Monday, April 27, 2009

Physical Immortality

In 1953, Dr.Watson and Crick discovered the nature of the double-helix of DNA. This ushered in a new era in medicine-that of molecular biology and eventually genetic engineering. As we learn the secrets of the cell and unravel the genetic code, we find that aging is primarily caused by a loss of genetic information. A series of intracellular instructions and malfunctions kill us off. Soon, we may learn how to control the aging process by manipulating our DNA, and perhaps forestall death. The devil is in the details.

Humans fear disease, decay, and death. Our biology programs this fear into us, for survival purposes. The great unknown darkness that awaits us all is so terrible,we invent religion to cope. A culture that accepts death is created and reinforced by various thinkers...Aristotle declared that only the heavens were changeless and eternal, while the lower regions were subject to decay. His view was incorporated into Christendom through the medieval theologian Aquinas. Doctor Galen and the Muslim Avicenna promulgated the same reasoning-humans must be content with their mortality. Hopefully soon, we as a civilization will shake off this bugbear and develop ways to extend life by several decades. This will allow those of us who are relatively young and healthy right now to live long enough to benefit from future immortality research.

Why do we age?

In the 1950's Sir Peter Medawar and Dr. George Williams devised the evolutionary theory of aging: very primitive organisms reproduce asexually-through a process known as fission. These creatures are immortal-they pass on an exact copy of themselves every time they reproduce or divide. When higher organisms invented sexual reproduction, death was devised.
Since natural selection edits out or eliminates organisms that fail to adapt to hostile environments, the purpose of sex is to shuffle the genes, to create genetic variety in an effort to insure the survival of the species. Nature does not design us to live forever, because that would be a waste of resources. It is easier and safer to dispose of bodies, reproducing sexually,gaining adaptations to an ever changing world. Evolution only cares about the gene, and not the individual. Death is the price we pay for sex.
We know that genes that harm us in old age contribute to our development early in life (antagonistic pleiotropy). Implication: if we alter or correct our bad genetic base in an attempt to live longer, we doom future generations.

Evolution designed us to stay healthy until just after the reproductive years; afterwards, we become disposable, and die.
(Women who experience menopause late in life live longer than average, due to the extra potential time they have to have children).

Doctor Rose found that by selective breeding of fruit flies, you could vastly extend the lifespan of the insect. He bred only the females who reproduced late-several generations later he had a very long lived bug.

The genetic allele for a human to live to be about one hundred thirty years old exists within our collective gene pool (we know this because some of us have reached this age). This allele is probably dormant in all of us-perhaps advances in gene therapy will bring it into expression, just like it was in the fruit fly.

How we age

Aging originates within the nucleus of the cell,inside the DNA molecule. This is where genes are located, strewn along chromosomes. This is the area where the commands to physically decline and die are issued. However-secondary processes are considered to be important on their own, and deserve attention.

One main theory of aging is called "Free radical oxidation cross linkage."
Free radicals are molecules in which one atom has gained an extra electron,making it highly reactive. Free radicals want to join other atoms or molecules in order to restore electrical balance (by getting rid of the surplus electron). Oxygen bearing free radicals are the most harmful; they literally tear the internal apparatus of the cell apart, targeting the mitochondria, the energy powerhouse of the cell. Once a free radical attaches to another molecule, a 'cross link' occurs. The cell becomes pinched in half, or "handcuffed," and can no longer function properly.
The overall effect of free radical damage is chemically identical to what happens when metal rusts.
Some people try to prevent this damage by orally consuming free radical scavenging substances; this is almost useless, because pills cannot survive the digestion process, get through the blood, past the outer cell membrane and into the inner membrane....without losing all potency.
A better way: augment our natural antioxidants (SOD,Catalase), or use genetic engineering to lessen the body's production of free radicals.

Another way we grow old is "Glucose browning." To produce the energy of life, we burn glucose, a process called glycosylation. Over time, glucose deposits or plaques accumulate in our cells/tissues, impairing proteins (collagen and elastin, mainly). Eventually, our muscles and skin becomes rigid; we experience difficulty in running, or even standing. Cells "brown" in the exact same way meat browns when its cooked.
The antioxidant SOD is known to be able to reduce the harm caused by glucose -plaques; the body can only produce a certain amount of SOD...Maybe in the near future we will identify the gene(s) responsible for the manufacture of SOD, allowing us to increase its rate of production.

