Thursday, January 27, 2011

Our fake President, Barry Seotero, delivered the annual State of the Union pep talk the other night. There is really nothing to say about this, as it was full of lies and distortions, as usual. Barry heads a failed state. Our kids are obese and on Ritalin. Our border has been overrun. The debt is un-payable, our jobs are being shipped overseas.....while the banksters laugh. If you think this happened by accident, then you are a fool.

The government says inflation essentially doesn't exist, while food and fuel prices go through the roof. Dependents are being deprived of cost of living increases, their meals are being reduced. The BP oil spill in the Gulf continues unabated, wrecking the regions ecosystem, while the media is silent. Big agri buys up every small farm, and sets the stage for an induced famine. The austerity is here. A beast control grid is being laid down.....A dark vulture hovers over Tunisia, Egypt, Ivory Coast, Greece, Ireland....Soros is run by Red Shield. Do you understand? The Gun is loaded, a finger squeezes the many millions will die? How many billions? We wont recognize the world of 2020.

A 'tea party' arose in 2009, fostered by a fear of debt and the perceived radicalism of a rookie politician who seized the presidency through fraud and mass media connivance. The tea party might have been the needed vehicle to restore the republic... but it was largely captured by the billionaire Koch brothers, so now the tea party has become merely an arm of country club republicans, its revolutionary force squandered .

We recently learned that the Fed in 2008-9 shuffled over $9 trillion to several domestic and foreign corporations. Why did these entities need such funds? $9 trillion could have righted the economy- how many underwater mortgages might have been saved? How about job training or counseling? Or even a massive public works project, the so called (imaginary) 'shovel ready' projects that Barry talked about so much? $9 trillion could have ended the great recession but no, it was given to foreign hedge fund managers who absconded with the cash.... Main Street got nothing.


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