Friday, December 26, 2008

Rise up

Today,I officially announce the formation of a nation-wide grassroots organization, a "Debtors Cartel."

Everyone out there: email your Congress critter and pledge not to vote for anyone unless they support the abolition of all personal debts in the USA.

Whenever a Congressperson receives a letter, email, phone call, or fax, their office calculates that for each communication , there are 13,000 other citizens who feel the exact same way, but don't bother to contact their representative.

So one letter has the force or impact of their office receiving 13,000 emails. (Congressional Algebraic Multiplier, or CAM).

If a Congress critter gets just 100 emails voicing the same sentiment, this is counted as being 1,300,000 emails, or potential lost votes, per district. In close upcoming elections, these 100 emails will make the critter take notice.

At a bare minimum, we need to restore the old bankruptcy code we had just few years ago.


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