Thursday, March 12, 2009

Last week, Senator Bernie Sanders (Socialist or Ind., Vermont) testily grilled Fed Reserve Chairman Bernake over where the nearly $2 trillion of bailout money/loans has gone. Bernake refused to answer.

Rep Kucinich (Dem. OH.) and Rep. Ron Paul (Rep. TX.) both sponsor legislation to audit or dismantle the Federal Reserve system-

The Fed needs to go- since 1913, they have manufactured artificial boom-bust business cycles, and they induce recessions ( to quell inflation?)...The Federal Reserve even could have prevented the 1930's Great Depression, but refused to do so. They have created a system based upon debt- they are evil. (Read "The Creature from Jekyl Island")

It would have been much better for the economy -if instead of bailouts thrown down ratholes, if instead of that, every responsible adult in America had been given a voucher for $10,000, stipulated to be spent on American made products.


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