Friday, September 07, 2007

Bleed for the Dancer

Most Americans are just like children, oblivious to basic world facts, trapped by their petty pursuits while the planet burns. A day before an election, you can sit in a cafe surrounded by people, hours go by, and not one word about the voting that will occur the next day.

Our country is a vicious empire-this is demonstrably so. We are an empire with the mentality of a vice-ridden toddler, and we will soon pass into history; unless people begin the wake up from their electronic sleepwalk.

Taxpayer money facilitates the looting of the undeveloped world- we, through the World bank and International Monetary Fund, make loans to countries that they simply cannot pay- very little of the money goes to the people anyway. When it is time for the country to pay, they cannot, so we say to them: turn over the resources of your nation to us. Eliminate your social safety net. This indirect imperialism murders about 10 million people a year- you are complicit in this holocaust, because you do not protest-you are worse than the Nazis. At least Nazis were involved with high culture, while 300 million American punks consume trash. The real enemy rests at the top of the ladder in an easy, decadent comfort- the people with enough money to manufacture our society- the owners of the means of propaganda and production. Find them, drag them down from their stolen citadels, these unseen insiders.

Eventually, all functions will be privatized, and there will only be one corporation/party. The planet will be barren, the few survivors surrounded by cameras-sterility and poverty of thought will be the norm; as authority is transferred away from a ruling clique and given to a quantum computer that 'thinks.' This will be all your fault, and I hate you all.

On second thought, the world has too many people and they need to go. Good riddance.

People are what they are, they cannot be blamed too much


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