The Autoimmune theory of aging states that death results from the systemic breakdown of the immune system and its components. It is hypothesized that if we could maintain our immune system at the level we experience at age fifteen, our resistance could keep us alive well past the century mark. Basically, the immune system is a biological structure that usually distinguishes self from non self. As this system declines, it begins to attack the body. Invading germs are not resisted, nucleic acids are assaulted, and newly formed cancer cells are no longer attacked. The key immune system cell- the lymphocyte- normally produce B and T cells in the bone marrow and the thymus gland. With age, the thymus shrinks, T cell production falls, and faulty repair and disease begins.
Research indicates that by injecting thymus hormones into the elderly we might significantly slow down the aging process.
( In the 1991 the New England Journal of Medicine reported the result of an experiment conducted by Dr. Daniel Rudman. He injected twelve men aged 61-80 with growth hormone 3x a week for six weeks. The men regained muscle mass, lost fat, had improved skin elasticity, lower cholesterol...these test subjects became physiologically younger).

Programmed cell death, or the 'Hayflick limit' theory of aging, states that cells can only divide a set number of times; once this limit is reached, we die. The command to stop dividing is located inside the cell...
As cell division occurs, some information is lost each time; protein synthesis becomes faulty, errors in mRNA transcription increase, and the Telomeres on the end of the chromosomes get shorter. When the chromosomes become too short, certain genes are allowed to express themselves, and the cell dies (Telomeres are stringy loops that keep the individual strands of DNA from interfering with each other). The enzyme telomerase keeps the telomere long, thus preventing cell death- Telomerase may be able to re-set the aging clock (this is why cancer cells are immortal).
Doctor Hayflick determined that the number of cell divisions that are available to us to be about fifty...subsequent studies show that by adding nutrients like nucleic acids or vitamins, the number of cell divisions can be extended to about 150-almost tripling their lifespan.

Our cells are programmed to die- except cancer cells. In 1951, a woman suffering from cancer checked into Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore Maryland. A sample of her tumor was removed for analysis...the patient died, but her cancer cells were put into a petri dish and fed nutrients- this line of cancer cells is still alive today. The Hayflick limit does not apply to cancer cells, they can divide indefinitely.
Hopefully we will discover how to extend this ability to normal cells, without incurring the negative aspects of endless cell division.

We die because of a loss of information... Very soon, advances in genetic engineering will cure disease and extend our productive life. DNA has an enzyme that can repair other, damaged DNA- DNA polymerase. This enzyme methodically inspects the DNA helix for mutations,making corrections as it goes along. Some mutations are harmless, but many are deleterious; a few are deadly. Over time, humans have aquired several lethal mutations- diabetes, sickle-cell anemia, and cystic fibrosis are a few. In these cases, repair was inefficient.
In the near future, we might use partially disabled viruses as vectors to deliver altered genes into cells that are afflicted with disease. This method of repair might eventually be used to change the estimated 6 to 7% of our genes that are involved in the aging process. The altered gene would be placed into a virus, the virus would infect the cell, changing its DNA, hopefully bringing about the desired result.
problems with this approach include: concern over the safety of using a disabled virus...will the body accept the engineered gene, and if so, for how long? The most important obstacle is the in-ability to target specific cells to a high degree.

In 1997, Japanese scientists discovered a gene that keeps us young. When this gene is defective, Man quickly sucumbs to emphysema, osteoporosis, infertility, arteriosclerosis, etc. This gene codes for a blood protein that delays the onset of age related conditions. It is hypothesized that a decline in the efficiency of this gene is a cause of aging. Eventual viral vectored gene therapy will keep this gene functioning significantly longer than it does right now ( This gene has been named Klotho, after the Greek goddess who spins the thread of life).

