Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Baltic Dry exchange Index (BDI) a measure that tracks the worlds 26 shipping lanes, the costs involved, amount of cargo moved , etc. From its high of 11,793 on May 20, 2008...the exchange collapsed 94% by December5, 2008, to 663. The BDI has since recoved a bit- it was 1,316 on Febuary 4,2009.

What this means, in part: Freight or cargo shipping on the high seas has almost collapsed-if the index falls below about 600, all freight will cease to move, as the cost of transport will make shipping prohibitively expensive- our store shelves will go empty. The only reason store shelves are not empty already: the price of oil fell.

I have an inside source who has informed me that over -the- road or highway truck freight has declined in Virginia at least 25% in the last six months (?)

When the California, Chinese, Australian, Texan, Argentine, and Floridian droughts are factored in this summer, the situation will get very tough, food supply and costwise.


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