Monday, April 20, 2009

The Empire strikes out

Obama has almost reached his 100th day in office...lets see, how do things stand?

He has declared that he will NOT punish any Bush administration officials for their illegal torture policies ( today he deferred to the Attorney General. Don't hold your breath).
He will NOT punish anyone for deceiving the public and recklessly invading a broken-down third world country (Iraq).

He will continue to illegally allow the electronic eavesdropping on most, if not all, Americans.

He will maintain Bush's legal architecture for a creeping martial law ( Warner Defense Act, Patriot Act(s), et al. He will not do away with the dubious 'signing statements.'

He will NOT remove our troops from Iraq. After about 19 months of drawing down our force, he will still leave about 40,0000 combat soldiers in Iraq.

He has escalated the war in Afghanistan, rushing about 30,000 more troops there. He has increased our military operations in Pakistan.

He will continue the hated Bush era bailouts. He has allowed Europe to draft sweeping new economic rules that will further stifle free market operations.

He went to Turkey and announced that we are not at war with Islam. We never were at war with "Islam"...He goes to a Mosque to pay homage...He publically endorses Turkey's admission into the EU ( why did he meddle here?)...
Later, he speaks in a DC area church/school , and he has the initials for Christ- they were in the background, as part of a piece of art- obscured from the cameras view. Who was he trying not to offend? The Muslims? This small incident is very curious...

He went to a European summit and refused to go the cemetery where most of our Normandy invasion war dead are buried...after he bowed down to the Saudi Arabian king,he begged for more NATO troops for his Afghan war. He also asked the Europeans to pledge for certain bailouts.
The result? He got zero combat troops, and the Europeans insisted that the IMF and World Bank take primacy in the bailout crisis. Basically, the recent European blitz was a total diplomatic flop for the US, although you would never guess that if you watched the evening news.

He has broken his campaign promise not to raise taxes upon the lower 95% of income earners- tobacco taxes have been increased, and the alleged use of the revenue to be generated from this tax has been deceptive. Congress might vote to tax internet purchases next week....

He goes to Mexico, and tells the world that the US is responsible for most of their ills (Just like his Secretary of State did earlier, that mediocre ex -senator from New York and corporate shill, whats her name )...He blames American gun shops for the Drug Lord violence that has seized the Mexican presidential palace. In reality, only about 15% of the guns used in Mexico come from the US; gangsters south of the border will acquire weapons no matter what.

(Australia banned all private gun ownership 12 months ago. Armed robbery and assaults have dramatically increased since the ban took place. Taking peoples guns away emboldens the criminal element and leaves honest citizens vulnerable).

All in all, the summer looks like it will be a long hot fire.

A different approach in foreign policy was needed- we have often engaged in criminal acts overseas-the dialogue with Iran and Latin America needed to be modified. But what's happening now almost constitutes groveling. ( All in all, I support the Castro and Chavez regimes- the alternative could be Pinochet-esque thuggeries).


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