Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Security and Prosperity Patnership (SPP) held its 4th annual meeting in New Orleans on April 22-24, 2008. 'Judicial Watch' went to court to learn what the SPP's agenda really was-

The SPP is an unsigned, non -treaty between the heads of Mexico, the US, and Canada. (Being 'unofficia'l allows the signers to forge ahead without any public debate).

The stated goal is "deep integration" of the three states. A tristate military force is being created-Blackwater, and later regular US military forces- will merge with the Mexican and then with the Canadian armed forces. These plans are well underway...

The dollar has to be crashed, so a new currency can be introduced-the alleged "Amero."

To learn more, go to "Project Censored" - the story is part of their 'top 25' censored news items for 2009.


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