Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I had a friend a long time ago who was always trying to motivate me to scheme to acquire wealth- one idea we had: certain species of trees are valuable-one type of tree in particular is especially precious; it is used for furniture and for ceremonial items. I won't name the tree...anyway, my friend and I went searching for this tree- we found about one hundred examples, scattered all around the geographic area I live in.
Years later, by myself, in my travels I discovered a stand of these trees near a road- I saw over 500 of these trees, clustered on about three acres- the value of this find exceeds two million dollars.

I eventually moved my thoughts to other issues, and the tree snatching idea faded. But at least I can boast that I know where a treasure is located, assuming the trees were never harvested and were wild (I'm certain they were wild) To take the trees would be a task and a crime, albeit, a very small crime compared to others. A buyer or broker can easily be found for this type of tree... but there are other considerations.


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