Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Lion of the Desert

Gadhafi was our new friend- Obama turned on him like a mad dog. Today, loyalists retook Brega. The rebels- the bandits and terrorists- are on the run. Gadhafi will soon threaten the center of rebel territory-Benghazi. He only has a day or two, before Obomber will let loose again with Tomahawk missiles and strafing sorties (notice that NATO is at the moment pulling their punch-otherwise, the loyalists would not have been able to counterattack). The war must be prolonged, to obscure certain things ( the second Blagovich trial, etc. )...

It is said that we have intervened to save civilian lives. If the rebels win, they will be the ones murdering loyalists left and right....

The Americans have CIA officers on the ground, the Brits have SAS on the ground....Obama, son of Africa, is bombing an African nation back to the stone age. He might directly arm the monarchist bandits- I wonder if Russia will rush arms to Gadhafi?

Both sides are running out of ammunition....

The West cannot allow Gadhafi to live....he hangs tough, and might hang in the end.


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