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We learn in school that Adolf Hitler invaded Poland September 1 1939, thus triggering World War Two. But things are not what they seem...

At the end of WW1, the borders of Europe were re=drawn. From 1918 till 1939, many Germans were trapped inside Polish territory. The Poles frequently launched pogroms against the ethnic Germans, these were state sanctioned attacks against innocent civilians. 70,000 Polish Germans had to flee across the border to the safety of Germany in the early part of 1939 alone....To survive, many of the persecuted Germans had to hide in the Polish forests...

A German deserter and traitor named Alfred Naujocks signed an affidavit on November 21 1945- one day before the Nuremberg trials opened- whereby he outlined a tale- he said he was part of a false flag operation where several German soldiers dressed up as Poles attacked a German radio station in Gleiwitz, thus giving Hitler an excuse to invade Poland.

But its not true- mainline history tells of 21 separate Polish incursions into German territory on August 31 1939. It is unlikely that Hitler would have felt a need to stage 21 separate fake incidents in order to justify a war, when we know just one would suffice....Allied authorities later determined that Naujocks was a chronic liar.
The truth is that Poland attacked Germany- the entire myth of 'Germans dressed as Poles' is based upon one mans shaky testimony. Hitler was merely 'fighting back.'

( After the war, Naujocks supposedly 'escaped custody' and he later seemed to be involved in smuggling SS Nazi's to safety abroad....He eventually 'hid' in Germany and became a businessman, dying in 1966. He obviously had Allied assistance from 1945 on, due to his handy false testimony at the Nuremberg trial).

Hitler saw this as a Polish-German border war. He was woefully unprepared for a major war, and literally screamed when Britain and France declared war on Germany. The allies claimed they were rushing to the rescue of Poland, but when the Soviet Union invaded to gobble up a piece of Poland too, the allies didn't declare war on the Russians; this shows up the real allied intent- all actions were designed to destroy the Reich.

The first declared aim of the war- the liberation of Poland ... rings false today. After the war, Britain and France went along with the Soviet occupation of Poland.

Naujocks testimony was one of the Nuremberg trials keys- it helped secure the conviction of Germany's leaders for "crimes against peace" and conspiracy to "wage aggressive war." If you go over the legal history of the Nuremberg trials, you will learn just how outrageously illegitimate the tribunals were, regardless of Naujocks lies.

Hitler lifted Germany up from the gutter, he put six million unemployed Germans back to work and ended the economic depression in Germany in less than three years. Hitler restored Germany, the people were happy and proud, until Churchill and the international bankers began to conspire against the Reich.
Hitler reinvigorated the three years. I ask you now- what have your American leaders done for you these past few years, hmmm?

The war was lost due to the Nazi's extreme antipathy towards the Slavs. Several million Ukrainians and Russians offered to volunteer to fight with Germany against the godless Soviets, but Nazi ideology disallowed the use of such recruits. Had Hitler used these potential allies, he probably would have won the war.
This refusal to utilize Ukrainians, because of a strict racial interpretation of Nazism, seems odd, since Germany's Axis partners were the Italians and the Japanese...(Remember- 150,000 Jews and half Jews fought for Hitler. One of Hitlers best Generals was quarter Jewish- Marshal Manstein).

(Some Russians were mobilized by the Nazi's to assist in the fight against Stalin, but it was an instance of too little, too late).

You must analyze- why did the Germans, a people with the most Nobel Prize winners, researchers, scientists, a great educated cultured people- why did these good Germans turn against the Jews, a people who occupied a higher percentile of the population than they do here in the US?
Because- the Jews displayed the same voracious ethno-centrism, power grubbing, influence peddling and buying of politicians and dominance of the media that they do here in the US.

The Jews can and do act in concert- they declared war on the Reich in 1933, and a serious economic boycott of German goods ensued. When the war erupted, most of the Jews had to be interned in labor camps- they were potential enemy combatants, saboteurs, etc.

