Friday, August 31, 2007

They could win.....

Since I adhere to Western values and civilization (Natural Law, human rights, liberal democracy, scientific method ) and want the Western tradition preserved,warts and all, Radical Islam must be defeated. The demographics are not favorable- the Imperial groups of the last 500 years- the Russians, Japanese, English, Germans, French,Italians- have chosen to self-genocide themselves- through a failure to reproduce, caused by economic stress and hedonistic nihilism. We drown in relativism,while muslims breed like rabbits.....

Not a single Western strategist has proposed a cultural tactic to combat the Islamists- instead, we just drop bombs on top of helpless innocent babies in the third world; while our institutions appease the foreigners in our midsts.

What is necessary: The alleged authenticity of the Koran needs to be demolished. Textual criticism shows that 1. The Koran does NOT offer a higher spiritual law than the Sermon on the Mount 2. The claimed miraculous origin and development of the Koran is highly suspect.

Take away the core, and Islam will no longer gain converts and motivate fanaticism.


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