Sunday, December 28, 2008

Final threat assessment

I was finishing up this post using a defective computer... I lost most of what I had written... with a single keystroke, my timely revelations were wiped out....I will come back here a week from now to rewrite everything(maybe)... rats.

below, you can read what's left...

1. On September 21 (26), 2001, the US Secretary of Agriculture declared a national emergency- Chronic wasting disease (CWD) is taking over our deer and elk populations...

2. the confirmed existence of many empty concentration camps in the US, and "Main Core," a list of alleged subversive-citizens who are meant to be harassed or interned (and tortured, by hired mercenaries), in the event of a catastrophic national crisis....8 million people are said to be on the list...

We are just TWO state legislature-votes away from having to hold a second national constitutional convention (the first one was in 1789). If two more states vote to have the convention, then one will legally have be called, and the delegates will be loaded with reps from creatures like Chase bank, Exxon, George Soros-funded organizations, front organizations backed by Arab Sheiks, neo-Klan outfits, etc....the convention will be a total mess. We will end up with an outright scrapping of most of the Bill of Rights and our current federal rules. Our "rights" will become government sponsored privileges; our "rights" will no longer be considered as intrinsic liberties. We are moving toward total tyranny anyway, but replacing our current laws with new duds will partly legitimize the Junta and its gross actions.

5. "Ammunition Accountability Act," (AAA) a proposed state (?) law, which many states are in the process of enacting...under this law, all ammunition sold in the US will be "encoded" with identifying markers. When ammunition is purchased, a record will be kept of who the purchurser was. The law also stipulates that ALL unmarked ammo will have to be turned in to authorities by 2011- it will be a felony to possess any unmarked ammo. This law will also raise taxes upon ammunition, pricing them -out- of -reach to most of the legitimate gun owning public.

Besides being an outright assault upon the second amendment, this proposed law is woefully impractical. The encoded markings can be erased by skillful means... the law will cause the criminal element to rob bullets from law abididing citizens, to help conceal a perpetrators crimes-police will find a bullet casing at a crime scene, trace it back to Joe Schmoe who bought it legally and honestly, but suffered the outrage of being burgled in the past just so a creep could get another persons bullets...
The AAA puts decent citizens at serious risk from ammunition- seeking criminals.

Today, US Army units officially take up a command and post in Indian Head, Maryland, to act as adjuncts to local civilan police forces, in the event of a nuclear, biologic, or radiologic, attack on the homeland. This is a direct violation of "Posse Comitatus." Due to excesses during Reconstruction, since 1878, the US military has been forbidden from acting in domestic law enforcement operations- our military and our domestic law enforcement issues are suppose to 100% separate.
Obama has tapped three four star generals and admirals to cabinet level rank- this is unprecedented, and signals the growing influence of our military chiefs upon our domestic policy.

"We will either find a way, or make one"- Hannibal of Carthage ( He was Romes most serious early threat. Crossed the Alps with his war elephants, and defeated several Roman armies-The battle of Cannae in 216 BC was his best victory- Hannibal could not capitalize on his successes because of a lack of seige equiptment, and the loss of his reinforcements in 207 BC.
For hundreds of years Roman mothers would scold their children by telling them that "Hannibal is at the gate"...During World War One, the German High Command was obsessed with winning another "Cannae").

"There is nothing impossible to him who will try"- Alexander the Great of Macedon (356-323 BC) Conquerer of most of the known world.

"I am happy almost every moment of every day. My life is beautiful. "- Me, Zero the blogger (well, semi beautiful).

I am the only normal person I know (sort of).

Black people think white people smell like wet dogs.

150,000 Jews or 'partial' Jews fought in Hitlers military-some Jews were Generals and Admirals in the Third Reich...this happened due to the tangle of racial purity laws and the conflict they became ensnared in when they tried to sort out Jews from 'authentic' Germans- some Jews had lived in Germany so long that intermarriage and nationalistic patriotism trumped the goal of Nazi purity. Hitler himself signed many exemptions that allowed Jews or half and quarterJews (Schilinge) to play prominent roles in the Reich. (Bryan Mark Rigg's 'Hitlers Jewish Soldiers' 2004)

My location, part of the time: about 35 degrees 53 minutes North by 77 degrees 43 minutes West...