Organ regeneration holds promise-scientists hope to learn how to re-grow human organs, the same way some lizards can re-grow their tail.
The human liver can be cut in half, and the remaining section can regenerate itself. Parts of the spleen have the same ability, and children below a certain age can re-grow their fingertips.
In 1998 in Fulda, Germany, researchers announced that they were able to trigger the growth of new heart blood vessels by injecting heart surgery patients with genetically engineered human growth factor, FG-1.
One day we may be able to re-grow whole organs, using undifferentiated fetal tissue/stem cells, in a manner similar to the way a developing embryo builds organs.

We can replace corneas, knees, bones, ears...Metal and plastic joints are available for replacement hips, shoulders, elbows, and fingers. Pacemakers and dialysis machines prolong the lives of thousands.
The computer-robotic/AI revolution holds the promise of blurring the distinction between Man and machine on a deeper level than our current prosthetic applications...
We might one day devise synthetic neurons to augment our own...Soon we might directly link up or hook up our brain to a computer. Our consciousnness will be down(up)loaded into a artificially intelligent computer, we might become free from the limitations of the body altogether. Copies of our cybernetic self could be built and scattered across the solar system and beyond...machines would repair our new metallic and silicon bodies eternally... we will never die.

Or- we could perfect cloning...find a way to accelerate the growth of our clones in a vat of special nutrients, transfering our memories and awareness into our new bodies as needed. Or a clone might be made, yet the brain removed before birth, and the body kept alive in the vat, to be used for spare parts as the need arises.

A clone-computer interface is almost inevitable.

Hopefully soon, within the next twenty years, the riddle of life will be solved, as advances in science reveal the recipe, and ultimately, the formula for eternal life. A combination of therapies will combine to make this the last mortal generation. After all, how can anyone be happy with something that has to end?
Recently, this blog came under attack by unseen cowards, hiding behind a cybernetic jungle of wires and electronic signals. I couldn't gain access for awhile...maybe somewhere a robot went berserk?

If the system pulls my plug, thats OK, I know how to pull theirs.
Obama wants to end a key right of the accused- the right to counsel, after asking for counsel; and the end of interrogation until such counsel is provided. This is an outrage that should alarm the right and esp. disturb the left.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The US gives money to Pakistan, and their ISI ( the Paki version of our CIA) then gives some of it to the Taliban....Our taxdollars fund the Taliban (Just Google anything like "US Taxpayers/Pakistan funds the Taliban" or the article "Killing ourselves in Afghanistan")

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Obama announced that the Feds will seek to convert the 'preferred shares' they hold in corporations into 'common stock.' This will nationalize these companies ( the switch will give the government voting rights inside the boardroom).
One of the largest retail commercial real estate companies files for bankruptcy- and the stock market goes up. ( This firm holds about 400 malls in 45 states).

News reports indicate that Chrysler and General Motors will probably file for bankruptcy- and the stock market goes up.

You should be able to see that funny money is being pumped into the market, keeping stocks artificially inflated.
Japan has decided to use the jury trial system.
In the US, unprofessional or semi pro rent- a -cops outnumber regular police 5-1.
This April: at least on five different occassions and industrial locations, workers in France have detained their bosses and continue to hold them captive.

Friday, April 24, 2009

STOP continental drift

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Senator Rockefeller (D-West VA) has introduced "The Cybersecurity Act of 2009."..(S.773)
This bill will give the Prez (or Congress) the authority to pull the plug on the internet, in a time of crisis.

It is obvious to me that the administration intends to stage a false flag terror incident and declare martial law. Why else would the DHS issue a document labelling opponents of the admistration as being extremist "criminals"?
If you disagree with the White House and the Congressional (i.e. globalist) agenda, you ought to be put under police surveillance. This is what the Department of Homeland Security report said.

I sense that the financial elites are chaffing over the delay- they want to end what's left of the republic once and for all. The staged act of terror will come no later than October 31, 2012. The only way it can be avoided is if enough people learn about the scheme and rebel.
Can an idiot turn themself into a thinker?

Love crimes

H.R. 1913 was introduced into the might come up for a vote as early as friday...

I don't understand the rationale behind "Hate crime" legislation...the Constitution already offers equal protection to everyone under the law...The proposed law seems to be an attempt to elevate certain groups over others, to give them special rights (which in itself would violate the equality clause, wouldn't it?).

