Saturday, April 11, 2009

Order of magnitude

In America and Europe, you can freely deny and even ridicule Jesus Christ; but if you criticize Mohammed, there might be trouble. If you condemn Judaism or question the Holocaust, you could end up in jail.
(It is against the law to deny the official version of the Holocaust in about 15 countries worldwide...judging by the way people react if you even attempt to analyze the Holocaust, it is obvious that something odd is going on here. Why ban historical research? Who profits?).
If you compare what the Nazi's did in WW2 to what the ancient Israelites did to Canaan, you can go to prison.

Officially, about six million Jews were killed in the Holocaust, most of them dying between 1942-1945. They died in gas chambers or were executed by firing squads, and most were civilians. You can challenge the numbers down to about five million-below that, and you become a "Holocaust denier" and an extreme right-winger and anti-semite.
( If one denies the Holocaust ever happened, this does not mean that one is anti-semitic. If one cannot believe that anyone could be so cruel as to murder six million civilians, does this make one anti-semitic? No).

Richard Krege is an Australian engineer who went to one of the internment camps (Treblinka) in 1999. He used $80,000 worth of ground penetrating radar equiptment (GPR) to examine the ground where the mass burial of bodies was said to have taken place. Officially, about 870,000 Jews perished here- they were originally buried in one mass grave, then in 1944 they were dug up and cremated, and the remains were reburied in the same spot. The cremation and reburial was supposedly an attempt to cover up the crime- but given the number of said victims, this explanation seems odd.
Krege's GPR found no evidence that the earth around Treblinka had been disturbed- the ground had not been disturbed since the last Ice Age, about 10,000 years ago. The GPR used works up to about fifty feet down, and the bodies were thought to have been interned about 20 feet down. So if Krege is correct, where are they?


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