Monday, August 27, 2007

Anti-communists in the U.S. use to try to portray communist regimes as being uniform and forcing everyone to be the is ironic, because the development of affordable suburbia in the post-war years (Levitt towns, named after their originator) were identical- row after row of houses, each one almost the same; each car in the driveway almost the same, each job and church conformed to the same template).

America had a real electronic monoculture from about 1920- 1970. Everyone listened to the same radio programs, and watched the same movies and television programs....(not really a bad thing, since there existed many quality shows back then).
Cable altered the picture, briefly seeming to produce diversity yet ended up being 85% filler.We have more 'choices' but little actual quality diversity. In America we can choose from paper or plastic.

America currently seems to be both culturally homogenized and diverse-

I have been without a TV for the past 19 months, so I have only caught about 3-4 individual shows during this time at friends/families houses. Last night I hooked up the needed apparatus and watched two hours of mind-numbingly boring and stupid trash which passes for 'entertainment.' I fear for my country.


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