Saturday, April 18, 2009

On guard

One of the most dangerous food products Americans regularly consume is soda, or "soft drinks." These beverages are more deadly than excess beer or wine... Soda contains a body-punishing load of refined sugar, artificial food colors, the hormone disruptor bisphenol-a, and other hazardous chemicals. (Diet soda isn't any better- artificial sweeteners are poisonous).

Other great food offenders: most candy bars and cakes, french fries, potato chip-esque munchies, most hot dogs and hamburgers. A serving of fries with a bacon cheeseburger and a soda ought to be called "death on a platter."

Part of the reason people are overweight: when its time to pick out something to eat, people really do seem to be on 'automatic pilot'...they don't think. They just reach out and grab what they think they want, but this is merely what they have been conditioned to want- conditioned by their early exposure to the gross food product, and conditioned by society. They think its good, because their body doesn't know any better. The same reasoning can be applied to exercise, or lack thereof. Many people don't exercise, because they have been conditioned not to. Being sedentary is 'normal.'

Whats necessary: the individual has to gradually retrain their body and mind to want good healthy food, and to want to regularly get their exercise. Their mind has to be alert, always vigilant. Once you choose decent food over a period of time, you won't want to eat the crappy stuff again. Healthy food is usually (not always, though) tastier than the junk, once you acclimate yourself to proper nutrition. I know-I went through the same process I'm describing here, when I was about 19 years old.

I remember when I was a little kid, salad bars started to become all the rage ..I would observe overweight women (and some men) pouring fatty salad dressings on top of their veggies...I knew then that these people were idiots. They were trying to lose weight by eating what they thought were healthy meals, yet they poured about 500 calories worth of lard onto their plate. Wow. I could never believe my eyes- I knew then that for a salad to be healthy, you usually have to use vinegar, and not any oil- based dressing. (Fats give food alot of their flavor. This is why its hard to lose weight-substitutes to fats must be found).

Most overeating is an attempt by the individual to comfort themselves, to relieve stress, to use the pleasure derived from the eating of food as a substitute form of love....this scenario was established within (most) overweight individuals extremely early in life, often before age four or five, and sometimes much sooner.
The infant wants to be comforted- they cry- then the mother gives the infant some food to calm them down. Another time they cry again, and they get food again- a vicious circle or pattern is established.
If the primary care giver had resisted, even for just a few minutes longer- in the giving of the comfort food- then the infant would probably not have been imprinted with the template for overeating. Whenever the now grown -up person gets upset or lonely, they head for the fridge, and usually select to eat the food that they most associate with their early childhood.

Other theories notwithstanding (plastic chemicals have been implicated in this isse) behavioral modification can be achieved, if enough DESIRE to change is coupled with enough FAITH and a credible PLAN. The individual can be reformed.

If one must overindulge, then one should make up their mind to only overindulge in zero-fat foods like water-based canned tuna without mayo, skim milk, fresh fruits, unbuttered biscuits and soda water...Its almost that simple.


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