Thursday, December 01, 2011

Dazed and confused

The vast majority of people walk around in a dazed delusional state- these people believe certain things about the world, as fed to them by TV and the educational system- such as:

Men and women and the races are all basically equal, unless you are a white man, then you are morally inferior to everyone else, and if you complain about this situation, then you are automatically a pig.

The democrat and republican parties are separate opposing entities, each with conflicting goals.

Slavery was a (nearly) unique expression of the evilness of white men, the slavery experience in the Americas was a special case like no other, for which white men bear the blame and should never forget this, they owe black people their white daughters into perpetuity.

Einstein was the greatest theoretical physicist of all time; space is curved and gravity is just the effect of an object following this curvature...the universe began with a primordial Big bang about 14 billion years ago, and the fabric of space time is related to something called "string theory."

Charles Manson brainwashed several young kids into murdering several people for trigger a race war so he could one day emerge as the ruler of the planet, all with the inspiration of the music of the Beatles....

About six million Jews perished in the 'Holocaust,' most being gassed to death and then cremated in ovens,,,,an organized effort to genocide the Jews, a crime perpetrated by the ultra evil Nazi's led by Adolph Hitler.

This is what most people believe, yet all the above is utter rubbish, a tissue of lies. I think Ive dispelled these myths in earlier posts...

But in brief: The majority of inventions, patents and Nobel prizes are given out to white men. They designed the modern world.

Regardless of which party is in power, we still end up with busted budgets, the same policy toward the middle east, the border and immigration, trade and monetary policy, etc.

Slavery is an economic tactic, practiced by most groups over time....Arabs dealt in black slaves until about 1900, and blacks were key to providing Jewish slavers with a steady supply. The colonial trans Atlantic slave trade was a capitalist venture run out of London by Jews.
Black people started slavery, and white people ended it. ( several black African nations continue to practice slavery today).

The definitive scholarly work on the Holocaust is Raul Hilbergs 1961, 1,330 page "The Destruction of the European Jews." This is the seminal work that has informed all subsequent holocaust studies...
This book relies primarily upon German eyewitness testimony, most of which was derived under duress. Only 20 pages of this book deal with mass gassings, the cornerstone of the myth.

Hilbergs data doesn't conform with what we know- the amount of coke and other fuel needed to burn the bodies doesn't jive with the amount we know the camps had access to, the design of the alleged gas chambers and crematoria was completely inadequate for the job... no written order for the holocaust has ever been found, despite the fact that the allies captured millions of pages of documents at the end of the war, the camps had swimming pools next to the inmate barracks for the relief of the prisoners=proof that the Nazi's actually tried to make the internees comfortable... no body parts have ever been found anywhere near any concentration camp, no mass grave has ever been located...Hilberg disintegrated in a Canadian courtroom in the 1980's, he had to confess to having no real evidence for the holocaust, and on and on .....(the Ernst Zundel trial).

What really happened: Jews started the war when an international Jewish Congress declared a boycott war on Germany three months after Hitler took power....After the war started, Hitler and Himmler sought to relocate the Jews to Madagascar.. the goal all along was to expel the Jews from Europe- the camps were for slave labor or they were transit camps part of the evacuation of Jews to the east.
Many Jews tried to escape Europe, but wealthy Jews abroad refused to render assistance. Jewish Zionist leaders needed a high death toll of Jews-they knew many would die as a result of the normal privations of war- these deaths would be used in order to justify the creation of the state of Israel after the war. The majority of Jewish casualties of the war was due to malnutrition and disease. Hundreds of thousands were machine gunned to death , primarily in the east, however.

This myth of the holocaust has been so positioned as a political weapon, that it should automatically draw suspicion. It is used to mute criticism of Israeli policy, or it is used to promote an aggressive American foreign policy (the appeasement argument)...The alleged holocaust is a club, swung by the war party in Israel, the Likud party, and in the US, the neo-cons...

The 'six million' number is a magic Kabbalistic number- for decades before Hitler took power, the Jews screamed about how six million Jews were about to be holocausted in can look up dozens of old newspaper clippings about this...this alleged peril was used for fund-raising purposes. Over and over, the Jews used the six million number, from about 1880, up to the start of World War Two...the six million number is even in the Torah, a supposed prophecy about how the Jews will gain their homeland and state, minus six million, a quota or payment of sorts.

Occasionally it may sound as if Ive crossed over into being a Nazi sympathizer of sorts. This isnt the exact case, there is a motive to my musings, so bear that in mind and reserve judgment until the spring of 2013, when all will be revealed.


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