Sunday, February 06, 2011

The Black Sun

This blog is a record of our time. Here I try to bring sanity and right thinking to you, so the issues may become clear inside your brain and you might know what to do.... Everything in this blog that is stated as a fact, is a fact. Speculations ought to be grounded in reality, as is everything here. It might be boastful to say, but Ive never lost an argument.
Ive often neglected to include links, because I feel you have to get over your laziness and search out confirmation yourself. Ive tried to warn you but you wont listen to reason- we are in great danger. The Ark Ive prepared can survive many disasters but it can still succumb to indifference; the arrows of neglect might slay me in my sleep.

The Sun goes through 11 year cycles, with peaks and troughs. Our magnetosphere protects us from these peaks, but that magnetosphere now has gaping wide holes. We are exposed to the suns imminent fury. Our satellites will be knocked out, the grid will go down, without electricity civilization will fail, planetary chaos will ensue, hundreds of millions will die-soon. You have been warned.

There has been a revolt in Egypt- a think tank inspired 'color' revolution, which is really a Soros/CIA military coup. Mubarak wasn't obedient enough to DC and Tel Aviv. What was needed was a regime more willing to commit to hostility towards Iran, a regime more compliant with the IMF and their proposed austerity measures. The people rightly protested the corrupt and brutal Mubarak, the people are starving- but now they will most certainly get austerity from banker occupation, hunger will increase, as the world lurches one step closer towards world war three...

...There is great hunger in the land of Egypt, this fueled the revolt. There also is a large amount of Islamic radicalism. But these factors might prove to be incidental- the protesters were poorly organized, badly led, and did not really offer 'democracy' as an alternative to Mubarak. A military Junta now rules- this was a special ops, spawned abroad. Somewhere a banker is laughing.
Imagine if protests had forced George Bush from office and Cheney or Rumsfeld had assumed power. Would anyone be celebrating? Seriously? This is the situation in Egypt.

At the moment I'm watching The Phantom Carriage, the 1921 Swedish horror/romance film. A profound experience indeed.



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