If a person is killed, can't we assume that there was some anger or hate involved? Does anyone kill someone with kindness in their heart?

A killer is about to get 15 years in prison for a murder...then it's discovered that the killer hated the victims race or gender or creed or sexuality, and this hate partly motivated the crime. Now that person gets a 30 year prison sentence. (If you decide to commit any crime against anyone , you better do it with a smile on your face, or else you will be sent away for an extra long time).
Each year, about 22,000 Americans die due to a lack of health insurance.

Under Canada's single- payer health care plan, zero people die from medical neglect. In Canada, everyone is insured, and you can choose your own doctor and hospital.

If their health care system was as bad as US propaganda says, the Canadians would have dumped it long ago. But every major party in Canada (generally) supports their single payer system.

Monday, April 20, 2009

While living in microbe infested waters, alligators and crocodiles often suffer serious gaping flesh wounds, yet they usually survive these wounds.
Scientists tested the blood of these creatures and discovered that it can kill at least 23 forms of bacteria and viruses on contact. (Human blood can only prevail against eight different microbes).

The study of gator and croc blood might usher in a new age in antibiotic therapy.

The Empire strikes out

Obama has almost reached his 100th day in office...lets see, how do things stand?

He has declared that he will NOT punish any Bush administration officials for their illegal torture policies ( today he deferred to the Attorney General. Don't hold your breath).
He will NOT punish anyone for deceiving the public and recklessly invading a broken-down third world country (Iraq).

He will continue to illegally allow the electronic eavesdropping on most, if not all, Americans.

He will maintain Bush's legal architecture for a creeping martial law ( Warner Defense Act, Patriot Act(s), et al. He will not do away with the dubious 'signing statements.'

He will NOT remove our troops from Iraq. After about 19 months of drawing down our force, he will still leave about 40,0000 combat soldiers in Iraq.

He has escalated the war in Afghanistan, rushing about 30,000 more troops there. He has increased our military operations in Pakistan.

He will continue the hated Bush era bailouts. He has allowed Europe to draft sweeping new economic rules that will further stifle free market operations.

He went to Turkey and announced that we are not at war with Islam. We never were at war with "Islam"...He goes to a Mosque to pay homage...He publically endorses Turkey's admission into the EU ( why did he meddle here?)...
Later, he speaks in a DC area church/school , and he has the initials for Christ- they were in the background, as part of a piece of art- obscured from the cameras view. Who was he trying not to offend? The Muslims? This small incident is very curious...

He went to a European summit and refused to go the cemetery where most of our Normandy invasion war dead are buried...after he bowed down to the Saudi Arabian king,he begged for more NATO troops for his Afghan war. He also asked the Europeans to pledge for certain bailouts.
The result? He got zero combat troops, and the Europeans insisted that the IMF and World Bank take primacy in the bailout crisis. Basically, the recent European blitz was a total diplomatic flop for the US, although you would never guess that if you watched the evening news.

He has broken his campaign promise not to raise taxes upon the lower 95% of income earners- tobacco taxes have been increased, and the alleged use of the revenue to be generated from this tax has been deceptive. Congress might vote to tax internet purchases next week....

He goes to Mexico, and tells the world that the US is responsible for most of their ills (Just like his Secretary of State did earlier, that mediocre ex -senator from New York and corporate shill, whats her name )...He blames American gun shops for the Drug Lord violence that has seized the Mexican presidential palace. In reality, only about 15% of the guns used in Mexico come from the US; gangsters south of the border will acquire weapons no matter what.

(Australia banned all private gun ownership 12 months ago. Armed robbery and assaults have dramatically increased since the ban took place. Taking peoples guns away emboldens the criminal element and leaves honest citizens vulnerable).

All in all, the summer looks like it will be a long hot fire.

A different approach in foreign policy was needed- we have often engaged in criminal acts overseas-the dialogue with Iran and Latin America needed to be modified. But what's happening now almost constitutes groveling. ( All in all, I support the Castro and Chavez regimes- the alternative could be Pinochet-esque thuggeries).

