Tuesday, February 01, 2011

A new generation gap has emerged. The teens and 20 somethings are almost 100% disconnected from people who are over 40 or 45.....To the 20 somethings, TV shows that were once deemed to be 'classic' by 1980, these shows are now usually considered to be just corny or silly....most young people don't hearken back to classic rock and roll and Motown , etc., they like cheap pop music instead..... we now have a new generation that thinks 'gay rights' is the (new) equivalent of the racial civil rights and opposition to the Vietnam war movements .....this is most likely due to the influence of the federal educational system and the Hebraic media.... most young voters went for Obama in 2008..... They are into anime.... pop music and rap spin-offs have replaced traditional rock n roll tunes... Young people are exposed to inferior movie sequels; they don't know about the original....to them, America was or is a bad negative place that is maybe finally evolving ...a place where President Jackson was a bad guy and national borders should be a part of the past..Modern kids are internationalists in the worse sense of the world. A mediocrity rules ....They play video games all day, they yap on their cellphones all the time, and they never say anything....they don't know anything about nature, they couldn't survive a two -day camping trip in my back yard.... they use the infantile 'Twitter' to relate to the world the most inane aspects of their medicated lives......they don't believe in the family, the nation, or God. They are on pills and in therapy, most of them are completely miserable.

They can't see a connection between their unhappy state and their ideology?


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