Monday, September 12, 2011

We're not in Kansas anymore

Lets see now, lets assess-

Last year the US experienced its worst ever environmental disaster, the BP oil leak in the Gulf.

In just three days more oil was lost into the ocean than what happened at the Exxon Valdez crack up in 1989...and the BP spill lasted for months- some say its still going on, and the Gulf stream current itself has been damaged or slowed. The sea floor itself might be rupturing...Millions of people are sick from the combination of oil and corexit, a chemical used to 'disperse' the spill, yet has turned out to be quite toxic. Don't eat any shrimp from the Bayou anytime soon.

In March, a earthquake and subsequent Tsunami crippled the Daichi Fukushima nuke plant in Japan- the radiation being released from this will dwarf Chernobyl...its still happening and no one is safe...oh, and don't eat any seafood from Japan anytime soon.

A rebellion broke out in Libya against the the long term ruler, Muammar Gadhafi. Despite the rebels undisputed links to Al Qaeda terrorists, Obama sided with these criminals and launched an air war against Gadhafi, which eventually sent the Libyan strongman into hiding. This war action was 100% unconstitutional, Obama never even bothered to get any sort of resolution to authorize this attack, he just went ahead and did it, saying that he didn't need Congress, he was acting on the behest of the United Nations. Hmmm. Obama couldn't even look the American people ion the eye to open the war, he ducked out and flew to Brazil when he sent 100 tomahawk missiles into Libya.

The FBI now says it doesn't need Judge issued warrants. Congress has declared 'dust' a toxin on farms-and the EPA says hay is a pollutant- kiss the small family farm goodbye and say hello to ginormous food bills, courtesy of Monsanto and Archer Daniels. Can you say 'genocide?'

Congress ceded its authority to spend- they set up a super committee, numbering 13 plus the Prez as tie breaker, who are to make ultimate spending and budgetary decisions- rendering the other Congress critters irrelevant. This is a new branch of government, an expansion of executive authority...This new super-Congress is super illegal.

Congress and the FDA are in the process of banning all supplements formulated after 1994- can you say 'end of humanity?'

Obama recently halted most deportations of illegal aliens, which is a de facto amnesty. The great struggle to preserve America is over, we have been betrayed by the "enemy within."

The revolution needs to be total; the heart must be made bold and new-the fatal early flaws in the founding- the mechanism to expand the franchise, the tendency of the dispossessed to vote for those who will provide them with largess and spoils, the iron law of oligarchy and the empowerment of the resentful losers, the power grubbing of the war party and their prying into personal lives, the mechanism for one faction to capture all three branches of government- here we see the problem. Here, we find the individual in his pathetic prison.

A mass media material consumption society devoid of inner strength- our vitality has been sapped by indulgence and selfishness, the soft life. Once the plug is pulled, then the brittle superstructure will collapse. Madness, pain, woe tears, blood and screams- this will be our inheritance, our new bold way, as we step frightfully into the future-

Let the disaster come, I pray for the coming noontide of Man- there isn't much time left, look there behind you, a shadow on the wall, is it your dark desire, do you dare dream the demise of this monied morass?

All my life I have been caught in quicksand- we fight and squirm and try to twist out of the clutches of modernity, the 20th century was the bloodiest human century- and they say we live in an era of progress? The more I struggle, the deeper into the pit I descend...Spiritual humanity at war will soulless technology and usury- we tried to shake off the flea of 'interest rates,' money making money, a double billing that the mystics say is blasphemous- we fought to drive the money changers out of the temple-we fought to save the West from a rising tide of mediocrity- to liberate European man from debt bondage-we believed in moral, spiritual and physical excellence- and for this, we are called racists and murderers and monsters and worse. We wanted a standard-we use to have pride.
What has happened to us? What demon has been loosed upon the world? What escaped from Pandora's case? The serpent has bit deep-mankind stumbles as if drunk down a long dark corridor of nothing-


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