Mental states seem to correlate with physical brain states, but it does not follow that they are equivlalent-this is a logical fallacy.

I'm taking a sabbatical from this blog, so I can study Kants ding -an -sich, and how it relates to Tarot... I also want to learn how to lasso cattle... and master Javanese puppet theatre.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Julius Evola, where are you now that we need you?

Rise up

Today,I officially announce the formation of a nation-wide grassroots organization, a "Debtors Cartel."

Everyone out there: email your Congress critter and pledge not to vote for anyone unless they support the abolition of all personal debts in the USA.

Whenever a Congressperson receives a letter, email, phone call, or fax, their office calculates that for each communication , there are 13,000 other citizens who feel the exact same way, but don't bother to contact their representative.

So one letter has the force or impact of their office receiving 13,000 emails. (Congressional Algebraic Multiplier, or CAM).

If a Congress critter gets just 100 emails voicing the same sentiment, this is counted as being 1,300,000 emails, or potential lost votes, per district. In close upcoming elections, these 100 emails will make the critter take notice.

At a bare minimum, we need to restore the old bankruptcy code we had just few years ago.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Reflecting back...I guess the style of this blog has been heavily influenced -unconsciously-by David Wallechesky's "Book of Lists" and "Peoples Almanac"...these are some of my favorite books, which I have read many times over the years...(most of the series was published between 1978 and the mid 80's)

Dag Hammarskjold's "Markings" also bears a resemblance, but Dag is deeper.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

In 1992, a Congressional investigative hearing (chaired by Patricia Schroeder,D-Co.) found that many of the nations psychiatric institutions actually hire "bounty hunters" to rove through communities and kidnap citizens, so doctors can lock these people up... allowing hospitals to milk the victims insurance policy dry. The elderly seem to be the preferred targets.
I had a friend a long time ago who was always trying to motivate me to scheme to acquire wealth- one idea we had: certain species of trees are valuable-one type of tree in particular is especially precious; it is used for furniture and for ceremonial items. I won't name the tree...anyway, my friend and I went searching for this tree- we found about one hundred examples, scattered all around the geographic area I live in.
Years later, by myself, in my travels I discovered a stand of these trees near a road- I saw over 500 of these trees, clustered on about three acres- the value of this find exceeds two million dollars.

I eventually moved my thoughts to other issues, and the tree snatching idea faded. But at least I can boast that I know where a treasure is located, assuming the trees were never harvested and were wild (I'm certain they were wild) To take the trees would be a task and a crime, albeit, a very small crime compared to others. A buyer or broker can easily be found for this type of tree... but there are other considerations.

Friday, December 19, 2008

"Blacks" make up 12% of the US population- black men raped about 30,000 white women in 2006.

White men raped 10 black women that year-a number so low it doesn't even register as a statistic.

(source: Bureau of Justice Statistics, US Justice Department)

I include this info to show the other side of the coin: PC propaganda about white masters and their female slaves.
Women drivers are as good as male drivers, but women have a harder time parallel parking.

In arguments, men adhere to the facts, while women tend to make stuff up, things that, if they were true, would bolster their cause. This gap between the mans version, full of facts and reality, and the womans version, which is partly the world that they create on the spot, causes and prolongs many disputes.

Also: women are always right. No matter how wrong they are, they are still right. I think this is an evolutionary mechanism-women throughout most of history have been half-subjugated by men-so women devised a strategy to maintian their footing in dealings with men- they decided long ago that they will always be correct and right, no matter what, so as to better achieve some parity in their relations with men, to keep from being steamrolled over.

