Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Baltic Dry exchange Index (BDI) a measure that tracks the worlds 26 shipping lanes, the costs involved, amount of cargo moved , etc. From its high of 11,793 on May 20, 2008...the exchange collapsed 94% by December5, 2008, to 663. The BDI has since recoved a bit- it was 1,316 on Febuary 4,2009.

What this means, in part: Freight or cargo shipping on the high seas has almost collapsed-if the index falls below about 600, all freight will cease to move, as the cost of transport will make shipping prohibitively expensive- our store shelves will go empty. The only reason store shelves are not empty already: the price of oil fell.

I have an inside source who has informed me that over -the- road or highway truck freight has declined in Virginia at least 25% in the last six months (?)

When the California, Chinese, Australian, Texan, Argentine, and Floridian droughts are factored in this summer, the situation will get very tough, food supply and costwise.

Friday, February 27, 2009

" I know you are here to kill me. Shoot, coward, you are only going to kill a man."

(The last words of Che Guevara)
"Each morning when I awake I experience a supreme pleasure- that of being Salvador Dali"

Sometimes I feel the same way about myself. Sometimes I don't.
A somnambulistic and malignant coterie of ignoramsuses... lead us toward perdition...our pontificating purple-lipped imposter- in -chief... leads the way....An foreign escapee from a Mad magazine cover lords over the peons, fronting for the multinationals...when will I wake up from this bad dream?

Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Security and Prosperity Patnership (SPP) held its 4th annual meeting in New Orleans on April 22-24, 2008. 'Judicial Watch' went to court to learn what the SPP's agenda really was-

The SPP is an unsigned, non -treaty between the heads of Mexico, the US, and Canada. (Being 'unofficia'l allows the signers to forge ahead without any public debate).

The stated goal is "deep integration" of the three states. A tristate military force is being created-Blackwater, and later regular US military forces- will merge with the Mexican and then with the Canadian armed forces. These plans are well underway...

The dollar has to be crashed, so a new currency can be introduced-the alleged "Amero."

To learn more, go to "Project Censored" - the story is part of their 'top 25' censored news items for 2009.

Why the imminent return of Jesus Christ is a bad idea- and what you can do about it

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What we demand:

1. Abolition of all unearned income, the cancellation of most debts and rents.

2. An expanded profit sharing scheme between major industries and workers

3. Institution of nationwide plebiscites for major decision making, a restriction to be put on the franchise- the franchise to be reserved for especially qualified citizens.

4. Compulsory work, mental and physical, for all citizens-no exceptions

5. Immediate expulsion of all illegal immigrants.

6. Immediate arrest of the September 2008 criminals- Greenspan, Rubin, Bernacke, Paulson, Geithner, etc.

7. Dissolution of the Federal Reserve

8. an end to usury and most interest rates

9. A cash award for any woman with a graduate degree or higher educational attainment- if she has a child.
A cash award for any woman who has no education- if she agrees to never have children

10. An alliance and treaty between the nations who are the immediate inheritors of the Western tradition, to seek an expansion of their culture and numbers (Most of N central Europe from Spain to Russia, and Scotland to Malta...North America, Australia and New Zealand).

11. The immediate suspension of all court appeals for condemned prisoners-these inmates are to be executed immediately- Firing squads will be the method of the land; the condemned families will be charged for the bullets.

The immediate decriminalization of all banned drugs.

12. Restoration of the borders of the Folk to their former maximum extent.

13. Science and technology to be put through a social sieve- inventions that are deemed destructive to the human spirit will be banned

14. The formation of a civilian paramilitary force (squads of action) to go around America's streets roughing up and beating the opposition

(Well ,maybe not the last one, yet).


"Islam" means the Koran, there is no such thing as separation of church and Sharia law ascends around the world....the West "submits"

Islamic tradition offers the ideal Muslim man, Mohammad- he was a warrior and sometime tyrant who conquered the Arabian pennisula. Islam wants the West to "submit" to a barbaric Sharia law, where women are slaves and there is no democracy. The Muslims in Europe and increasingly here in the US gladly accept "Jizya"- the extortion money given to prevent one from being raped or killed...The West happily gives Muslims their Jizya- we are afraid. Being a good Muslim means you have to be like Mohammad and Jihad against the West...
Who abets this betrayal of the tradition of Rome, Athens, and Jerusalem? The Left, corporatist financiers...Internationalists...

