Thursday, March 12, 2009

Reverend Dave

Today I officially became an ordained minister- my "cloth" derives from the Universal Life Church Monastery- I suddenly felt a calling and went online and found a church that would ordain me on the spot, for free.
The ULC has been around since about 1959, and has many notable personages listed as being legally ordained ministers- Mel Blanc (the voice actor for the Warner Brothers Bugs Bunny cartoons, etc.) Hugh Hefner, George Harrison, Wolfman Jack, Glenn Beck....

This church is purported to be a legal church entity whose ministers can baptize and officiate over burials and marriages. A few states have ruled that ULC ministers cannot conduct marriages, but maybe the courts will reverse themselves one day.

My thoughts are so steeped in religious ideation, I felt I deserved to be recognized as an official Reverend, even if the organization is very basic and they cavalierly offer ordinations to the merely curious, as well as to the spiritually intrepid.
We are all Gods children and have his/her love, we are all already called and ordained but just dont know it yet- until you go to the ULC site and fill out the ULC ordination forms...

Next, I want to become an Imam or Mullah.


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