Saturday, August 25, 2007

One God

Ghenghis Khan was motivated by a spiritual call- he heard a voice in the sky telling him to conquer the world. He composed a intricate law code and religious manual, codifying Mongol custom and belief-the Yassa. In this sense his career is much like Muhammads, although he was more brutal in warfare and more morally strict in ways moderns could never understand ( death to adulterers, death to slackers in the war caravan over minor offenses such as failing to pick up another's fallen pack during a retreat, etc.) Only a select few were allowed to see and read the Yassa- it has since vanished in the mists of time but we know about it from the accounts of later Persian historians.

The Khans were voted into power, Mongols bathed (Europeans did not, at this time), could sleep in the saddle, and drank the blood of their horses while riding ( they were excellent suture-ists).


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