Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Love crimes

H.R. 1913 was introduced into the might come up for a vote as early as friday...

I don't understand the rationale behind "Hate crime" legislation...the Constitution already offers equal protection to everyone under the law...The proposed law seems to be an attempt to elevate certain groups over others, to give them special rights (which in itself would violate the equality clause, wouldn't it?).

If a person is killed, can't we assume that there was some anger or hate involved? Does anyone kill someone with kindness in their heart?

A killer is about to get 15 years in prison for a murder...then it's discovered that the killer hated the victims race or gender or creed or sexuality, and this hate partly motivated the crime. Now that person gets a 30 year prison sentence. (If you decide to commit any crime against anyone , you better do it with a smile on your face, or else you will be sent away for an extra long time).


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