Saturday, February 21, 2009

"Good morning"

Obama seems to show mercy on 400 detainees in Gitmo ?... Yet sends 17,000 fresh troops into the cauldron of Afghanistan. Does this mean that he will murder a million more Afghan children? Obama has committed himself to a military solution in the fail now will eventually provoke radioactive terror upon our shores and cities...the Islamists....must be stopped.

The Soviets used 120,000 troops and killed a million Afghans over a 7-8 years long war....and the Russians were beaten. This one event-whipping the Soviets- encouraged the Jihadists to attack America).
I have always felt that the best way to win is to destroy the enemies faith-show to them the flaws in their religion... and we should end our exploitation of their natural resources...

Westerners have lost their confidence- we are not proud of our heritage like we should be. The inheritors of the glorious tradition derived from Jerusalem and Athens... have become cowards (relativists/multiculturalists); the enemies of true civilization sense our weakness. Islam once was ahead of us-from around 850 AD to 1400 AD...but no more. They are backwards...They breed, and we will bleed.
We have to match violence with violence, and increase our numbers.

When our State Department sends an agent to Pakistan or some other "'Stan"..the agent is instructed to never "be nice"when buying something or ordering meals or doing whatever else- "being nice" in those countries is interpreted as being weak- just like in prison or on the streets here.)
The Jihadists saw our reaction to the April 2007 Virginia Tech massacre- CNN tape showed dozens of cops hiding behind trees, even though they were not even being shot at. To terrorize American society and freeze the entire nation in its tracks... takes minimal effort...

The invasion of Afghanistan came on the heels of the September 11 attacks....Bin Laden took the rap, and was supposedly shielded by the Taliban government....Instead of treating 9-11 as a criminal event deserving investigation and a sleuth pursuit for the culprits, we invaded. Afghanistan is the 'good war.'

Obama has rolled the dice- we must completely destroy or neutralize the Taliban and their allies-or they will eventually murder us all. Obama's recent action seems to preclude any possible future negotiated settlement. We seem to have an impossible task in front of us... ( NATO ought to be more involved-" attack against one, shall be considered an attack against all..." ).

"Be careful with Hannibal don't want Hannibal Lecter inside your head...never forget what he is..."

"And what is that, sir?"

The US Senate will soon consider special family rearing legislation, designed by UN reps allied to Obama...these laws will dictate to parents how they can raise their children ( the UN convention on the rights of the child treaty (RoC). The new law won't even allow a parent to determine what religion a child can be raised as...if passed, it will be a felony to disobey the law ).

"Oh, he's a monster. A pure psychopath."

Obama signed an executive order Jan. 22, authorizing the continued practice of "rendition." Rendition is the illegal abduction, transportation to third party nations, and torture, of "suspects," all without any charges or trial. The torture sometime results in the death of the suspect, and is videotaped.

"Witless and misleading. Why do you think he takes their skins, officer Starling? Thrill me with your wisdom."

Donald Young was the 47 -year old openly gay choir director for Trinity United Methodist Church in Chicago- the church of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Barack Obama. Young and Obama were friends...Larry Sinclair, a man with a checkered past, has made unusual sex, drug, and violence claims against the President, to be detailed in a book, which might be released this April (published by Vantage Press). Sinclair had been in telephone contact with Young.

Donald Young allegedly expressed to several individuals that he was in fear for his life, because of the knowledge he had. He was afraid of then -candidate Obama. On the morning of Dec 23, 2007, Young's bullet -riddled body was found inside his apartment. So far, no suspects have been arrested.

"If you didn't kill him, then who did?"

Part of the contingency of government plan(CoG) involved rounding up innocent citizens and locking them up in detention camps- between 1967-1971, the list of targets was called the ADEX file.

Oliver North organized a more ambitious program in the early 1980's termed "Rex 84"...ostensibly to corral illegal immigrants but really meant to capture citizens deemed a threat to the state.

Journalists (Tim Shorrock of Salon Magazine, others) have recently discovered "Main Core"- a list of 8 million "dangerous" Americans to be rounded-up in the event of a catastrophic national emergency. (It is ridiculous to think that there are 8 million terroristic citizens in this country plotting against the authorities. The states paranoia knows no bounds).

(Civilian Inmate Labor Program AR: 210-35...National Emergency Center Act, HR 645)

The Thursday June 29, 1989 edition of the Washington Times newspaper headlined a frightening story: several Reagan and Bush VIPS had been snared in a child prostitution ring that was being run right out of the White House Oval Office (go to archives dated June 29, 1989,Washington Times, for the original story)....but the news gets much worse, for those who keep up- the story leads to the abduction of thousands of children by upper echelon members of the American ruling elite....( the Lawrence E. King case- he was a manager of a large Credit Union in Omaha Nebraska, and a Republican party bigwig fundraiser. A teen -aged Mr. Bonacci alleged that King helped organize abductions and lurid sex parties...often these parties occured in Georgetown, DC, and were attended by high ranking members of the political establishment.

"Tick, tock"

Bonacci's attorney was at one point the Nebraska legislator John DeCamp- DeCamps book about the affair is called " The Franklin cover-up: child abuse, Satanism, and murder in Nebraska" Bonacci eventually got a judgement in his favor in his case against King...(King went to prison for ten years on fraud charges)
A former Director of the CIA-William Colby- wrote the preface to DeCamps book..for this, and maybe other things, William Colby was murdered by unknown assassins in 1996.

Media reports of Colby's death were quite bland...But what happened was this: Colby was dining alone in a small residence near the Potomac river. He had clams and white wine...there was a knock at the door around midnight- his killers took him away. The next day he was reported missing, his canoe conveniently water-soaked near the dock. Colby never canoed at midnight, or without a lifevest...Although the area was searched extensively by scores of professional searchers for days, his body, sans lifevest, was found about eight days later- just 20 yards from the dock (?).

The official version is that halfway through his meal, he suddenly got up, decided to go canoeing after midnight without a life-vest on a blustery, cold, night; leaving his computer on, and his home unlocked, he got into the canoe and the water and fell overboard after having a heart attack or stroke...and somehow while dead for eight days he managed to elude highly trained and equipped search teams...

I think I know who had Colby killed, and why... I will spare you the burden of this knowledge, for now .

Obama intends to force our youthful populace to receive dangerous experimental vaccines and drugs (Gardisil, Paxil, et al);... A "pushy" sunshine smile can mask a host of sins...

"Who is he stalking right now, Clarice? I wonder, don't you....?"

People need to know what's going on- Evil cannot endure the bright light of truth and goodness...I write about these things... hoping to expose our rulers for what they are...


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