Another version of this scenario: a couple (man and woman) can be driving somewhere- the woman has an urgent appointment, and they are running late, being stopped in traffic, and there is no way out or off the road. The woman will berate the man for not being able to move the car any faster, while he will tell her that it's impossible to go any faster, since they are stuck in traffic. Her respone will be that he HAS to go faster, and to get going and get the car out of the traffic jam. But reality says that the car is stuck in traffic and no real progress can be made until the traffic breaks up......"hurry, go go go, why can't you move any faster, get out of this jam right now!" Ive heard of instances like this all my life.

Women and reality don't always mix.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Israeli Kibbutz....(are) agricultural communes, loosely based upon utopian socialism and Marxist communism. As Zionists settled Palestine in the late 19th century, the Kibbutz was a response the self perceived idea that Jews were soft bellied and stooped over money changers. Instead of running Inns and Pawn shops in eastern Europe, the new Jew would regain his strength and dignity by becoming a tiller of the soil. Secondarily, the Kibbutz functioned as a territorial defense force against bandits, and later, Palestinian terrorists.
(Since Jews were dispersed (the Diaspora), they did not own land- they were merchants and bankers . This became a major argument against the Jewish race- Germans and Russians believed that working the land, or working in factories, etc., i.e., with ones hands... bestowed upon the worker a certain dignity and insight into the mystery of life; and thus, because Jews did not generally labor, or have land, they were automatically corrupt, devising philosophic abstractions to promote urbanization and the decay of the family and national traditions- this idea led, in part, to Pograms and the Holocaust).

Kibbutz 's were instrumental in forming Israel-although only about 4% of Israeli's ever lived on these small farms, Kibbutzim comprise many of the key figures in Israeli government, academia, and the military (Moshe Dayan was born in the first Kibbutz, which was formed in 1909).

Kibbutz were initially very communistic, yet most of them possessed a strong religious component. Homes and profits were shared equally, and children were communally raised apart from their natural parents. (After Kruschev's "secret speech" denouncing Stalin in 1957 (?)...the Kibuutzim started to move away from Marxism).

The Kibbutz ideal has declined- individual initiative suffered under the weight of a moralizing collectivism... some privatization has recently been introduced.

A more credible alternative to the Kibbutz is the Moshav- a Moshav is a communal agricultural community where key tasks and costs are collectivized, yet private property and profit is allowed.

Both the Kibbutz and the Moshav have elected committee leadership, as well as a general tax on all occupants, to be used for collectively owned heavy farm equiptment, etc.
I sold my firearms.

But I am going forward with the construction of an antique deck or swivel cannon, to be mounted at the top of the stairs.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Lawyers should be barred from public office.

Waitstaff (and grocerey store clerks) who steal from customers ought to be publically flogged.

Prisoners should be housed outdoors in tents, surrounded by fences and moats. Hard labor should allow one to reduce ones sentence by at least one half.
As should be obvious by now, I have always been a "seeker." One of the spiritual influences upon my life has been the unusual thoughts of one G.I. Gurdjieff.

Gurdjieff (1866-1949) was an Armenian-Greek/Turk? who propounded a certain gnostic teaching-part Sufi, part lord knows what else. He wrote a few books containing odd, abstruse ideas on many subjects that many very intelligent people believe to be sheer genius, but much of which is at odds with modern science.

His basic premise: Free will does not (normally) exist- Man is asleep, drunk, or hypnotized. Man is a machine, and has three minds, or centers. We progress via "shocks."
We are also dual creatures, bound by the Law of Three and Law of Seven.
"Essence" is distinguished from "personality." The goal to get back to essence, away from environmental conditioning.
The cosmos is an emanation of the "Ray of Creation," which is similar to a musical note or octave-we are bound by the multiple laws or scale of this mysterious ray. Ultimately, the universe is guided or operates via a trinitarian mechanism- dualism is moderated by a third principle, that of neutralism or the transitional.
By self-observing, we can break free from our mechanicalness. The Moon figures prominently in Gurdjieff's cosmology, in a way that I won't go into just now.
Sacred dance can liberate Man from his enslavement (whirling dervishes?). So can physical labor, the "stop" exercise, and guided intution. The goal is to 'wake up' to become free from the Law of Accident.
If we die without progressing "we will die like a dog"..we need to manufacture astral bodies while we are alive-we are born without any soul whatsoever, but immortality can be produced by great efforts (Alchemy?)

