Thursday, June 02, 2011

We are not what we are

Intense mental concentration is capable of producing a mental image just as real as our daily reality...thus we learn that something is conjuring us-

Many worlds all around, different space and times may impinge upon this one world we know-

We can practice methods to 'pull' other space times into alignment with this one-

We are not what we are- we are not where we are.

You can be inside your own personal universe-literally- at odds or apart from everyone else, or some people can be within your own universe- this is a reason why you might only be able to be friends with a few people- everyone else is actually physically beyond reach, they exist, literally in another world. Incantations, intentions, will, accidents, etc. can cause you to mesh these alternating worlds. Something that was once out of reach can now be yours, you can remake your world, you can enter another dimension. 'Reality' is fluid.

You must understand- when we 'see' or 'taste' etc., what is happening is this: light photons or external stimuli activate a dark mass- our brains. When we see something , the world around us, what we are seeing is just electrical stimulation patterns inside a dark tiny section in our brains- this 'image' is merely a copy of the original, external source of the event itself- we never experience the original.


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