Friday, September 07, 2007

Political liberalism collapsed in the US in 1980, with the election of Reagan and the defeat of 12 liberal senators. Right-wing radio falsely imagines that Liberalism rules, when it is right-wing corporatism that is firmly in control (Clintonism is just another version of Bushism).

This week, part of the patriot act was deemed unconstitutional by a federal judge-it was. Right wing radio has declared the Judge involved to be a "red diaper doper baby, a Marxist." Certain individuals on the radio are nothing but overstating distortionists who want an expansion of police powers. (Clinton, who once worked for the Tyson Chicken corporation, and later, Wall Street and the military-industrial complex in general, has somehow been transformed into a Red fellow-traveler by right-wing radio).

The idea that the police and the FBI are somehow handcuffed and cannot adequately pursue criminal suspects-Jihadists, dope peddlers, illegal immigrants or whatnot, unless the Bill of Rights is scrapped, is laughable. Police have the authority they need to track suspicious activity and make arrests. Laws that have existed for decades work fine, if properly used; and police forces have always unofficially gone beyond legal limits-making any increase in authority extra dangerous.
The founding fathers wrote the Bill of Rights for one reason: to keep the police away from us.


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