The Left has its own religion- that of cultural relativism, from which multiculturalism is derived. Leftists believe that all cultures are essentially equal, so Islam is due its place next to our culture. But as Muslims increase in numbers in Europe and North America, they demand more Jizya-they demand that criticism of their faith cease...they want welfare dollars to build their Caliphate-after all, they are a religion, and deserve tolerance from the people they despise. This is the self destructive tune of the Leftist multiculturalist...

Islam is absolute- there are moderate Muslims but there can never be a moderate Islam...Islam is not a religion, Islam is an ideology.
Their language is gone..their Gods are forgotten. What remains of a people after they vanish?

Their art.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hillary Clinton and her fake 'possum smile just flew in and out of China, begging bowl in hand...

Saturday, February 21, 2009

"Good morning"

Obama seems to show mercy on 400 detainees in Gitmo ?... Yet sends 17,000 fresh troops into the cauldron of Afghanistan. Does this mean that he will murder a million more Afghan children? Obama has committed himself to a military solution in the fail now will eventually provoke radioactive terror upon our shores and cities...the Islamists....must be stopped.

The Soviets used 120,000 troops and killed a million Afghans over a 7-8 years long war....and the Russians were beaten. This one event-whipping the Soviets- encouraged the Jihadists to attack America).
I have always felt that the best way to win is to destroy the enemies faith-show to them the flaws in their religion... and we should end our exploitation of their natural resources...

Westerners have lost their confidence- we are not proud of our heritage like we should be. The inheritors of the glorious tradition derived from Jerusalem and Athens... have become cowards (relativists/multiculturalists); the enemies of true civilization sense our weakness. Islam once was ahead of us-from around 850 AD to 1400 AD...but no more. They are backwards...They breed, and we will bleed.
We have to match violence with violence, and increase our numbers.

When our State Department sends an agent to Pakistan or some other "'Stan"..the agent is instructed to never "be nice"when buying something or ordering meals or doing whatever else- "being nice" in those countries is interpreted as being weak- just like in prison or on the streets here.)
The Jihadists saw our reaction to the April 2007 Virginia Tech massacre- CNN tape showed dozens of cops hiding behind trees, even though they were not even being shot at. To terrorize American society and freeze the entire nation in its tracks... takes minimal effort...

The invasion of Afghanistan came on the heels of the September 11 attacks....Bin Laden took the rap, and was supposedly shielded by the Taliban government....Instead of treating 9-11 as a criminal event deserving investigation and a sleuth pursuit for the culprits, we invaded. Afghanistan is the 'good war.'

Obama has rolled the dice- we must completely destroy or neutralize the Taliban and their allies-or they will eventually murder us all. Obama's recent action seems to preclude any possible future negotiated settlement. We seem to have an impossible task in front of us... ( NATO ought to be more involved-" attack against one, shall be considered an attack against all..." ).

"Be careful with Hannibal don't want Hannibal Lecter inside your head...never forget what he is..."

"And what is that, sir?"

The US Senate will soon consider special family rearing legislation, designed by UN reps allied to Obama...these laws will dictate to parents how they can raise their children ( the UN convention on the rights of the child treaty (RoC). The new law won't even allow a parent to determine what religion a child can be raised as...if passed, it will be a felony to disobey the law ).

"Oh, he's a monster. A pure psychopath."

Obama signed an executive order Jan. 22, authorizing the continued practice of "rendition." Rendition is the illegal abduction, transportation to third party nations, and torture, of "suspects," all without any charges or trial. The torture sometime results in the death of the suspect, and is videotaped.

"Witless and misleading. Why do you think he takes their skins, officer Starling? Thrill me with your wisdom."

Donald Young was the 47 -year old openly gay choir director for Trinity United Methodist Church in Chicago- the church of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Barack Obama. Young and Obama were friends...Larry Sinclair, a man with a checkered past, has made unusual sex, drug, and violence claims against the President, to be detailed in a book, which might be released this April (published by Vantage Press). Sinclair had been in telephone contact with Young.

Donald Young allegedly expressed to several individuals that he was in fear for his life, because of the knowledge he had. He was afraid of then -candidate Obama. On the morning of Dec 23, 2007, Young's bullet -riddled body was found inside his apartment. So far, no suspects have been arrested.

"If you didn't kill him, then who did?"

Part of the contingency of government plan(CoG) involved rounding up innocent citizens and locking them up in detention camps- between 1967-1971, the list of targets was called the ADEX file.

