Monday, January 17, 2011

I once sought salvation through the path of the artist- the way of imagination. This didn't satisfy, despite what the romantics say.

There can be no political solution until the individual takes charge over their own self. Do not expect a statesman to come and rescue you or your job.
The reason we are in pain on the streets is because we are flawed and refuse to change. Stop looking for answers from outside.

Our leaders should be so excellent....that they inspire and shame us to be good. We live in an age of insipid tolerance...we overlook too much, standards have collapsed.

I'm always happy when I'm struggling against my demons. Brief failures are painful but nothing is so bad as when I give up and surrender to mediocrity, wallowing in a no -pressure vague idleness, void of moral ambition. The struggle is marked by decision points-without these, there can be no will power. Engaging the storm of life is what constitutes bliss- win or lose.

I am a religionist without religion...A mystic without faith.


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