Gurdjieff was a colorful "rascal sage." (He drank heavily, seduced married women, was shot and seriously wounded on three separate occasions his youth he traveled as far as Tibet and Ethiopia, in his quest for knowledge).

He and his followers fled the Russian revolution and settled near Istanbul, then Paris, where he taught and wrote- "Beelzebub's tales to his Grandson"...a story about a space alien in his ship on its way to a distant galaxy-the pilot takes time to explain 'humanity' to his grandson- this book was written from 1924-1931 (its an almost impossible read).

The American architect Frank Loyd Wright was a disciple.

When a chemist works to create a formula, whether or not he/she is moral or ethical has no bearing on the result. The same may be said for spirituality and many "Gurus"... you might be a transmitter of divine energy....but you might have a seriously flawed personality. (David Koresh is certainly discredited in the eyes of most Americans, yet didn't he have an argument for separatism? Didn't he have a thorough knowledge of, or insight into, scripture? If you study what Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh taught, you find that he was trying to get rid of our hang-ups. He deliberately rode around in dozens of Rolls Royces, not because he was a greedy pig- he was trying to shock greedy piggy Americans into examining their get-ahead capitalist lifestyle/society. He wanted us to see the absurdity of it all. The Bhagwan was a fraud, but he was a Holy one).
Spiritual leaders seem to be just along the edges of the genetic Bell curve, in the same way a gifted musician or artist is...Picasso and de Kooning made great art- but were they great moralists? Gurus might make great spiritual systems ...but they might be liars, cheats, and thieves. "God-intoxication" seems to be a side-effect of our genetic heritage, yet to me something more is afoot. My investigations of the subtle and sublime are not merely the musings of chemicals and neurons, dead matter. Thoughts and emotions cannot be totally reduced to brain tissue-something is wrong with the modern model of consciousness. Open a mans head and probe his brain with instruments or electricity, different parts of his brain when pricked or charged will make different parts of his body react- this lead to a belief in an extreme physicalism. But scientists missed the obvious- it was an OUTSIDE influence that manipulated the brain. Alien influences caused the body to react... there can be no reduction to dead materialism.

From atoms to cells to brain and then do you get thoughts from brain tissue? The idea that thoughts are merely a side-effect, or mysterious secretions of a certain level of material complexity... doesn't seem to be an adequate answer.
Years ago, I was sitting in my favorite watering hole late one night...I drew up my succession from the US and formed my own rudimentary country. In my current disgust, I officially announce the resurrection of my nation- "Absurdistan."

My territory: my house and immediate yard up to, and a few inches beyond, my fence, and steps leading to the street. I own all the ground beneath me all the way to the other side of the Earth, and I own a zone of atmosphere reaching up into outer space, and beyond. I claim as my personal property 'Marie Byrd' land, in Antarctica. I also claim all international waters, the contents of said waters, and the ocean floor and all mineral rights there of. I'm willing to share the Moon with the UN nations, but Mars is mine. I also claim the great asteroid belt, and several of Jupiter's and Saturn's moons, specifically Europa and Titan plus a few smaller ones. While I'm at it, I claim Venus...and several other dimensions of time/space.

I am automatically the wealthiest man on Earth.

Any/all taxes that I might pay are now considered to be "foreign aid."

My front porch is now the customs office and gate- feel free to visit my nation, tourists are welcome ( bring your passport ). Strict border controls are in effect- no importation of potted meat, grand piano's, or walruses, is allowed.

My model rocket kit, if I can find it, plus some old fireworks I own, will from now on be considered to be the beginning of my national space program.