Oliver North organized a more ambitious program in the early 1980's termed "Rex 84"...ostensibly to corral illegal immigrants but really meant to capture citizens deemed a threat to the state.

Journalists (Tim Shorrock of Salon Magazine, others) have recently discovered "Main Core"- a list of 8 million "dangerous" Americans to be rounded-up in the event of a catastrophic national emergency. (It is ridiculous to think that there are 8 million terroristic citizens in this country plotting against the authorities. The states paranoia knows no bounds).

(Civilian Inmate Labor Program AR: 210-35...National Emergency Center Act, HR 645)

The Thursday June 29, 1989 edition of the Washington Times newspaper headlined a frightening story: several Reagan and Bush VIPS had been snared in a child prostitution ring that was being run right out of the White House Oval Office (go to archives dated June 29, 1989,Washington Times, for the original story)....but the news gets much worse, for those who keep up- the story leads to the abduction of thousands of children by upper echelon members of the American ruling elite....( the Lawrence E. King case- he was a manager of a large Credit Union in Omaha Nebraska, and a Republican party bigwig fundraiser. A teen -aged Mr. Bonacci alleged that King helped organize abductions and lurid sex parties...often these parties occured in Georgetown, DC, and were attended by high ranking members of the political establishment.

"Tick, tock"

Bonacci's attorney was at one point the Nebraska legislator John DeCamp- DeCamps book about the affair is called " The Franklin cover-up: child abuse, Satanism, and murder in Nebraska" Bonacci eventually got a judgement in his favor in his case against King...(King went to prison for ten years on fraud charges)
A former Director of the CIA-William Colby- wrote the preface to DeCamps book..for this, and maybe other things, William Colby was murdered by unknown assassins in 1996.

Media reports of Colby's death were quite bland...But what happened was this: Colby was dining alone in a small residence near the Potomac river. He had clams and white wine...there was a knock at the door around midnight- his killers took him away. The next day he was reported missing, his canoe conveniently water-soaked near the dock. Colby never canoed at midnight, or without a lifevest...Although the area was searched extensively by scores of professional searchers for days, his body, sans lifevest, was found about eight days later- just 20 yards from the dock (?).

The official version is that halfway through his meal, he suddenly got up, decided to go canoeing after midnight without a life-vest on a blustery, cold, night; leaving his computer on, and his home unlocked, he got into the canoe and the water and fell overboard after having a heart attack or stroke...and somehow while dead for eight days he managed to elude highly trained and equipped search teams...

I think I know who had Colby killed, and why... I will spare you the burden of this knowledge, for now .

Obama intends to force our youthful populace to receive dangerous experimental vaccines and drugs (Gardisil, Paxil, et al);... A "pushy" sunshine smile can mask a host of sins...

"Who is he stalking right now, Clarice? I wonder, don't you....?"

People need to know what's going on- Evil cannot endure the bright light of truth and goodness...I write about these things... hoping to expose our rulers for what they are...

Friday, February 20, 2009

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Stop stew'in and start do'in

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

When I grow up I want to be a Rubber Stamp

Our Presidents are merely front-men for the international cartels and it disrespectful of me to hurl invective toward Obama, Bush, et al ? Was it disrespectful for the 1776 patriots to burn King George III in effigy? Is it disrespectful for our Presidents to allow our southern border to be overrun with illegal immigrants? Is it disrespectful toward the citizens for our President to sell the country out to foreign gangsters?

Senator Inhofe of Oklahoma said that he and the nation were threatened with open Martial law if he and the senate did not grant the Fed and the bankers their boondoggle bailout last September-October. To be threatened with martial law is the same thing as being directly under martial law...

The central federal government is out of control. The executive branch has usurped unlawful powers away from the Congress and the states...unfunded mandates, forced vaccinations, ending home schooling, gun control measures,etc....New laws say that the governors and state legislators serve at the discretion of the Prez...that they can be sacked at any moment and replaced with federal officials...this is unconstitutional garbage and treason. Patriotic Generals in the Pentagon are growing restless, and are anxious to put an end to this madness.

Originally, the thirteen colonies as "states" formed the union.... "individuals" did not form the republic...the Congress was meant to be the superior branch of government...( by the time I went to school, we were taught that the three branches were meant to be equal-a re-writing of history) but now Congress is just a rubber stamp...since the feds have opted out of the union by selling themselves to the international bankers, many states are passing "sovereignty" legislative declarations, to nullify federal rules and statutes that the states consider to be unlawful.

