Friday, October 07, 2011

No folks, this isn't an abandoned house. Its where I live. Or I should say, its close to where I live, I'm not actually utilizing these facilities, thank God. The landlord (who Ive never seen or even talked to) refuses to make any repairs. These rooms have been this way for years. The ratlord disregards my letters. For a long time this did not matter to me much, since I was living in the other part of the house, I never even saw this section until the ratlord (thru his non-handyman) tried to make me move back to the busted floor of the house. I remain in the nice area, so I don't have to directly deal with this nonsense, the damage zone is far away from my usual lair.

The landlords name is Ray O..... He works for the government, managing the regional economy- his specialty is 'housing.'


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