Saturday, April 04, 2009

Do you have a pitchfork?

A free person is someone who owns their own labor.

The Medieval serfs owed the nobles, crown and church one third (1/3) of their labor...this was the legal maximum amount the serf had to provide. If the peasants were pushed beyond this point, they would rise up and burn the Manor to the ground.

19th century slaves could be exploited by their masters for 50% of their labor.

American citizens right now start work owing 15% social security taxes, and a 15% federal income tax (full time work puts you there), or 30% total.
This does not count state income, property, and sales taxes.

So the lowest tax bracket for millions of American working stiffs is over 35-40% of their income- making Americans more subservient than a Medieval peasant.

Its hard to believe that we revolted and formed this country over a comparably miniscule tax upon tea or stamps....when we roll over and submit to the Federal Reserve and their goons so willingly...


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