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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Most drugs do not work for most people.
The Prez bombs Pakistan without permission...tries to abort millions of brown babies overseas...closes Gitmo, yet doesn't really close Gitmo...imposes anti-lobbying rules yet makes notable exceptions to these laws...He makes his first television address on the job to the Arabs, and not to Americans, who gave him his job and are in a near -depression... he pushes through a dubious spending bill to the tune of one trillion dollars plus, after interest; then he buys a round of stiff drinks for several politicians at a bar in DC... Hmmm.
Never believe anything a woman tells you.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Many High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCF) products contain mercury- the average daily intake of HFCF in the US is about 12 teaspoons, but for children the amount is much more.
Mercury in any amount is harmful, so is it any wonder that we have so many psychiatric/physical health problems in our country, since we are being systematically poisoned?

The mercury gets in the HFCS via the use of caustic soda, which is used to make the stuff ( not all HFCS has mercury, but I try hard to stay away from the crap anyway, merc or no merc-HFCS is just too chemically- a- carb for me).

(source: Jan.27 Washington Post)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The California gold strike of 1848-49...enabled the Union to 'purchase' victory over the Confederacy during the Civil War.

Friday, January 23, 2009

The traditional Indian Sari is beautiful- women should wear the Sari most of the time.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Our society today suffers from an excess of tolerance. We tolerate loud people and boom boxes, we tolerate women wearing mens clothes (jeans),we tolerate illiteracy, we tolerate obesity,we tolerate teen age pregnancy, we tolerate dumb TV, bad governmental policy... mismatched couples. etc. Spoiled, undisciplined children rule the roost...

Negative social sanctions use to enforce certain standards...., the evolution of the moral ambiguity of the 1960's...have produced these results....we are reaping the whirlwind of our faltering confidence.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Doggerel, er, I mean Inaugural, watch:

Unemployment 7.2%, officially (actually closer to 13%)

National debt : who knows? at least 15 trillion dollars...

Two wars... we are losing both (the recent treaty in Iraq essentially kicks us out,with many goals unmet... and our puppet in Afghanistan-Karzai- is basically limited to being the mayor of Kabul )

Stock market : I will round the Dow Jones to 8,150 (Jan.20, 2009).

Issues: card check, e-verify,Patriot Act and bad executive orders, abortion on demand, stem cell research,etc., fairness doctrine, amnesty for illegals...

price of gold: about $830/oz.
price of gas: about $1.70 a gallon, $38 dollars a barrel?
average rent for a one bedroom apt. where I live: at least $640 a month, plus utilities...

Health care...? Iran...the prosecution of Bush/ policy...strength of the dollar...Israel vs.Palestine...the drug war...

oil use=38-40%, 21 million barrels /day....23% cola, 22%natural oil....

I will check back here at least once a year to check the stats, to see if the corrupt rookie, non- citizen, "white," influence- peddler from the Chicago Daley machine can turn things around properly...
(Everybody says he's such a great speaker, but his speech consists of stuttering about 18% of the time)...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

"Lights, camera..."

People are beginning to lose hope...they need faith...they needed a hero, so Hollywood provided one- a big budget production called "Miracle on the Hudson"...

Thousands watched as a passenger jet allegedly made a desperate emergency ditch into the Hudson river-these thousands had hundreds of photographic cell phones and digital cameras- yet there isnt one single video of the actual landing into the river.

This is obviously a made up tale, a movie production involving a large cast that included high political officials...the plane was a prop, towed into position... then the actors streamed out onto the wings, where just one or two still photos were taken (close up zooms reveal that most of the "passengers" on the wings are smiling and laughing, sipping hot soup out of thermos bottles, or drinking scotch or bourbon from small shot glasses. A man standing on the end tip of one of the wings is casually smoking a cigar, as he tugs on his hip waders)...

We should give thanks to all the extras- the ferrymen and Coast Guard, and media figures- for making this one of the best (non) disaster films of all time, rivalling "The Towering Inferno" or "The Poseidon Adventure."

Captain "Chesley" Sullenberger the Third (obviously not his real name, just his stage name) ..
Once I saw the rocker "Sting" on TV explain how music videos rob people of their imagination- a moving picture story is already presented to them via the video, whereas before MTV, one heard a song on the radio and you were able to conjure up your own mental pictures to go along with the tune...MTV destroyed that.

tattooing is similar- when you look upon clear unbroken skin, you can visualize whatever you want upon its surface- but once a permanent image is stamped on skin, thats it, imagination ends, what you see is what you get ( you could conjure a story using the image, but it would still be related to what you were seeing at the moment, for the most part. You see my pic on this blog , don't you? So your imagination as to how I look has been obliterated, even if my pic is more than ten years old...) Plus, most tattoo's arent thematic, and they look "muddy" from more than ten feet away. A herd mentality causes most people to get a tattoo...What a generation of buffoons...

When humans want to reproduce and seek mates, they mainly look for two things : youth markers, and health markers. A tattoo cannot compete with clear unbroken skin as a health marker.
I always pay more attention to what a person doesn't say than to what they do say.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Aristotle urged Alexander the Great to conquer this out of the way island, for its Aloe Vera, to help heal the troops


I will rotate /remove the necessary pics soon...

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