I say so

Republicans have almost always conspired to destroy the American family. How? They want low wages for the masses, yet support high medical bills, high funeral expenses, and they are against low- cost day care for children. The result? Destroyed families, as parents work 2, 3, or 4 jobs to make ends meet. This keeps parents away from their children- their kids are un, or poorly, supervised.

The recent proposed loan to the auto industry can never save the industry, yet shows how Republicans really feel- they did not hesitate too much to throw almost a trillion dollars toward brokers and bankers who have never really worked a honest day in their lives...Yet when it came time to merely lend a few billion to the auto companies, the issue for Republicans was : blue collar workers a too fat and well cared for, we need to make them suffer.

Republicans made a strategic mistake: if/when the auto industry goes down the tube, the GOP will shoulder part of the blame. This will be used against them two years from now in the midterm elections.

I'm against bailouts, yet something should be done to prevent a collapse of our auto industry. I don't think a bankruptcy is desirable. The managers of GM particularly should go to jail, just for their killing off of the electric car idea in the 1990's. Managers in charge of the proliferation of SUV's should go to prison.
(I don't know exactly what charge one might bring against them, but we could use the 'say so' rule. This is an expression, usually heard in the deep south beginning in the hippie era- when an apprehended suspect objects to his arrest and asks why he's going to jail, the sheriff tells him "'Cause I say so."

Saturday, December 13, 2008

"World events do not occur by accident. They are made to happen, whether it is to do with national issues or commerce; and most of them are staged and managed by those who hold the purse strings."

( Former British Defense Minister Denis Healy)
Once the individual realizes that they are a mechanical wind-up toy (literally)....then they can begin to work on themsleves.
The Detroit-auto bailout: Republican senators attacked UAW laborites, and tried to put most of the blame for the mess on people who actually get their hands dirty. The target for GOP wrath ought to have been management. Has a Republican senator ever worked a hard day in his/her entire life? These cretins have never met a working stiff that they didn't hate...I'm not being rhetorical- when you go to elite dinner parties, you will hear the most horrible, obscene, ignorant comments coming out of the mouths of country club types; tirades putting down the 'working man'. A good analogy might be the way middle class people feel about the homeless-criminal class...These lawyers who make it in politics are the scum of the earth- don't ever forget.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

You can't be like me

In this blog, I almost never discuss my day to day I feel, what I think about those around me. I tend to stick to political issues. I guess I'm disconnected from my self, I push my emotions away, I want to present certain ideas. I learned long ago that one must not cry or moan too much- life is hard, so deal with it. Suffer in silence, and get the job done. Here, I write about possible utopia's...lofty aspirations... methods for transcendence or liberation- freedom from drudge work and the alienation of the age. To look beyond- isn't that what separates us from the animals? They don't look beyond the surface- the world is what it is, as presented to them via their senses-chimpanzees persist in making begging gestures to humans who are blindfolded. They don't connect the loss of eyes to any other loss (that of the ability to give the chimp some alms). We go beyond- we speculate endlessly- peering into the inmost aspect of everything- our machines go to the outer planets, the bottom of the sea... we divine the secrets of atomic material... and crack the code of life itself, (and) conceptualize about our consciousness...yet we still suffer- we suffer like animals. We scrape and toil and beg for food and shelter and companionship. Forty centuries of organized urbanization, and too much is still left to chance. Irrational Man...the deadwood should be cut out. In some cultures, their holy men have long hair- this is symbolic- this means that they "go beyond." They see things that the rest of us don't- the bulk of humanity is just a collectivity of brutes, scratching for material goods- seeking things that are right in front of them, and no further. The people do not 'go beyond' mere appearance; they cannot- because they are animals on their way to the slaughter.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Whether terrorists have planted several nuclear devices in several American cities, I don't know. Are we, as a nation, being held hostage?Why did Bush go into hiding for a whole year-no speeches, press conferences, public appearances... (2005).

If these bombs are detonated, have we promised to respond by nuking Mecca? Are we involved in a sort of nuclear Mexican stand-off with turbaned manaics?