Several state legislatures are in open rebellion against the central government- the next step could be secession.

About 20 states claim that the 10th amendment in the Bill of Rights enable them to "nullify" federal laws that are viewed as being unconstitutional, laws such as medically prescribed marijuana bans...these 20 states are currently pushing anti-federal legislation...The "compact" theory of Calhoun combines with Jeffersons "Kentucky"resolutions to create the groundwork for a soon to come secession, which is meant to restore the republic and bring federalism back, albeit within constitutional limits.

What has really happened : the federal government has seceded from constitutional rule, and has aligned itself with the international bankers.
Why is rule by internationalists bad? Why is world government bad? Because it is being implemented by stealth; the New World Order is undemocratic and authoritarian. A one world government would be a device of the grandchildren of the Robber Barons.

HR. 45 is a radical federal gun control law in the works in Congress...if it passes, Montana says it will order all of its statewide police forces to ignore this confiscation order, possibly precipitating a clash between the state and the central pig empire.

HR 45 will require gun registration, thumprinting, photographing, and special interviews with reps of the Attorney Generals office, including psychiatric evaluations and records. You may ask, whats so bad with all that? Since there is a strong push to grab all the guns, it is certain that the psychiatric interviews will be rigged, thus eliminating most otherwise eligible law abiding gun owners and ending their second amendment rights.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Below are some of my pics- I took them in Richmond and surrounding environs. Included are a few of my paintings- they "hang out" in a gallery downtown.

Do not copy or use any of my pics without permission- copyrights are pending. Ask to use them first...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

war, breadlines,and revolution soon...

The new administration lives in fantasyland. Obama is being led by the nose by a clique of neoconservatives and Israeli agents, many of the same creeps who oversaw the Bush/Cheney regime. Obama has been tricked into re-invading Afghanistan, the graveyard of empires.

(The Iraqi's bailed Bush out, by reigning in the Shia; the Americans bought off the Sunni insurgents, paying them not to fight. The government in Iraq has stabilized, because the Iranians see evidence of US a withdrawal, the Iraqi Shia have been placated and went to the ballot box and got a treaty to end the occupation...Now Obama wants to dramatically escalate the Afghan war, hypothetically using the surplus troops from a scaled back Iraqi operation...)

The American economy is imploding- 20,000 jobs are lost every day. If we use 1980 methods for calculating unemployment, which is the unmanipulated method, the real unemployment rate would currently be 18%- a depression level rate.

Unless "buy American" rules are in force, or corporate offshoring ceases, we can never turn the economy around. We are already hip -deep in a world wide trade war- and we are losing. Protectionism is the rule around the world-our products are being kept out of foreign markets, while we are muscled into letting the rest of the world flood us with their inferior goods... "Free trade" is mostly a myth...

Why bailout a company like Citibank or GM, if they won't employ American workers? Or won't make their products here? If production is offshored, you cannot create new jobs at home.

Americans must make a good percent of the products that are meant for domestic use-otherwise, there is no hope.

A concentration on infrastructure projects does nothing to help service the trade deficit-infrastructure projects do not export anything...and when the project is over, so is the job.

Consumer demand does not originate from real income growth anymore- consumer demand originates from indebtedness, or the proliferation of debt instruments. Why bailout a bank, to help them make more loans to American citizens, when we cannot take on any more personal or private debt? Families are maxed out and do not need any bank at all...

Obama has absolutely no clue as to how he is going to finance the upcoming 2009 fiscal budget. With massive job losses, people cannot pay taxes. Without a job, people don't make that many purchases, so sales taxes are down. Medicare, social security tax collection is down. As businesses fail, these taxes go missing also...our savings accounts won't pay for the debt - they are empty. Foreign governments and their trade surpluses can't finance the debt either...

Who will purchase our debt? Who will buy our treasury bills and bonds?There are two options: The Fed will have to monetize the debt-they will "print money" to buy our own T-bills... Collapsing the stock market is the second alternative...(this can easily be done, buy cutting off the lines of credit from key sources, the way it happened in September 2008) this will force foreigners who hold our dollars to dump them and purchase T-bills as a last resort (maybe)...or more likely, everyone will stampede toward metals and raw commodities...
The main carriers of our debt- China, japan, and Saudi Arabia-are seeking ways to move away from American financial intruments altogether...Both scenarios have limitations... ( foreign governments dont really want America to fail altogether, since we buy their exports- but it looks like they are going to accept our fall and work around it the best they can)...

