Sunday, March 29, 2009

I dreamed I was back in south the jungle, alone (?)....Suddenly, I saw two grizzly bears- they began to charge me...I ran..."What in the world are two grizzly bears doing in the middle of the Amazon jungle???This can't be..."Aaggghhhh!! I jumped in a river to escape....I tried to swim, but the current was too strong. Eventually, I washed up by a shoreline that was elevated, I could not climb up onto the bank, but I found some roots to cling to...I was wearing a thick winter coat..."What in the world am I doing with this big coat on? , Its over 100 degrees, I'm sweating to death.." I felt feverish, I think I had malaria.. I clung to those roots for dear life... I was soaking wet in an Eskimo suit, as grizzly bears 7,000 miles from their normal habitat started to lumber to toward me while I was trapped in the water by the bank ....aaaggghhhhh!!!!!

I woke with a start...I felt my forehead- it was hot.

Never mix red wine with National Geographic specials.


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