Sunday, March 11, 2012

Black Nazis

The Third Reich used over 2 million foreign non-German volunteers in its armed forces, these included over 160,000 Jews or part Jews, 1.5 million Russians , Ukrainians or other Slavs, thousands of Arabs , mulattoes, and black Africans. The Axis other main allies were Italy and Japan. Eventually, countries such as Spain, Argentina, Thailand, and Iran joined, at least in part, the Nazi effort.

Hitler granted 'clemency' to thousands of Jews living in Germany, they lived their lives throughout the war entirely unhindered in any way.

Martin Bormann, who became de facto second in command of the Reich by 1945, issued a special directive to regional commanders in 1936- this was a command to not interfere with blacks living and working in Germany.

The famed 1936 Oympic track star Jesse Owens said he was accorded more freedom within Germany than he had back home in America.

President Roosevelt refused to pass anti lynching laws, but in Nazi Germany lynchings of blacks were strictly forbidden- if blacks were harassed, the offender was harshly punished.

Blacks who served in the British army were routinely denied promotion due solely to their race, but blacks who served in the German Wehrmacht were promoted, and they were given serious combat tasks, unlike their American counterparts who were usually relegated to driving trucks, carrying ammunition, or cooking food.

May 26 1944, Hitler gave his Platterhof speech to his officers. In this speech, he said Germans, were, after all, a multi racial group, and this is what gave them their strength. He extolled meritocracy, and gave support to the Soviet educational system. He offered a hope for a future classless society based upon individual excellence. In short, the speech was a serious 'climb down' away from previous Nazi racialist ideology.

We see in National Socialism an evolution toward a triumph of multi racialism and 'diversity.'

The German words that were translated into "Master race" actually translate into "elite continental leadership corp," meaning a reference to future elite that would transcend narrow racial designations.

If the Nazi's were really as racist or as evil as most historians make them out to be, then why was there such a massive effort by the world to join them? We have to re-evaluate and see the movement as a nationalist attempt to free Europe from usurious debt bondage and the ill effects of liberal cosmopolitanism.

What you have previously learned about Hitler and Reich is just a parody, lies and distortions crafted by a victors peace.  Auschwitz had inmate swimming pools- need I say more?


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