...If we go the monetizing route, our currency will become worthless, our dollar will have the value of the currency of a banana republic. Hyperinflation...a loaf of bread could cost a hundred dollars in 2010... When our dollar isn't worth the paper its printed on, we will no longer be able to buy any imports. Store shelves will become empty- we do not make our own products anymore, thanks to NAFTA,WTO and the last five Presidents/Congresses and their bad trade policies-our manufacturing base has been gutted (having a strong industrial base enabled us to eventually climb out of the 1930's depression,via war production).
We could end up in the absurd situation of having to actually sell to the Chinese military leadership our Yellowstone Park, or sell to the Japanese mafia the Statue of Liberty, just so we can receive foodstuffs or machine tools. Dont laugh- China has already bought most of the avenues along the Champs- Eleysees in Paris..The Chinese have surrounded the Eiffel Tower and want to buy that too...(Minnesota recently sold off a preserved wetland to help meet budget costs)...

Contaction of the money supply and choking off of credit (by the Bank of England and our Fed) caused the Great Depression, so for the moment we are allowing the currency to expand, propping up bad debts... death buy a thousand cuts...

The "new" war in Afghanistan doesn't even have a clear goal. It costs the American taxpayer $775,000 a year to keep one single soldier in the field for just one year!

The "Stimulus" bill costs about $250,000 just to create one single job...

A solution might be to conscript the new unemployed to fight in these Zionist inspired wars (ha!) and not pay them any salary, just give em room and board and pay for their funeral.

Russia has formed a vast alliance against any further Yankee pentration into central Asia- treaties with all the former Soviet Republics put everyone on board in opposing Obama's new war. We just lost a key military base in Kygirzstan...Obama and his "Chief of Stuff," the obviously Satanic Rahm Emmanuel, are both clueless and quite mad- they have a more than empty treasury,yet they seek conflict with Afghanistan, Iran, Russia, and maybe China, on the heels of the Iraq debacle.

Friday, February 13, 2009


Today we begin the commemoration for the fallen victims of the Dresden Firebombing of Feb 13-15, 1945.

Germany's surrender was just weeks away...Germany was beaten. Churchill wanted revenge, and he wanted to impress Stalin.

English and American planes fire-bombed Dresden, a beautiful Venice-like city with absolutely no strategic military importance. The only manufactured items being made in Dresden at the time was fine china and some cigarettes...

The Allied goal : merely to terrorize civilian Germans.

The famous writer Kurt Vonnegut Jr. was there...he described a "single column of flame" burning the skin off of thousands of panicked women and children... "mothers clutched their babies as they ran down the streets... their hair and dresses on fire...either dying from the flames or they were crushed by collapsing buildings."

The city's zoo keeper recorded the awful dying screams of the elephants he was forced to abandon...

At least 50,000 died... maybe 500,000 died...( the city's normal population was 600,000, but had recently doubled in size to over 1,200,00, due to refugee influx, mainly from Breslau. This is one reason why many current estimates of the carnage underreports the death toll).

Churchill's sadism knew no bounds. He was never hauled into the docket at the Nurenburg war crimes trial- Ironically, the prosecution showed pictures of piles of dead bodies from the Dresden disaster to the media and the court, and claimed that this was evidence of Nazi atrocities committed agianst the Jews in the concentration camps.

The Dresden firebombing was a more horrific and deadly attack than was the Axis assault on London, Coventry, and the American launched Hiroshima bombing, all combined.

Another irony- the only part of the city that could conceivably be considered a military threat- the railway station- was purposedly ignored, so the allied bombers could concentrate on killing the civilian survivors who had taken refuge on the banks of the Elbe river and in the city's central park.
Participating allied pilots, who were just following orders, were awarded medals for heroic valor.


Thursday, February 12, 2009


Into the sparkling room I strode....crystals, mandalas, bells, incense...and books...all around. Reincarnation, alien abduction, healing, Buddhism, was all there. I peeked round a corner, past some yoga and astological posters. A silver haired bearded man sat in a cozy room, talking to a middle aged woman. They looked at me somewhat quizically. "Is this the psychic discussion?" My murmur met with agreement.

The three of us talked. Someone I knew arrived....our little group came alive, soft sparks lit up our minds...