Saturday, April 18, 2009

On guard

One of the most dangerous food products Americans regularly consume is soda, or "soft drinks." These beverages are more deadly than excess beer or wine... Soda contains a body-punishing load of refined sugar, artificial food colors, the hormone disruptor bisphenol-a, and other hazardous chemicals. (Diet soda isn't any better- artificial sweeteners are poisonous).

Other great food offenders: most candy bars and cakes, french fries, potato chip-esque munchies, most hot dogs and hamburgers. A serving of fries with a bacon cheeseburger and a soda ought to be called "death on a platter."

Part of the reason people are overweight: when its time to pick out something to eat, people really do seem to be on 'automatic pilot'...they don't think. They just reach out and grab what they think they want, but this is merely what they have been conditioned to want- conditioned by their early exposure to the gross food product, and conditioned by society. They think its good, because their body doesn't know any better. The same reasoning can be applied to exercise, or lack thereof. Many people don't exercise, because they have been conditioned not to. Being sedentary is 'normal.'

Whats necessary: the individual has to gradually retrain their body and mind to want good healthy food, and to want to regularly get their exercise. Their mind has to be alert, always vigilant. Once you choose decent food over a period of time, you won't want to eat the crappy stuff again. Healthy food is usually (not always, though) tastier than the junk, once you acclimate yourself to proper nutrition. I know-I went through the same process I'm describing here, when I was about 19 years old.

I remember when I was a little kid, salad bars started to become all the rage ..I would observe overweight women (and some men) pouring fatty salad dressings on top of their veggies...I knew then that these people were idiots. They were trying to lose weight by eating what they thought were healthy meals, yet they poured about 500 calories worth of lard onto their plate. Wow. I could never believe my eyes- I knew then that for a salad to be healthy, you usually have to use vinegar, and not any oil- based dressing. (Fats give food alot of their flavor. This is why its hard to lose weight-substitutes to fats must be found).

Most overeating is an attempt by the individual to comfort themselves, to relieve stress, to use the pleasure derived from the eating of food as a substitute form of love....this scenario was established within (most) overweight individuals extremely early in life, often before age four or five, and sometimes much sooner.
The infant wants to be comforted- they cry- then the mother gives the infant some food to calm them down. Another time they cry again, and they get food again- a vicious circle or pattern is established.
If the primary care giver had resisted, even for just a few minutes longer- in the giving of the comfort food- then the infant would probably not have been imprinted with the template for overeating. Whenever the now grown -up person gets upset or lonely, they head for the fridge, and usually select to eat the food that they most associate with their early childhood.

Other theories notwithstanding (plastic chemicals have been implicated in this isse) behavioral modification can be achieved, if enough DESIRE to change is coupled with enough FAITH and a credible PLAN. The individual can be reformed.

If one must overindulge, then one should make up their mind to only overindulge in zero-fat foods like water-based canned tuna without mayo, skim milk, fresh fruits, unbuttered biscuits and soda water...Its almost that simple.
The fourth summit of the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) was held in New orleans, April 22, 2008. President Bush, Harper, and Calderon attended.

This informal pact calls for the "deep integration" of Mexico, Canada, and the US. The specific wording of this agreement calls for the creation of a tri-national borderless North America, dissolving our national sovereignty, to be headed by the worlds giant corporations. The details are part of "Plan Mexico," or the Merida Initiative. Congress or the people have not been informed of these machinations by the elite to forge the North American Union....
FBI, DEA, and ICE agents and regular US army units are already stationed within Mexico, mainly along their southern border. Ironically, the US military is helping to secure Mexico's southern flank from illegal immigration from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, while the US military does little to prevent illegal immigration along the Rio Grande.

The recent SPP meeting even calls for a full scale American military invasion of Mexico- if the Mexican government ever seems poised to collapse due to poverty, environmental, corruption, and crime issues. Mexican President Calderon endorses this contingent invasion plan.

In the minds of Washington DC insiders, the southern border of the United States is identical to the southern border of Mexico.

Febuary 14, 2008: an agreement was reached whereby American soldiers can be stationed within Canadian territory. This was done without any debate or consultation with the Canadian people or their Parliament.

(source: Project Censored,2009)
On October 23, 2007, The House of Representatives passed HR 1955: The Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act. The vote was 404 to 6, with 22 abstaining. There was no debate.

