Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What we demand:

1. Abolition of all unearned income, the cancellation of most debts and rents.

2. An expanded profit sharing scheme between major industries and workers

3. Institution of nationwide plebiscites for major decision making, a restriction to be put on the franchise- the franchise to be reserved for especially qualified citizens.

4. Compulsory work, mental and physical, for all citizens-no exceptions

5. Immediate expulsion of all illegal immigrants.

6. Immediate arrest of the September 2008 criminals- Greenspan, Rubin, Bernacke, Paulson, Geithner, etc.

7. Dissolution of the Federal Reserve

8. an end to usury and most interest rates

9. A cash award for any woman with a graduate degree or higher educational attainment- if she has a child.
A cash award for any woman who has no education- if she agrees to never have children

10. An alliance and treaty between the nations who are the immediate inheritors of the Western tradition, to seek an expansion of their culture and numbers (Most of N central Europe from Spain to Russia, and Scotland to Malta...North America, Australia and New Zealand).

11. The immediate suspension of all court appeals for condemned prisoners-these inmates are to be executed immediately- Firing squads will be the method of the land; the condemned families will be charged for the bullets.

The immediate decriminalization of all banned drugs.

12. Restoration of the borders of the Folk to their former maximum extent.

13. Science and technology to be put through a social sieve- inventions that are deemed destructive to the human spirit will be banned

14. The formation of a civilian paramilitary force (squads of action) to go around America's streets roughing up and beating the opposition

(Well ,maybe not the last one, yet).


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