I agreed to have my Tarot cards read. Me and the silver haired man sat by a table-a computer was set up, and on the screen a deck of Tarot cards were displayed...they looked quite plain, they did not have eloborate symbolism, and this detail, plus the fact that they were shown on a monitor screen and not the traditional way, with real cards spread upon a clothed table...I mentally paused...and wondered...

"You really enjoy the secret things that you do" The reader said to me...What does he mean...?

Judgment. He shuffled the deck again, pressing a button. Judgment. The white haired old man looked at me... "Something has happened" ...drawing the Judgment card twice in a row was significant. "Something major in your life has already happened..."

The World....A fiery woman in my past....a fiery man in my past...parents? My other self? A childhood friend figures in the scheme. A new person will show up soon...

To move forward, I need to take a leap....fears/ concerns....criticism from the public harms my efforts. Hope....I must analyze historical figures to learn from them...the minor concerns I have all pile together into a dung heap that needs bulldozing.

"You have been poisoned."

"You have an exquisite mind"

I left, went home, and wondered.


Sunday, February 08, 2009

Ole Big ears spoke to the nation last night- giving very long -winded boring answers to mostly fluffy softball questions...Washington DC is braindead.

The stimulus bill- with interest, its over 1.3 trillion dollars- will be the largest spending bill in human history. The proposed legislation is really a patronage bill, designed to kick in just before the midterm elections.
None of the other bailouts worked- Bear Stears, AIG, the September $700 billion, the refund tax- cut check last year- all these measures failed. I guess if we just throw enough borrowed money down the economic rat hole, everything will work out.

Keynesianism can only succeed when the pre-existing debt is low.

Whats really going on: highly placed unseen financiers have lost trillions in the market (derivitiaves)...the problem is "securitization"...packaged debt instruments being sold down the line, and bets being placed on where a number will be on a certain point of time...These unseen, unelected power brokers are demanding compensation, from the taxpayers. We are being forced to bail out reckless gamblers and moral criminals.
State government budgets also gambled taxes away;they are now broke and begging....

Amnesty for the racist Mexicans in the meant to create a one party state- if the Dems push through an amnesty, these illegals will then be legally allowed to bring into the US a significant portion of their relatives. Almost overnight, the population of the US would increase by over 50 million people...If you assume that about 80% of these newcomers will vote for the party that legalized them, then you have a situation where the Republicans will become a 'minor detail' in politics.
Amnesty, if granted in the next four years, will end the two party system. Which is swell, if you support Pelosi-Obama's authoritarianism. Bush-Greenspan fascism, or Obama-Greenspan fascism, take your pick.

A mutiny has erupted in the Pentagon- senior Generals and Admirals are openly defying Obama. General Petraeus heads this insurgent group, the main issue being Iraq policy.

The top brass does not want to draw down US military forces anytime soon- they defy Obama's 16 month pullout date. The Pentagon feels that if they start to leave Iraq now, sectarian violence will spiral out of control; the Generals will look like losers.

A serious clash is imminent between the Oval office and the officers who run the military. Look for an extension of America's stay in Iraq to be announced in the news soon...( has it already happened?)....

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Did Jean Souetre kill President Kennedy? Why did the FBI deport this French mercenary from Dallas late on November 22,1963?

Was Nicoletti one of the shooters? Was Jack Ruby a shooter also? Is this why he could be 'persuaded' to eliminate Oswald?

Jean Souetre was a OAS French officer, and alleged deserter. Supposedly, he was involved in a attempted hit on Charles DeGaulle...Souetre is thought to have been deeply involved in the narcotics trade.

Jean Souetre entered the US on November 19, 1963, via New York. He traveled to Fort -Worth Texas; our CIA confirms that he was in Dallas on November 22, 1963.He was arrested later that day and deported before midnight November 22, 1963, or maybe December 9 1963 ( the confusion stems from the fact that a man using one of his aliases was expelled also- which one was which man, is debated.

As of 1983, Souetre was running a mobbed-up luxury casino in France.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Obama has no regard for our Constitution- most of what he wants to do right now is unconstitutional. Hate crime/speech legislation, licenses for guns, the youth brigades or civilian auxillary military force he wants, endless bailouts for his friends, amnesty for the racist illegal immigrants who crawl across our land, etc.

- his victory was orchestrated by Howard Dean.

The Republican "opposition" wants a simplistic solution to the crisis...but... Just cutting taxes for the well to do, or simple not the way.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

In the last four months, industrial manufacturing has declined 28% in Japan-

The US lost about half of its industrial production during the Great Depression- but it took 3.5 years to fall so low...