If Hitler had wanted to kill the Jews, he would have merely denied them food and water, and they all would had keeled over dead within three weeks. The camp inmates were vital for war production....(During the war, 5,000 Jews were allowed to live and work without interference in Berlin).
As allied bombing took its toll on German cities and populace, food and medicine became quite scarce. Priority was given to supplying free Germans, and inmates, were, of course, last in line. This is how most of the Jews ( in central Europe) died in the war- they became severely malnourished, which allowed typhus epidemics to sweep through the camps.

You don't believe that Jews could ever function as a 'state within a state'? If America ever went to war against Israel, which side do you think most Jews here in the US would support, hmm?

Jews were at the forefront in the struggle to end the Vietnam War. But when Israel was victorious in the 1967 war, every American Jew stood up and cheered. This shows the hypocrisy...

What the white nationalist/separatist movement wants is nothing more than what Jews already have- a homeland.

You may think I'm pro Nazi, but that would ignore my nuanced view- I seek to bring reality or balance to the picture of WW2. I believe in Western Civilization and America. We are united by a creed ( Constitution) , not a race. The problem is that the non-Wasp groups here tend to vote overwhelmingly against the Bill of Rights (hate crimes speech laws, guns rights, and ending the Feds money monopoly). Jewish lobbies urge the USA to support Israel-no matter what-, even if the result is bankruptcy, World War Three, and the total ruin or destruction of the American republic. This is why illegal immigration must be stopped, this is why multiculturalism must be stopped- the nation state is the best bulwark against total globalist centralization of corporate control. States that are largely homogeneous are the most unified and free.
Blacks and whites here must unite to end the Latino invasion and end Zio- usury. Most Jews are unaware of the conspiracy of international bankers- 90% of Jews are largely innocent and must be brought around to our side of the struggle. A completely inter-racial alliance of whites blacks, Asians, Latinos, and Jews must learn how to see the danger that a few Zionists and their cohorts pose to the Constitution and the dwindling American middle class.

The border and the money are the two big issues. I originally strongly supported medicare, medicaid, social security, minimum wage, unions, etc. and I still do- these have been mostly successful measures...but Ive had to move my position more toward the conservative libertarian stance , mainly due to the issue of illegal immigration. I looked around at liberals and they all-or almost all- support the illegal invasion. My discomfort with this situation also began to move me away from other traditional democrat causes, even though I never considered myself to be a democrat, per se.

Guess who is George W. Bush's and Cheney's perfect legal shield? Barack Obama and Eric Holder. This is why no one should support that probable usurper in the White House. Because of Obama, Bush/Cheney will never do time. The consequence of this legal protection is that no one will ever go to prison for their vast and huge crimes against the state- each president will come and go, and each one will never be called to account for their crimes against the Constitution and the people.

Sometimes I feel like this reportage is futile. Im unclear, or vague, or generalize too much, or leave out key details, etc. The message wont get through, he's too far out. But I live in the real reality, the world apart from sound bites, celebrity culture, popular constructions.
The actual big news stories today wont be reported in the mainstream press- the Fukushima reactors are bathing us in radiation, Arizona is experiencing the biggest fire in its history, the dollar is crashing, the collapse of Greece which might drag the whole world down into a greater depression....while Obama antagonizes Pakistan, pushing them into the arms of China, which has directly told us that an attack upon Pakistan will be considered to be an attack upon China...

It does not matter what I say, you wont listen. You cannot understand, your mind has been poisoned by modernity. A resurgence of the West is desirable, but you cannot see this simple truth, you cannot discern who the real enemies of humanity are.

Remember- the doors to Crema 1 at Auschwitz opened in, not out. This room could never have functioned as an execution chamber. Go online and see for yourself. The Jewish holocaust is largely a myth, but 40 million of the goyim really did die in the war, but we are all suppose to bow down and grovel before the Jewish and Israeli lobby, we are asked to sacrifice our heritage and our culture, all to atone for an imaginary burnt offering that never happened?


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