Sunday, April 03, 2011

Obama's Bay of Pigs?

Ive seen some dumb moves in my day, but Obama's intervention in Libya takes the cake. In January, Gadhafi booted out the Western oil companies-Exxon, Shell, BP et al....He let the Russians and Chinese in, and allowed the Italians to stay. The West responded by putting CIA and SAS "boots on the ground" in February...

Saif Gadhafi foolishly amnestied 110 imprisoned Al Qaeda members, and the next day the rebellion was on....( A 2007 West Point study shows that no other place on earth gave as much to help, per capita, to the Iraq insurgency as the rebel strongholds did...

Just six weeks ago Gadhafi was our ally-he was giving us very good intelligence on suspected terrorists. Then we stabbed him in the back...

The rebels are Al Qaeda (Libyan Islamic Fighting Group), monarchists who are nostalgic for king Ibdlis ( his tribe was from the rebel zone), bandits, Jihadists, and a few pro democracy individuals.

The President has made a grave error, egged on by UN ambassador Susan Rice and the Arab (little) League, a body made up of tyrannies hated by their own people, these Arab states are our puppets. If we cant knock Gadhafi out, then the US will be shown to the world to be a very weak country. A brooding Gadhafi will seek revenge....If the rebels win, they will certainly slaughter the west Libyans- will we then intervene to prevent this, hmm? A rebel victory in the east will establish a sharia law emirate, heavily influenced by Al Qaeda, flush with oil revenue. Wont they then use this money to wage a global terror- storm across the planet?


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