Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Hell on the bayou

As soon as BP claimed they had capped the well that exploded last spring, the national media fled the scene as fast as they could find the next flight out.....What you dont know is that the Gulf seabed is still leaking, and many people are sick from coming into contact with the leaked oil or corexit, the dispersant used to treat the oil soaked sea.
What you don't know is that 10-40 million people are either sick or dying or are otherwise very ill from the effects of the spill.
Let me say that again- up to 40 million people are seriously ill from this disaster, yet the national media is completely mute on this issue. The government has even sprayed manufactured genomic material onto the people living in the region. This is genocide.

A possible motive? To purge the Gulf of people so the military industrial complex can do whatever it wants along the south coast.


The event was a well planned military operation. As I write, investigators and whistle-blowers are being harassed.

If you are sick, use sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) , betonite clay, magnesium peroxide, allicin-C.








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