This law targeted ideology, not specific acts. This bill was meant to intercept or modify peoples thought processes (via intervening propaganda) or punish those who were deemed to be mentally heading toward a possible violent opposition to the state. This law would have put the last nail in the coffin of the First Amendment.

Fortunately, this bill was shelved before the Senate could vote on it- alert journalists can be thanked for seeing this one put to rest.

Friday, April 17, 2009

It's unlikely that the economic crisis can be fixed, given that Obama and his chief advisor's are so beholden to Wall Street. Most of the bailout money goes to unseen fat cats...

...What could be done instead:

...the bailout money was enough to form 10-15 brand new banks, with 30-40 billion in reserves in their vaults , each. These banks would thus begin business without any "toxic " assets.

A million defaulted, or near defaulted, private home mortgages could have been bought, or the interest eliminated....

The Federal Reserve could have been nationalized or audited...The Fed should be a Cabinet level post, to allow Congress and the people a chance to scrutinize or reject the Chairman. Either that, or eliminate the Fed altogether.

Market regulations could have been brought back...

A special prosecutors office should have been established, to indict and convict the guilty ( oops, that would put all the 'fix-it' guys behind bars)...

None of these steps have been taken....the bailouts are draining down Wall Street firms into nebulous rat holes, while the stock market is kept artificially propped up with printed up cash.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Order of magnitude

In America and Europe, you can freely deny and even ridicule Jesus Christ; but if you criticize Mohammed, there might be trouble. If you condemn Judaism or question the Holocaust, you could end up in jail.
(It is against the law to deny the official version of the Holocaust in about 15 countries worldwide...judging by the way people react if you even attempt to analyze the Holocaust, it is obvious that something odd is going on here. Why ban historical research? Who profits?).
If you compare what the Nazi's did in WW2 to what the ancient Israelites did to Canaan, you can go to prison.

Officially, about six million Jews were killed in the Holocaust, most of them dying between 1942-1945. They died in gas chambers or were executed by firing squads, and most were civilians. You can challenge the numbers down to about five million-below that, and you become a "Holocaust denier" and an extreme right-winger and anti-semite.
( If one denies the Holocaust ever happened, this does not mean that one is anti-semitic. If one cannot believe that anyone could be so cruel as to murder six million civilians, does this make one anti-semitic? No).

Richard Krege is an Australian engineer who went to one of the internment camps (Treblinka) in 1999. He used $80,000 worth of ground penetrating radar equiptment (GPR) to examine the ground where the mass burial of bodies was said to have taken place. Officially, about 870,000 Jews perished here- they were originally buried in one mass grave, then in 1944 they were dug up and cremated, and the remains were reburied in the same spot. The cremation and reburial was supposedly an attempt to cover up the crime- but given the number of said victims, this explanation seems odd.
Krege's GPR found no evidence that the earth around Treblinka had been disturbed- the ground had not been disturbed since the last Ice Age, about 10,000 years ago. The GPR used works up to about fifty feet down, and the bodies were thought to have been interned about 20 feet down. So if Krege is correct, where are they?

Friday, April 10, 2009

The one thing that most imperils Mans spiritual health... we kill and consume animal flesh. Tribal peoples reduce the harm this causes by the use of elaborate ceremony and homage to the animal for its sacrifice.
To make just one gold wedding ring, 20 tons of mine waste is produced.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

About 4% of all American students are "student loan fugitives"....hiding overseas in foreign lands to escape having to pay outrageously hi monthly student loan (re)payments.
When I grew up, it was often said that Hitler was a madman yet a military genius. He wasn't.

He fought in the Great War and was gassed...he saw how Germany was squeezed between Russia on the east, and England,France, and America on the west. ..he knew how things would probably go if Germany fought another two front war, if they fought both the Western Europeans and the Russians.

He secured a non-aggression pact with the Soviets, which freed Germany up for its fight against England and France. After the London Blitz failed, Hitler stupidly wheeled his troops around and invaded Russia.
Just before and after the disaster at Stalingrad, he relied almost exclusively upon his personal "intuitive" military strategies, ignoring the seasoned advice of the German High Command. The result was more defeats and routs. The Generals around him should have sacked him then, after Kursk, at the latest.

