Sunday, December 26, 2010

Lincolns reputation in tatters

Lincoln, who originally wanted to cart off the slaves to be resettled in Haiti....Lincoln, the Republican candidate who was the most pro war...Lincoln, who manipulated the south into firing upon Fort Sumter, Lincoln, who suspended habeas corpus and smashed up printing presses, here we have a man obsessed with maintaining the Norths tax base: the main way the central government obtained revenues then was by taxing imports- it was the South who imported the most goods. So we had a situation where the north taxed goods coming into the south, the north took this money from southerners and used it to build up the industrial base of the north. Essentially, the north wanted to use the south as an agricultural colony.

The listed article goes into great detail how Lincoln was a tyrant and aggressor- the south legally seceded. The north invaded to restore its own revenue base. After the war, the north used freed slaves for cheap factory labor, etc.

Southern states succession documents refer to slavery, but how many of today's Congressional documents refer to one thing , when they really mean something else?

Radical abolutionists in Chicago and Boston egged on Lincoln - they precipitated the war by creating the bad atmosphere needed for conflict. I believe slavery as an institution would have ended by 1900 if the war had been avoided, I also believe the South would have rejoined the Union by 1920 (if no war had broken out).


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