Wednesday, February 25, 2009


"Islam" means the Koran, there is no such thing as separation of church and Sharia law ascends around the world....the West "submits"

Islamic tradition offers the ideal Muslim man, Mohammad- he was a warrior and sometime tyrant who conquered the Arabian pennisula. Islam wants the West to "submit" to a barbaric Sharia law, where women are slaves and there is no democracy. The Muslims in Europe and increasingly here in the US gladly accept "Jizya"- the extortion money given to prevent one from being raped or killed...The West happily gives Muslims their Jizya- we are afraid. Being a good Muslim means you have to be like Mohammad and Jihad against the West...
Who abets this betrayal of the tradition of Rome, Athens, and Jerusalem? The Left, corporatist financiers...Internationalists...

The Left has its own religion- that of cultural relativism, from which multiculturalism is derived. Leftists believe that all cultures are essentially equal, so Islam is due its place next to our culture. But as Muslims increase in numbers in Europe and North America, they demand more Jizya-they demand that criticism of their faith cease...they want welfare dollars to build their Caliphate-after all, they are a religion, and deserve tolerance from the people they despise. This is the self destructive tune of the Leftist multiculturalist...

Islam is absolute- there are moderate Muslims but there can never be a moderate Islam...Islam is not a religion, Islam is an ideology.


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