Tuesday, February 17, 2009

When I grow up I want to be a Rubber Stamp

Our Presidents are merely front-men for the international cartels and banks...is it disrespectful of me to hurl invective toward Obama, Bush, et al ? Was it disrespectful for the 1776 patriots to burn King George III in effigy? Is it disrespectful for our Presidents to allow our southern border to be overrun with illegal immigrants? Is it disrespectful toward the citizens for our President to sell the country out to foreign gangsters?

Senator Inhofe of Oklahoma said that he and the nation were threatened with open Martial law if he and the senate did not grant the Fed and the bankers their boondoggle bailout last September-October. To be threatened with martial law is the same thing as being directly under martial law...

The central federal government is out of control. The executive branch has usurped unlawful powers away from the Congress and the states...unfunded mandates, forced vaccinations, ending home schooling, gun control measures,etc....New laws say that the governors and state legislators serve at the discretion of the Prez...that they can be sacked at any moment and replaced with federal officials...this is unconstitutional garbage and treason. Patriotic Generals in the Pentagon are growing restless, and are anxious to put an end to this madness.

Originally, the thirteen colonies as "states" formed the union.... "individuals" did not form the republic...the Congress was meant to be the superior branch of government...( by the time I went to school, we were taught that the three branches were meant to be equal-a re-writing of history) but now Congress is just a rubber stamp...since the feds have opted out of the union by selling themselves to the international bankers, many states are passing "sovereignty" legislative declarations, to nullify federal rules and statutes that the states consider to be unlawful.

Several state legislatures are in open rebellion against the central government- the next step could be secession.

About 20 states claim that the 10th amendment in the Bill of Rights enable them to "nullify" federal laws that are viewed as being unconstitutional, laws such as medically prescribed marijuana bans...these 20 states are currently pushing anti-federal legislation...The "compact" theory of Calhoun combines with Jeffersons "Kentucky"resolutions to create the groundwork for a soon to come secession, which is meant to restore the republic and bring federalism back, albeit within constitutional limits.

What has really happened : the federal government has seceded from constitutional rule, and has aligned itself with the international bankers.
Why is rule by internationalists bad? Why is world government bad? Because it is being implemented by stealth; the New World Order is undemocratic and authoritarian. A one world government would be a device of the grandchildren of the Robber Barons.

HR. 45 is a radical federal gun control law in the works in Congress...if it passes, Montana says it will order all of its statewide police forces to ignore this confiscation order, possibly precipitating a clash between the state and the central pig empire.

HR 45 will require gun registration, thumprinting, photographing, and special interviews with reps of the Attorney Generals office, including psychiatric evaluations and records. You may ask, whats so bad with all that? Since there is a strong push to grab all the guns, it is certain that the psychiatric interviews will be rigged, thus eliminating most otherwise eligible law abiding gun owners and ending their second amendment rights.


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