Sunday, April 05, 2009

When I grew up, it was often said that Hitler was a madman yet a military genius. He wasn't.

He fought in the Great War and was gassed...he saw how Germany was squeezed between Russia on the east, and England,France, and America on the west. ..he knew how things would probably go if Germany fought another two front war, if they fought both the Western Europeans and the Russians.

He secured a non-aggression pact with the Soviets, which freed Germany up for its fight against England and France. After the London Blitz failed, Hitler stupidly wheeled his troops around and invaded Russia.
Just before and after the disaster at Stalingrad, he relied almost exclusively upon his personal "intuitive" military strategies, ignoring the seasoned advice of the German High Command. The result was more defeats and routs. The Generals around him should have sacked him then, after Kursk, at the latest.

Rommel understood how to defend the coast of France against an Allied invasion, but Hitler forced Rommel to hold the reserve Panzer divisions farther south, to be ready for an invasion from any point...The Atlantic Wall crumpled during the Normandy assault of June 1944, even as Rommel asked for the relief and decision making authority that might have pushed the Allies off the beaches. Allied command of the air was probably the deciding factor; the Luftwaffe was outnumbered by more than 12 to 1.

Hitler might have quickly won the war if the advantage he had at Dunkirk had been exploited- the British and French army was bottled up, they were sitting ducks. Yet Hitler hesitated for reasons still unknown- this delay allowed the "Miracle of Dunkirk" to transpire, as thousands of civilian boats ferried the Brits to safety across the channel. If the advantage had been pressed, over 400,000 Allied troops would have been knocked out of the war in a few days time; England would have faced invasion and would have ultimately been overrun (this was 1940).

Trivia: World War Two was fought entirely without the use of any computers. The first real computer in the modern sense of the word was invented in 1946 (ENIAC), about a year after the war ended(?).

If Hitlers final offensive of the Ardennes (Battle of the Bulge,Dec. 1944-Jan.1945) had worked- and it almost did-the Allies could have been pushed back to Paris, or maybe even off the continent entirely...This would have extended the war at least another six months or even another year- giving the Jews who were building their revenge weapon in the American southwest the opportunity to use the bomb against their real intended target-Berlin.
Instead, Germany fell before the bomb could be used against blond hair and blue eyes, and was dropped on the Japanese instead.

Also- if the Ardennes offensive had worked, the Germans might even have won the war,by using "wonder weapons" that they were just about ready to deploy. These 'wonder weapons' might have been the first original "UFO's"...but this is another story.

I recently saw a documentary on PBS about Winston Churchill. he was portrayed as a war monger who was always changing political sides (i.e., he was very untrustworthy). Is it possible that current crypto-Nazi apologists are correct when they say that Hitler was merely reacting to English militarism, that the rearming of Germany was a defensive posture? Did Churchill trigger the war... with a British policy for the encirclement of Germany?


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