Japan has very rapidly moved into economic depression.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Fire when ready

I live in an absurd town full of absurd stupid people. My neighborhood is full of beautiful antique homes with fantastic balconies that no one ever uses.

Whenever the temperature drops below 50 degrees, or as soon as the clock strikes 11PM, the weakling-cowardly populace around me scurries like terrified mice into the perceived safety and comfort of their overpriced and badly decorated homes, slithering into their snake holes for the season, to shove bad food, and worse ideas via the tube, into their frail bodies and tiny craniums, leaving the streets to me.

A jailbird -felon Realtor has muscled the city council and state legislature into restarting an idiotic scheme to build a grandiose yet fatally flawed stadium in an area that cannot possibly accommodate it...a special levy will be put on the citizens to pay for this mad scheme for fast -cash....This is a transparent attempt to soak the taxpayers, just to enrich two or three developers and politicians; yet there hasn't been one peep out of the media about this scam/ more- than -obvious con. If these building plans move forward, it could mean the death knell for my town- an entire business district is about to be ripped up (Shockoe Bottom) and bulldozed- for years... As the citizens obediently fork over the funds to destroy their city...

So Americans have lost about half of the value of their 401 K' the span of a year and a half...What did you expect? Bush and Cheney were oil barons- why would anybody trust an oil baron? Or a banker, like Greenspan? Of course the housing market was bubbled, with extra low interest rates and loose financing rules- which were PC-mandated by a coalition of NeoCons and social, corporate liberals...why was it so hard for right -wingers to figure out that the Republican party is owned by Globalists? Are they still learning the truth? Eight years isn't long enough?

George W. Bush- he got in due to his father, and look at who selected Bush Senior for VP- Ronald Raygun. Bush Sr. took a wrecking ball to our society throughout the 1980's, while Ronnie baby was high on jelly beans, consulting conical -capped Hollywood astrologers,trying to decide on which microscopic defenseless country to attack next...Raygun gave us Iran-Contra (a serious criminal offense); we got the S&L banking crisis, low wages, bloated government,and an uncured viral epidemic.

Reagan supposedly crashed the Soviet Union, but this isn't true-Glasnost, and problems with the oil markets, collapsed the Soviets- and a case could be made that we would all be much better off today if Gorbachev had somehow muddled through...(wouldn't the loose nukes issue have been prevented this way?)
I'm tired of "conservatives" saying that Raygun was great- he wasn't- his appeal is, or was, almost entirely emotional. He sat "tall in the saddle." He was (or is) contrasted with extremist freaks and weirdos from San Francisco; so therefore, comparatively, he was ok, or good- thats what it all boils down to.

No Reagan = no Bush W, and no Obama.

Bush Jr. is trying to claim that his legacy will be judged by how he kept us safe- there hasn't been a attack on the homeland since September 11, 2001. But his actions- needlessly going into Iraq-later triggered attacks upon our allies- the Madrid railway bombings, and the London underground explosions.
Also, I can almost smell the smoke from the next wave of attacks on our shore-coverage is coming from a fake news channel near you very soon. I can feel it in my gut. Two years hence..

The Iraq war partly drained our treasury- and the conflict is still not over.

The banker -generated financial crisis has triggered mass rioting across the globe- Thailand, Russia, France, Greece, England, Latvia, Lithuania...the people rose up and toppled the government of Iceland. When will you gutless wonders out there behave rationally and begin to oppose your oppressor? Throw down your tools and throw up a barricade...cancel all private debts now.

The Houston mafia and puppet is out, and the Chicago mafia and puppet is in.
Hallelujah, God save the green, and pass the ammunition.

The "stimulus" bill ( HR1) is loaded with hog lard, and very little of it will melt and drip down into the economy this year.

Geinther is our new Treasury Secretary. We should at least have a boss for the IRS who knows how to file his taxes...

Sunday, February 01, 2009

What has happened to the price of eggs? Before cruel-retard Bush took office, I think they were about 79 cents a they are about $2.79 dozen.
Kentucky is experiencing is worst natural disaster is its history- ice storms have trapped tens of thousands inside their homes without electricity, heat, running water, etc. About 42 people have died. Is this the new administrations Katrina?
The federal response does seem low key, and the national media won't cover the story that much- the shivering citizens mostly voted against the current regime- are we witnessing some kind of sick payback?