond legal limits-making any increase in authority extra dangerous.
The founding fathers wrote the Bill of Rights for one reason: to keep the police away from us.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

For a few decades, we thought we knew the human lineage tree- now, it has turned into an unruly bush.
The out-of Africa hypothesis is threatened- artifacts and footprints found in Pakistan go back over 2 million years
Large apes existed 10 million years ago- meaning that the missing link came before that time- prehumans have been here for about 12 million years, not 3-4.

Footprints found in Mexico date back 50,000 years-destroying the Clovis culture theory once and for all.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Monsanto's headquarters in Britain has banned genetically modified food from its canteen.