Rommel understood how to defend the coast of France against an Allied invasion, but Hitler forced Rommel to hold the reserve Panzer divisions farther south, to be ready for an invasion from any point...The Atlantic Wall crumpled during the Normandy assault of June 1944, even as Rommel asked for the relief and decision making authority that might have pushed the Allies off the beaches. Allied command of the air was probably the deciding factor; the Luftwaffe was outnumbered by more than 12 to 1.

Hitler might have quickly won the war if the advantage he had at Dunkirk had been exploited- the British and French army was bottled up, they were sitting ducks. Yet Hitler hesitated for reasons still unknown- this delay allowed the "Miracle of Dunkirk" to transpire, as thousands of civilian boats ferried the Brits to safety across the channel. If the advantage had been pressed, over 400,000 Allied troops would have been knocked out of the war in a few days time; England would have faced invasion and would have ultimately been overrun (this was 1940).

Trivia: World War Two was fought entirely without the use of any computers. The first real computer in the modern sense of the word was invented in 1946 (ENIAC), about a year after the war ended(?).

If Hitlers final offensive of the Ardennes (Battle of the Bulge,Dec. 1944-Jan.1945) had worked- and it almost did-the Allies could have been pushed back to Paris, or maybe even off the continent entirely...This would have extended the war at least another six months or even another year- giving the Jews who were building their revenge weapon in the American southwest the opportunity to use the bomb against their real intended target-Berlin.
Instead, Germany fell before the bomb could be used against blond hair and blue eyes, and was dropped on the Japanese instead.

Also- if the Ardennes offensive had worked, the Germans might even have won the war,by using "wonder weapons" that they were just about ready to deploy. These 'wonder weapons' might have been the first original "UFO's"...but this is another story.

I recently saw a documentary on PBS about Winston Churchill. he was portrayed as a war monger who was always changing political sides (i.e., he was very untrustworthy). Is it possible that current crypto-Nazi apologists are correct when they say that Hitler was merely reacting to English militarism, that the rearming of Germany was a defensive posture? Did Churchill trigger the war... with a British policy for the encirclement of Germany?

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Do you have a pitchfork?

A free person is someone who owns their own labor.

The Medieval serfs owed the nobles, crown and church one third (1/3) of their labor...this was the legal maximum amount the serf had to provide. If the peasants were pushed beyond this point, they would rise up and burn the Manor to the ground.

19th century slaves could be exploited by their masters for 50% of their labor.

American citizens right now start work owing 15% social security taxes, and a 15% federal income tax (full time work puts you there), or 30% total.
This does not count state income, property, and sales taxes.

So the lowest tax bracket for millions of American working stiffs is over 35-40% of their income- making Americans more subservient than a Medieval peasant.

Its hard to believe that we revolted and formed this country over a comparably miniscule tax upon tea or stamps....when we roll over and submit to the Federal Reserve and their goons so willingly...

Friday, April 03, 2009

Between 1930 and 1940, 1/6 of the American population died from starvation, exposure, and medical neglect.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

The long and winding road: How we got from there to here...

Notes for a future post:

The sub-prime mortgage meltdown isn't the cause of our economic mess-it is more like a symptom.

1994- Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) passed-this law made it easier for underprivileged families to buy homes. A floodgate was opened, gradually banks loosened even more restrictive oversights, such as requiring a decent credit rating, stable employment, etc.

1999- Glass-Steagall Act eliminated.

2000- Commodity Futures Trading Corporation phased out. Derivative trades are now largely unregulated. Geithner and Summers leave their fingerprints behind at the crime scene.

2002-2003- Alan 'easy money' Greenspan lowers interest rates to artificial levels...sharks on Wall Street go on a borrow and gamble feeding frenzy...

2004, April: Security and Exchange Commission rule change- hi powered investors go for broke...

Basil II...accounting rule tangles everything up. Market falls.

Bailouts and the Fed prints 9 trillion....Hyperinflation, default, and dollar collapse leads to new global currency, the entire US becomes a backwater as China and India claim the 21st century.