Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ultima Thule

What is Judaica? It is the belief in the right to make money from money, and the idea that a religion is inherited. This idea of the genetic birthright of a faith is found among other groups- the Druze and Zoroastrians, but with Jews it is odd, since we know that Jews are ethnically diverse, yet they recognize one as being Jewish as long as your mother was/is Jewish, regardless of who your father was/is.

Since the founding of Israel, Jews no longer feel as though they are solely a religious group - they are now a racial imperialist power, nuclear tipped. What they have done to Gaza, they intend to do to the world. Israel is the last great colonial power, a personal province of the Rothschilds, a gangster hideout and den, full of sly murderers.
Judaism use to be a force for good, when it stood for a spiritual striving for redemption. Now, since Rothschild concocted modern Zionism, a clique of highly placed Jews operate in concert to destroy the goyim. Their main weapon is the Holocaust myth and usury. ( Jews are not descended from ancient Hebrews- this is a lie too. They are mostly Turkic-Slavic Khazarites). It was the Diaspora that caused Jews to look for chinks in the systems of control, so they could survive. The main chink they found was in the world of finance.

I am not anti-Semitic or racist in the usual sense of the word- I believe everyone should be treated equally and I judge people on an individual basis. I study Israeli martial arts- Krav Maga, and relish certain cultural achievements of Jewry -the acting of Edward G. Robinson, the films of Mel Brooks and Woody Allen, the sci fi books of Stanislaw Lem... I study and appreciate Kabbalah and Hasidic thought . I don't care if you misunderstand me- that would be your own misfortune, not mine. I stand for America - you stand for nothing.

The entire world is supposed to idolize all the globes various ethnic groups -except they cant idolize whites descended from north central Europe. No-where are we suppose to expect a country to impose a love of diversity -except in the countries primarily populated by white Europeans. If you look at who is behind this scheme, you will always find a Jew. AIPAC, the ACLU, ADL, Hollywood, and on and on. Jews stridently work for 'diversity' while at the same time abhor it for themselves. The reason : diversity ensures that one group comes out on top- world Jewry. Diversity is the antithesis of our motto, E Pluribus unum (out of many, one).

Now, how can one appreciate another culture if one isn't even allowed to celebrate ones one culture or people? This is the flaw of one sided diversity- it is an exclusive racism, a malicious racism against whites. Whites aren't allowed to be proud, so a reaction sets in. A reaction against Jewish supremacist actions-the alleged racism that some whites harbor... is mostly defensive and magnanimous. All peoples of the world can offer civilization many great things- this isn't a struggle of Germans versus Jews, although the financial Jew tries to make this the issue. This is a planetary struggle between all the decent peoples of the world- blacks, Asians, non-Talmudic Jews, and Whites- against Zionist Jews, their allies, and their dupes.

What you don't understand is this: unless 'we the people' control our nations currency, there can never be any freedom. We have to end the Federal Reserve . The Fed is a private bank owned by foreign shareholders. The nation must issue its own currency- right now, the government gets its money from the private Fed, and we the people must re-pay this money, with interest. If the government issued its own money, there wouldn't be any principal or interest to re pay. And guess what? Who do you think it is who owns the Fed?
If we don't control the money, then we don't control our lives. Its that simple.

You might say I'm a Nazi sympathizer. The charge is meant to demean, as if to say that Nazi's were unique monsters. This is because of the alleged atrocity termed the Holocaust.
Lets examine Auschwitz- the doors to the alleged gas chambers opened IN, not out. They wouldn't have been used for lethal purposes. Go to David Cole's information- he is a Jew who has proven that Auschwitz was mostly a labor work camp. Those who died there died from malnutrition, poor hygiene, and disease, and not from mass gassings. I'm not a Nazi, since I object to too much of their programme. I'm too democratic and broad minded- if I had lived back then, there would have been a strong chance that I would have been put into one of the camps.

If you go to Wikipedia's list of German/Nazi concentration camps and tally up all the deaths listed, you get about 3.6 million dead (the other 2.4 million said to have died must have died where they lived in the east?). Popular culture paints an image of six million people being rounded up and herded into gas chambers and ovens, but we see that most historians view the events differently from the masses imagination.

If you acknowledge that the Auschwitz numbers are inflated by at least half, now you have a camps- related Holocaust death number of nearly 3 million. Ive seen evidence showing the other camps have exaggerated figures too...So we have a number far below 3 million, almost certainly below 2.5 million total camp related deaths, and about half of these died from Typhus- most historians will admit this much.
The approximate 300,000 to one million Jews killed in the eastern occupied territories , most of those dead were resistance fighters and were armed Bolshevik combatants ...

Jews controlled finance, dominated the arts, their scholars ridiculed Jesus Christ...they were 2% of the German population, but their actions caused national misery- they were responsible for several economic crashes, they pushed degenerate art upon the people, they fostered decadence and were (are) anti family and anti nationalist, except when it concerns themselves. Again I must repeat: there was a racial anti semitc element to Nazism, but that was just a minor part of their programme. Hitler employed six million Germans just two years after taking power-1933-1935. He ended unemployment. (Hmm, where have we heard the six million number before, I wonder).....In the war,the Nazis killed around 500,000 Jews outright, maybe a little more. The crime is less than what the French did in Algeria.

....Nazi 'terror ' was within the "normal" range of any other nations war crimes. The Nazi's were not unique monsters- they were exceptional warriors and dreamers.

Nowhere do I wholly endorse the Reich, the Nazi party programme, the SS, Himmler or Hitler. Nowhere do I say Jews are a bad people deserving destruction. Read what I write very carefully.



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