We should fill our bombers with pig grease, and saturate Muslim lands with the offal that supremely offends our enemies.
About 17 years ago a certain empire collpased...due to bloated miltary budgets, an unwinnable war, un-repayable debts, erratic oil and energy production, an entrenched leadership unable to enact sufficient reforms, plus an apathetic and cowed populace ....hey, wait a minute, that sounds familar...

Friday, December 05, 2008

"Hilter was lonely. So is God. Hitler is like God" (Reichminister Hans Frank)
Most churches, temples, synagogues, and mosques ought to be converted into brothels.


I stepped on a splinter last night, the offending object jammed itself way, way up into my foot- the sliver was about a third of an inch long, too long for tweezers...Despite the discomfort, I went to bed without doing anything about it. This morning I examined the injured area - the wood went straight in; I hobbled down the hall and found my scuba knife. After sterilizing the blade in boiling water, I began to cut- I sawed my foot as best I could...saw, saw, saw... my surgery sliced across the zone of the offence. I felt a lot of pain, the nerves down there were sensitive...I got mad- isn't that what your suppose to do, when you are reaching a physical limit? I pushed myself on with my anger- saw, saw, slice, slice... I kept cutting my foot, attempting to dig out the wood. Even though the sole of a foot has thick skin, I cut so deeply that blood began to drip....A Ha! I put the knife down and poked with my fingers as best I could and brought out a piece of the devil - I got half of it.

Then I soaked my foot in a bucket of hot soapy water for an hour- I took my folding camping knife with the serrated edge and raked it across the disaster zone...saw,saw, saw...the lacerations enabled the other half of the beam to wash out- finally!

Thursday, December 04, 2008


From "Wayne Madsen Report (April 3,2008)"...

A confidential report is circulating among senior Congressional leaders and their senior aides...this a martial law document, a plan to coordinate the military with FEMA and regular law enforcement, to implement traffic and crowd control, enforce curfews, set up neighborhood checkpoints, and confiscate the small arms of the citizenry. This document is called "C&R."
A scenario is envisioned where-by the government is forced to impose martial law due to a disintegrating financial crisis.

If the US defaults on its loan debts, which are underwritten by Japan and China, or if we unilaterally cancel these debts...we face either war (the "C," for conflict) or massive tax hikes upon the citizens, which will lead to a revolution (the "R").

...3rd. Infantry Division 1st. Brigade combat team (BCT) Northern Command US Army North has recently been deployed for this mission.... the announced introduction of 20,000 combat troops into the US to quell rioting next year... is being ignored by the mainstream media...parallel events where the citizens have recently risen up in Iceland and Thailand are being carefully monitored...

On October 17, 2006, Bush signed the "John Warner Defense Authorization Act" on the same day he also signed the "Military Commissions Act"...these two laws largely destroyed Habeas Corpus, gutted Posse Comitatus, and ended the Insurrection Act...

On May 9, 2007, Bush enacted the "National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive." This is an executive order which gives the President absolute authority in the event of a catastrophic event in the US....the President alone gets to decide when to implement this rule...a nation might need just such a contingency, but there is no mechanism in these laws to help return US to normal constitutional rule....(read the May 9,2007 law yourself- its only about two pages-just google the laws title from the begining of this paragraph).

These dictatorial tendencies have been brewing for awhile....the shadow government set up by Ollie North and his friends in the early 1980's ("Rex 84") were harbingers for the current laws of the Bush regime...once fully enacted, there will be no voluntary rollback. Our Presidents have never ceded personal power, they always increase it...Obama wants to go further- he wants to enlarge the martial law plans, turn the courts and the legislative branch into rubber stamps (they already are, mostly) and give himself more potential dictatorial power.

A recent change concerns the states national laws will designate Governors "Federal officers" and the states national guards are now federalized- all this is illegal and treasonous.

