Saturday, October 29, 2011

The rise and fall of Libya and Qaddafi

The Lion of the Desert is dead- what are the facts of the Libyan war? Some background-

Qaddafi came to power in Libya in 1969-Libya was then the poorest nation in Africa. Last year, it was the wealthiest, even surpassing the wealth of Brazil, Russia, and Saudi Arabia.

In 1969, literacy was about 20%. Last year, it was over 85%. 25% of Libyans now have a university degree, and women are (were) free to do most anything they wanted. The fundamentalist impulse had been suppressed by Qaddafi, women had equal rights with men.

Qaddafi used Libya's oil wealth to invest in his people-under Qaddafi, Libya had

1. 14 cent a gallon gasoline
2. free electricity
3. oil profit sharing- each citizen has a stake in the nationalized oil industry, dividends were deposited into everyone's accounts.
4. Education and health-care was free. If Libya didn't have the medical services you needed, the government would fly you to the country you needed to go to and pay for your trip and stay.
5. newlyweds got a government grant of $50,000 to help start a family
6. bank loans had a zero percent interest rate
7. Libya had no debt to any other nation or entity
8. If citizens bought a car, the government paid half the price.
9. Qaddafi built one of the great engineering marvels of the world- the great man-made river project, a plan to route underground aquifers in the south up to the north, to turn Libya into a bread basket for the whole north African and Mediterranean region. Now, this project has been destroyed by NATO bombs.

People say he was a brutal dictator, but he actually relinquished most of his power in 1977 and 1979 ( The Jamiyahija, or peoples committees, actually rules). The Western media claims he was killing innocent civilians, but Russian spy satellites prove this is impossible. The rebellion was enabled by Qaddafi's kindness- when protesters marched on military bases using children as shields, Qaddafi ordered his troops to hold their fire. Thus, the rebels over- ran these bases and got arms for the war.
People say the rebels are fighting for democracy, but no country in the region is really democratic and the people don't really want (money controlled) democracy.

With such a society, why did the rebellion start? Libya is a deeply tribal nation- the eastern Benghazi region is from a different tribe ( than Qaddafi's) and this region is also where the country is the most fundamentalist ( Qaddafi's rule was mostly secular). These religious tensions caused many of the Benghazi area residents to enlist in Jihad against the West- essentially, the rebellion was led by Al Qaeda or the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), which formally merged with Al Qaeda of the Maghreb in 2007.

Dr. Martin Luther King had a dream, but he also had a nightmare. His nightmare was that one day America would have a black president, and that this black president would wage war against blacks and Africa.
Obama, son of Africa, now bombs Africa back to the stone age.

Britain financed Islamic rebels in Libya in 1995-6, the rebels rose up and tried to topple Qaddafi. Out of this, Qaddafi became the very first world leader to ever have an international -INTERPOL arrest warrant issued for no other than Osama Bin Laden.
After the US invasion of Iraq in 2003, eastern Libya became the hotbed of radical Islamic fervor- the Benghazi region sent more per ca pita fighters to Iraq than any other, with the slight possible exception of the Riyadh Saudi area. We know this due to a discovery of the membership roll or list that US forces found in Iraq near the Syrian border, this info is contained in a 2007 West Point report.

Qaddafi was making very big plans- he was about to launch a gold backed Dinar, a new currecny to be used by Africans to help spur development without the help of debts incurred through the world bank and the IMF.

In March, Saif Qaddafi foolishly amnestied 110 imprisoned radical Jihadists. The next day, the rebellion was on...
The Arab League voted for and asked for a "no fly zone"...( The League is composed of 22 members..only 12 met, and Hillary Clinton cajoled the Saudi's into prodding the three holdouts so a quorum could vote in favor of the war. She promised them that the US would look the other way when the Saudi's rolled tanks into Bahrain to suppress the legitimate pro democracy movement there...

The UN voted...resolutions 1970 and 1973 violated the UN charter itself....the UN could act only if the international order or peace was threatened, and by definition, Qaddafi cannot be an aggressor on his own soil.

So we backed Al Qaeda rebels in toppling our friend- Qaddafi was supplying our FBI with good intelligence on terror suspects just eight months ago. Obama couldn't even look the America people in the eye to announce the war- he cut out to Brazil as he let loose with one hundred Tomahawk missiles....Obama didn't even consult Congress before the war..he just did it, taking his orders from the UN...We carpet bombed a functioning prosperous state into a pile of smoldering rubble, and you cheer. Hakim Abdel Bel Haj was or is a member of both the Taliban and Al Qaeda, he fought Americans in Afghanistan- currently, he is the new military dictator of Tripoli, installed by America. he now says he only hates America "slightly less" than before, since the US is now aligned with Al qaeda in North Africa.
Due to the war, about 20,000 shoulder held missiles are 'missing.'

You must remember that this is not in any way about Lockerbie. This isn't a slow motion time release war...Qaddafi had been rehabilitated by the West, Condi Rice and Tony Blair visited him and declared him to be a new friend of America and Britain. We stabbed him in the back and turned on him like a mad dog.

Now, in DC, Al qaeda has an embassy, Al qaeda is setting up shop in the old Libyan embassy a mile or two from the White House.


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