Also- Senate bill S.2433 "The Global Poverty Act" would put the US under a UN mandate-S.2433 is the only thing Obama ever constructed while in the senate....this law will make the US dramatically increase the amount of aid that it gives to third world nations, in attempts to allieviate poverty....taxpayers will foot the bill, while their jobs are being outsourced by Obama and his clique.

The detention centers have been built- empty prisons, waiting to be filled by "protesters"...mainly ordinary citizens who have lost their 401K or job, and took to the streets...

Note: the C&R document was crafted before April 3,2008- before the Market began to dance down in September.

The bailout/TARP ties into all this...


The managers of the Detroit big three are clueless...they changed the designation rules to allow SUV's to proliferate....just for the extra cash.
If we bail them out or loan them up, we ought to mandate that they build fuel efficient hybrids people will want.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Obama went to Pakistan in 1981, on an Indonesian passport- it was illegal for Americans to travel to Pakistan at that time.... Indonesia and the US did not allow dual citizenship back then. Obama never mentioned this trip in either of his autobiographies (He brought this matter up during the primary campaign, to bolster his foreign policy cred)...

McCains argued that Obama was a socialist, or even a Marxist. This, when Bush was busy nationalizing parts of the economy, and McCain was voting for bailouts. Obama really has socialist sentiments and friends, but they are tempered or co-opted by global corporatism, which in itself has a curious relationship with "socialism."
In my entire life, I have thought about 'money' a total of about 60 minutes.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

...goes around comes around...

The surviving Mumbai (Bombay) terrorist has implicated "Lashkar-e-Toiba" in the attack. Lashkar -e-Toiba is a Jihadist fundamentalist terror group formed by the United States in 1986-7, in Afghanistan. We even gave them their first two military training camps on about 100 acres of land that we secured for them. Their current HQ is Lahore,Pakistan. They may have direct links to "Osama bin Ladin," a.k.a. "Tim Osman," the Ocean City -casino loving guy who has been blamed for knocking two distinct towers down in New York City on Sept.11,2001.

The attack in Mumbai was so successful due to India's strict gun control laws. Hotel lobby and train station security personnel were only armed with small clubs; they never bothered to get gun owner permits because it's too hard to get them. Thus, Bombay became a sitting duck.
Obama will retain Gates as Defense Secretary- a Republican who enthusiastically supported "water boarding" and the Guatanamo base-prisoner scenario.
A career soldier and officer of the Chevron corporation-James Jones-will be the new National Security Adviser.
Hillary Clinton will be Secretary of State- she failed miserably in the only two really big missions of her life: her recent campaign for president...and the botched health care initiative in 1993-4...

So the war hawks will oversee foreign Clinton and Carter-Reagan sloppy seconds will prevail over the looted economy (Geinther, Summers, Volker)...

I was right all along- Obama ran for Bush's third term...

You cannot get the nomination for president for either major party unless you have been bought by the International bankers...The prez is just a puppet. I truly feel sorry for those who strongly supported Obama's campaign, under the illusion that they were helping to create a new, better society. They've been had.
Obama even wants to strengthen the authoritarian laws that enhance the executive branch over the legislative and judicial.

"Posse Commitatus" is out- the national guard s have been dissolved- instead of being state militias' reserved for temporary emergencies...the national guards have been federalized. Laws are in place to federalize the Governors, to turn them into federal officers in charge of local federal forces(the old national guard)....these contingencies are being set up to deal with internal strife... social unrest in the event of an economic collapse. The stated purpose is to handle "terrorism" but thats just an excuse.
Folks, what we are dealing with is high treason. The nation is being transformed into a gulag. Unless the citizenry massively resist right now, whats left of the Republic is doomed.

I saw a close-up pic of the $30,000 ring Obama just bought for Michelle. Breathtakingly decadent...

I really wish I didn't have to write about politics. I'd rather write about metaphysics, or history or science. But politics is everything- decisions made by higher-ups have a profound impact upon our lives-politics cannot be ignored, you cannot put your head in the sand and expect to be able to breathe.